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Description : Is Baghdadi really dead as claimed by Russian army?

Last Answer : Ask the Russians; none of us have any knowledge. I’m not sure it matters. ISIS has a reputation as a highly decentralized group, not needing the micro-leadership of a single person. They built ISIS that way. That’s the opposite of Bin Laden, who by all reports was a micro-manager.

Description : So why are some of the Allied forces against Isis Trying to stop any progress?

Last Answer : answer:The real problem is that every one of the players (Syria, ISIS, Iran, US, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the rebels) has entirely different reasons for screwing around in Syria. And off on the side, there ... Syria is going to come out ugly no matter what, and won't get settled for a LONG time.

Description : Would you join ISIS if your life wasn't so pretty?

Last Answer : NO! I can put a bullet in my own head, thank you.

Description : Why does President Obama say "ISIL" instead of "ISIS"?

Last Answer : “The Levant” read on:

Description : Do you think living in small towns is much safer from ISIS than big cities?

Last Answer : There are over 7 billion people in the world. The statistical likelihood that you will be a victim of an ISIS attack is so low that it doesn’t really merit consideration, unless you’re considering moving to Syria.

Description : What prevents the USA and the British from entering a full blown war in Iraq (again) against ISIS?

Last Answer : answer:The people. We remember what happened last time, and would severely punish any government that dragged us back into that mess in the same capacity as we were in. That said, there are boots ... for another protracted war. We struggle to accept that this war is by its very nature unwinnable.

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