Do you think living in small towns is much safer from ISIS than big cities?

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Answer :

There are over 7 billion people in the world. The statistical likelihood that you will be a victim of an ISIS attack is so low that it doesn’t really merit consideration, unless you’re considering moving to Syria.

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Last Answer : answer:The real problem is that every one of the players (Syria, ISIS, Iran, US, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the rebels) has entirely different reasons for screwing around in Syria. And off on the side, there ... Syria is going to come out ugly no matter what, and won't get settled for a LONG time.

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Last Answer : Ask the Russians; none of us have any knowledge. I’m not sure it matters. ISIS has a reputation as a highly decentralized group, not needing the micro-leadership of a single person. They built ISIS that way. That’s the opposite of Bin Laden, who by all reports was a micro-manager.

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Last Answer : I don’t think they believe groups like isis can be erased from the planet. They are like cockroaches, you can’t ever get rid of them all but you can make life very hard for them. You can at least eliminate them from your home.

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Last Answer : What modern conveniences are small towns lacking?

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Last Answer : US border practices have been awful for a long time, but is this even an actual issue for them, or just a seems like kind of question? Seems to me she's of US origin and wouldn't be denied ... to care and rehabilitation. (It'd do the same to most of Congress and most megacorproate CEO's, too )

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Last Answer : No ISIS advocates the overthrow of the USA government. ISIS wants to kill and remove all non-Muslims. Also the North Koreans couldn’t get a parade permit. Too many missile launchers. I’m not sure about aliens from Roswell.

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Last Answer : Your question details are a non sequitor to your question on ISIS. ISIS does not want to destroy the planet, just civilizations that it considers evil. But what the hell does that have to do with renewable energy? Besides, ISIS gets funding from oil sales.

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Last Answer : Don't buy into the media is full of lies and mistruths propaganda. I believe ISIS is just as active as always, if not more so, I. They are getting their asses kicked and are/would becoming more ... you can find on the topic of ISIS. If many different sources confirm one POV, it is probably true.

Description : Who here hopes the Iraqis totally kick ISIS ass in Mosul?

Last Answer : I’m a Canadian and I hope they kick their ass out of there. And I hope they do it with little to no help from the west, just to show isis that they mean fucking business.

Description : If and when ISIS is run out of both Syria & Iraq, where are those 30,000 people going to wind up?

Last Answer : Not too many have enlisted. The Nat’l Counterterrorism Center estimates about 100. There is debate on the accuracy of that number; but it isn’t in the thousands, nowhere near the number of British subjects that have gone to Syria or Iraq.

Description : Would ISIL/ISIS side with humanity if the zombie apocalypse comes?

Last Answer : Who knows for sure about extremists,maybe they would if they knew it would be their end as well if they didn’t.

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Last Answer : answer:Impossible to defeat a idea. And you know how some people think of the Civil War as the “War of Northern Aggression” 150 years later? Imagine if the aggressor was 10K miles away. Every bomb we drop makes it so much worse.