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Description : Anybody else notice this "error" in the movie about Liberace?

Last Answer : I think Liberace had a slight speech impediment that made his words come out sounding different.

Description : Question about the ending in Lord of the Flies (details inside)

Last Answer : Aster good point, in my opinion, though, it really depends on his personality, and given how we only meet him in that scene, it is believeable enough, at least to me it is, that he could ask that – especially since he has really no idea what horrors have been playing out on that island…

Description : My teacher thinks I am depressed, how do I convince him otherwise?

Last Answer : Share exactly what you wrote here with him.

Description : THE SUN FACTS

Last Answer : If the sun was filled up with Earths, you could fit about one million Earths inside the sun. If you compressed all the Earths, you could get up to 1.3 million Earths inside the sun. In about 130 million ... per second. The sun is 4.5 billion years old, but it's only at about middle age for stars.

Description : THE MOON FACTS

Last Answer : Scientists believe that the Earth may have had two moons at one point in time. The ashes of Eugene Shoemaker, a famous astronomer and geologist, are sprinkled on the moon's surface. The moon has ... by the Americans filmed on Earth in order to show the Russians they been to the moon first.

Description : What is another name for the Paleolithic Age?


Description : State the procedure for testing of earth pit resistance with necessary diagrams.

Last Answer : Following procedure (Method) for testing of earth pit resistance with necessary diagrams. 1) Earth Tester : i) Three point method ii) Four point method 2) By Potential drop method 3 ... of that earthing pit. In this test the accuracy is less but electrical rods are not required. 

Description : State the procedure for laying / installation of underground cable.  

Last Answer : 1) Direct laying Cable: or Trench laying method: Procedure: * For laying of a cable trench about 1.5m deep and 0.5m wide is made along the cable route. * A ... over. * Cables laid in this manner are usually plain lead covered because troughing affords good mechanical protection. 

Description : State the insulating materials used in motor. Write temperature class and withstand temperature ranges for them. 

Last Answer : The insulating materials used in motor are as belows: 1. Cotton, 2. Silk, or paper, 3. Press board, 4. Resins 5. PVC 6. Cellulose-Fiber, 7. Enameled coating, etc  ... Over 180° Mica, porcelain, ceramics, glass quartz, asbestos, treated glass fiber or treated asbestos. etc.

Description : State any two advantages of MCB over Fuse. State the standard specifications of MCB available in the market.  

Last Answer : Following advantages of MCB over Fuse: 1. No need of replacement of fuse wire. 2. Manually restore of supply is simple. 3. Fault understanding by visual inspection 4. More safe than fuse The standard specifications of ... 6A, 10A,16A,20A, 25A, 30A, 32A, 40A, 50A, 60A and 63A 6. 250V and 450 v

Description : Explain the suitability of aluminium as an electrical conductor with respect to its mechanical and electrical properties. 

Last Answer : Following are requirements of conductor:- i) High conductivity :  Material should have high conductivity, So that * cross section of conductor (size) reduces, * Copper losses reduces, * So Efficiency ... . Boiling point is 1820°C 9. Specific gravity is 2.7 10. High resistance to corrosion. 

Description : State the type of insulating materials under Class Y and Class B.

Last Answer : The type of insulating materials under Class Y : 1. Cotton  2. Silk 3. Paper 4. Rubber 5. PVC The type of insulating materials under Class B: 1. Backelite 2. Impregnated varnish 3. Mica 4. Fiber glass 5. Asbestos 

Description : State the material used for making (1) Magnetic Core (2) Fuse element  

Last Answer : The material used for making of:  (1) Magnetic Core : Iron, cobalt, Nickel, CRGO, HRGO , silicon steel  (2) Fuse Element: Tin- lead wire, Tinned copper wire 

Description : State the types of protections provided by MCB. 

Last Answer : The types of protections provided by MCB: 1. MCB provides short circuit protection. 2. MCB provides overload protection

Description : Explain with neat sketch the working principle of MIG.

Last Answer : In metal-arc inert gas welding the Weld area is shielded by an effectively inert atmosphere of argon, helium, carbon dioxide, or various other gas mixtures . The consumable bare Wire is fed automatically ... of the molten-weld puddle. Multiple-weld layers can be deposited at the joint. 

Description : State the applications of TIG welding.

Last Answer : The applications of TIG welding are as follows: 1. Mostly used to weld aluminum and aluminum alloys. 2. It is used to weld stainless steel, carbon base alloy, copper base alloy, nickel base alloy etc. 3. It is used to welding dissimilar metals. 4. It is mostly used in aerospace industries.

Description : State the applications of rolling.

Last Answer : Applications of rolling are as follows: 1. Concrete reinforcing bars. 2. Plates. 3. Wire rods. 4. Sheet and strip. 5. Rails. 6. Piping and tubes. 7. Body panels. 8. Construction materials

Description : Define armature reaction in an alternator. Explain the effect of armature reaction at various P.F. of loads of alternator.

