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Description : What is the largest amount in a legal tender/currency?

Last Answer : Post WWII Hungary printed 100 Quintillion Dollar notes. (learn to use Google, you can find out all this kind of stuff)

Description : Why are the notes that I add to my Mac address book being deleted?

Last Answer : answer:If you want to add any extra information, type it in the Note section. You can have Address Book display a picture of the person or any image that you want. To add a picture, just drag any image ... the File menu (or press Command-S). . . . were you doing this last and most important part?

Description : Is there a free program that will let me sync my notes from my iphone to my computer through itunes?

Last Answer : I am pretty sure mine does it automatically. What version of iPhone OS and iTunes do you have?

Description : Can you edit iphone "notes" on your mac and then sync to the phone?

Last Answer : no you can not. There isn’t a way to do that right now. Hopefully in the future cause that would be awesome

Description : Write short notes on diode.

Last Answer : Diode is made from semiconductor material like silicon or germanium. Diode may use as rectifier which convert AC to DC. It is a electronic component. It is two terminal device, one is anode and second is ... in one direction. Diode is made from P-type and N-type material. Diode have a PN junction.

Description : Write short notes on Arduino.

Last Answer : Arduino: Arduino is a open source hardware and software. Arduino is a microcontroller. Since Arduino is open source it have many manufacturer. Arduino project was started in about year 2005 ... many sensors to the Arduino. Arduino board have microprocessor, crystal oscillator, 5V voltage regulator.

Description : write short notes on single phase system.

Last Answer : A "phase" in an electrical system is often referred to as the waveform (may be voltage or the current) of the power supply. The waveform in an AC system is typically ... domestic household or commercial supplies and street lighting. Industrial supplies requires three phase electrical supply .

Description : write short notes on BH curve.

Last Answer : The B-H curve is the relation between Flux density B in Wb/m2 (on Y Axis) and H in AT/m (on X axis) It is also known as magnetization characteristics. This curve particularly useful ... occurs. At point A' material gets magnetically saturated and the curve becomes flat (parallel to X axis) 

Description : write short notes on Low-pass filter.

Last Answer : low-pass filter (1) filter exhibiting frequency selective characteristic that allows low-frequency components of an input signal to pass from filter input to output unattenuated all high-frequency components are ... the bandwidth of the filter. A filter whose impulse response is a low-pass signal.

Description : write short notes on Linear motor.

Last Answer : Normal electrical motor produces rotatory motion same the linear motor produces linear motion. Linear motors have low efficiency. Linear motor can directly produce straight line motion linear motor do not required gears or crank shaft to produce linear motion.

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