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Description : Selection Criteria of PLC

Last Answer : Selection criteria :- To select PLC for any particular application following points are to be considered. a) Type of PLC: Analog or Digital b) Number of inputs and outputs to PLC c) Operating voltage ... Type of memory of PLC g) Type of programming h) Reliability of PLC i) Flexibility of PLC

Description : State the function of seal in circuit w.r.t. PLC.

Last Answer : Standard Start-Stop-Seal circuit:  * The Start-Stop-Seal circuit is as shown in figure. The power circuit consists of 3ph load (Motor) connected by a main contactor (M) to 3-phase supply. The ... * When STOP is pressed, M gets de-energized and motor gets disconnected from supply.

Description : Draw the block diagram of PLC.

Last Answer : Block diagram of PLC and input/output devices used for PLC Input/output devices - The input module has bank of terminals for physically connecting input devices, like push buttons, limit switches etc. ... is to translate signals from the PLC's CPU into a form that the output device can use.

Description : Differentiate between RAM & ROM in PLC memory

Last Answer : RAM ROM Random access memory Read Only memory Used for storing temporary data Used for storing fixed data such as programs Data is lost when power is removed Data is retained in case of power loss  Read write speed is quite faster Write operation is slow

Description : Draw and explain schematic of PLC based automatic car parking barrier system.

Last Answer : Explanation: Automatic car parking system allow to park maximum numbers of car in parking zone according to size of parking zone. parking zone number of vehicle parked in parking zone is less ... available parking space then automated parking system does not allow enter next car in parking zone. 

Description : List advantages and applications of PLC.

Last Answer : The advantages of PLC are as follows: 1. Flexible in Nature: One model of PLC can be used for different operations as per requirement. 2. Easy to install and troubleshooting: In hard ... 1.Continuous bottle filling system 2.Batch mixing system 3.stage air conditioning system 4.Traffic control 

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