Last Answer : Armature Reaction: The effect of armature flux on main flux is called as armature reaction.  Armature Reaction at Various Power Factors: When armature is loaded, the armature flux modifies ... lagging p.f. For capacitive loads the effect of flux is partly distorting and partly strengthening.

Description : State the modification to be done in dc series motor to work satisfactorily as ac series motor. State applications of ac series motor.

Last Answer : Modifications are necessary in a dc series motor so that it operates satisfactorily on ac supply. The modifications are as follows:  1) AC series motor is built with a few field turns as ... and grinders 5) High speed vacuum cleaners 6) Sewing machines 7) Food processors 8) Drilling machine 

Description : Explain the activities carried out during weekly maintenance of 3 ph. Induction motor. 

Last Answer : Activities Carried out During Weekly Maintenance of 3 ph. Induction Motor:  1) Check belt tension. In cases where this is excessive it should immediately be reduces and in the case of sleeve ... and cooled by oil mist systems its important to check the oil mist flow paths/pressure components.

Description : Write the ladder program for 24 hour clock.

Last Answer : Ladder Program for 24 hour clock:

Description : Give the full form of SCADA & HMI.

Last Answer : Full Form of SCADA and HMI:  SCADA:-Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition  HMI :- Human Machine Interface

Description : Draw the block diagram of PLC.

Last Answer : Block diagram of PLC and input/output devices used for PLC Input/output devices - The input module has bank of terminals for physically connecting input devices, like push buttons, limit switches etc. ... is to translate signals from the PLC's CPU into a form that the output device can use.

Description : State the need of automation. 

Last Answer : Need of Automation in Process : * To fulfill the demand of product at right time. * To reduce the human errors and involvement of human being in the process. * For better productivity. * For better ... of process. * For better quality. * For reducing man power. * For reducing cost of product.

Description : Give the expression for ABCD constant of T model.

Last Answer : Expression for ABCD constants of T model: 

Description : State the impact of inductance and resistance on transmission line performance

Last Answer : Impact of inductance on transmission line: 1) It causes IXL drop in transmission line which affects regulation. 2) It is the only parameter which decides power transmission capacity of line i. ... is very small, it causes losses, temperature rise& poor voltage regulation so it cannot be neglected

Description : State the classification of distribution substation. 

Last Answer : The classification of distribution substation. 1. Pole mounted distribution substation 2. Plinth mounted distribution substation 3. Compact/prefabricated distribution substation 4. ... Indoor distribution substation 6. Outdoor distribution substation 7. Mobile distribution substation 

Description : State the needs and benefits of star labelling. 

Last Answer : Needs of star labelling: * Star labelling is meanly required to recognize quality of product * Star labelling is also required to determine life and efficiency of the product. * Star labels ... emission and air pollution will be reduces. 5. Market efficiency and compilation will be improve. 

Description : State the difference between energy conservation and energy audit. 

Last Answer : energy conservation Energy audit It is reducing the growth of energy consumption by avoiding unnecessary usage of energy It is an inspection, survey & analysis of energy flows ... Various measuring instruments, with proper sensing elements are required for the energy audit. 

Description : List the different types of tariff.

Last Answer : Various types of Tariff:-  1) Flat-demand Tariff  2) Simple-demand Tariff or Uniform Tariff  3) Flat-rate Tariff  4) Step-rate Tariff  5) Block-rate Tariff  6) Two-part Tariff  7) Maximum demand Tariff ... c) KW and KVAR Tariff 10) TOD (Time of Day) Tariff 11) TOU ( Time of Usage) Tariff

Description : State the advantages of cogeneration. 

Last Answer : Advantages of co-generation: 1) Co-generation can meet both power & heat requirements. 2) Less cost than conventional generation. 3) Higher system efficiency due to energy wastage is highly ... reduces due to cogeneration plant is located in same premises. 10) It can maintain grid stability 

Description : State the losses in secondary distribution system. 

Last Answer : The losses in secondary distribution system: a) Technical losses: 1. Due to poor voltage 2. Due to unbalance load 3. Due poor quality of transformer & its components 4. Due to poor quality ... of induction type of energy meter. 3. Lack of administration. 4. Energy theft 5. Unmetered supply

Description : List the energy conservation technique in induction motor. 

Last Answer : Following are the list of energy conservation techniques in electrical motors: 1) Reduction in iron losses by using low loss silicon steel core material laminated to thinner dimension. 2) Using bigger length ... at light load. 13) By rewinding in induction motor 14) By motor survey

Description : Enlist the luminaries used in factory lighting and lux level required in various areas.

Last Answer : Area Luminaries Lux level Office building Fluorescent tube, LED, CFL 500 lux Testing centre Fluorescent tube, LED, CFL 400 to 500 lux Workshop/work place Halogen ... , LED, CFL, Projector lamp, filament lamp, Halogen Lamp, Metal Halide lamp etc Above 600 Lux

Description : State the requirements of illumination scheme of shipyard.

Last Answer : Requirements of illumination scheme of shipyard:  1) The shipyard lighting always depends upon the surrounding conditions. e.g. wind pressure, rain fall, location of shipyard from the sea-share etc. ... solar grass lamps, LED-Solar energy lawn lamps, various focus lamps, metal halide lamps etc.

Description : State the various lighting calculations methods and Describe any one of them.

Last Answer : Lighting calculation methods: 1. Lumens or Light flux method 2. Point to point or Inverse Square law method 3. Watts per Square meter method i) Lumens or Light ... is taken according to the illumination desired on an average value considering overall efficiency of the lighting system.

Description : State the different types of outdoor flood lighting and where are they used.

Last Answer : There are three types of projectors used for flood lighting :  a) Narrow beam Projector b) Medium angle Projector c) Wide angle Projector a) Narrow beam Projectors: - Light beam with such ... yards, stadiums, car parking area etc. 3) It is used for illuminating advertisements, boarding's etc.

Description : State the purpose of lighting control. List the different types of dimmer.

Last Answer : Purpose of Lighting Control:- 1. To turn ON or OFF the lamps 2. For dimming: The dimming control permits the adjustment of lighting over a range. 3. For changing the lighting levels ... operated dimmer 6) Triac operated Dimmer 7) PWM (Pulse width modulation) Controlled technique.

Description : Analyze the effect of supply voltage on performance of LED as regards current, Lumen output, efficacy and life. 

Last Answer : 1) Effect on Current:- In LED current depends upon supply voltage, if voltage get changes then current also change but this change in current will be control by resistors which are connected in series.  2) ...   4) Effect on Life:- If supply voltage is not stable then life of LED get reduced. 

Description : Explain the lighting scheme to be designed for each of the following: i) Special ward in hospitals ii) Dentist’s Cabin 

Last Answer : i) Special ward in hospital: For the patients in the wards, lighting should create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. Lighting in the wards should be planned in such a way that it meets the specific ... we use such as cements and bonding agents that we use to restore your teeth back to health.

Description : Describe the working principle of Thyristor operated dimmer with the help of circuit diagram.

Last Answer : Thyristor operated dimmer: A popular thyristor operated dimmer circuit employ TRIAC-DIAC phase control for low AC power control. During each half-cycle, the capacitor charges through (R1+VR1). When the ... time constant {C (R1+VR1)}. Thus by reducing VR1 the lamp brightness can be increased.

Description : State the selection criterion of the lamp for various purposes.

Last Answer : Selection criterion of the lamp for various purposes:  While selecting a lamp for a particular purpose, the available lamps are compared on the basis of following criteria: * Light output ... such as ballasts * Compatibility with the electrical system * Suitability for the operating environment

Description : Explain the working of Neon sign tube with diagram.

Last Answer : Neon sign tube: The construction & circuit diagram for neon tube is as shown in fig. Basically neon tube is used for advertisement or decoration purpose. The maximum length of tube is ... the HT transformer must be earthed separately. * Caution notice of danger board is required.

Description : Compare the AC and DC Arc lamps.

Last Answer : AC Arc Lamp DC Arc Lamp Cross section area of electrode is same Cross section area of electrode is positive rod is twice that of negative rod Series inductor is used for stability ... supply is used for DC arc lamp Luminous efficiency is less Luminous efficiency is high

Description : Explain the working of HPMV Lamp with neat diagram.

Last Answer : High-pressure Mercury-Vapour Lamp (HPMVL):  Working:  * Whenever 1-ph, 230V, AC Supply is provided to the discharge tube of MVL, initially the current flows from Phase to the choke to ... : The function of power factor improvement capacitor is to improve the power factor from 0.5 to 0.95.

Description : Explain the features of Aquarium lighting. 

Last Answer : 1) The aquarium light depends upon the size of the aquarium tank (Length, width and depth)  2) The aquarium lighting depends upon the all surrounding condition e.g. colour and size of the given ... The aquarium lighting should be economical.  9) The life of the aquarium lighting should be long. 

Description : Define the terms incandescent and incandescent lamp.

Last Answer : Incandescent is the phenomenon in which the object emits or creates light when it is heated. An incandescent lamp is a lamp in which the filament is heated by electrical current & light is created.

Description :  Compare the salient features of LED and CFL based on: i] Lamp Efficiency ii] Life span 

Last Answer : Parameter LED CFL Lamp Efficiency  High (more than 70 lumen per watt) Comparatively less (50-60 lumen per watt) Life span (in working hours) 10000 3000

Description : Draw the block diagram of regulated power supply, explain function of each block and draw waveforms of each stage.

Last Answer : 1. A step down transformer 2. A rectifier 3. A filter 4. A regulator Operation of Regulated Power Supply:- Step Down Transformer:- A step down transformer will ... regulator. A regulator will maintain the output constant even when changes at the input or any other changes occur.

Description : With the help of N-channel JFET describe the effect of input voltage VGS on output current ID.

Last Answer : Working of N channel FET: * When a voltage is applied between the drain and source with a DC supply (VDD), the electrons flows from source to drain through narrow channel ... where the channel gets completely blocked and the drain current becomes zero is called pinch- off voltage.