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Description : What ever happened to Sarah Palin and her family?

Last Answer : Last I heard her son beat up the dad and was jailed. Very dysfunctional.

Description : Should Sarah Palin still be addressed as Governor Palin since she quit her job in mid term?

Last Answer : My opinion is, no, she should not. I think that no one should be addressed with such a title unless he/she is still in that office.

Description : How do you feel about the timing, location, and general theme of Glenn Beck's rally today?

Last Answer : I find it pretty arrogant and tasteless of Beck to pick today of all days to hold his rally. It also deeply concerns me that the theme of the rally is taking America “back to the good ol’ days” (read: less social liberties), which of course, is coupled with religious overtones.

Description : Was Sarah Palin's palm reading an accidental gaffe or a deliberate ploy?

Last Answer : The only thing I question about that analysis is her attack on Obama for using a TelePrompter. This seems not to fit in very well with that. But, it does make a certain kind of sense. She’s no dope, no matter how much Dems wish she were.

Description : Is there anyone out there who actually takes Sarah Palin seriously?

Last Answer : I take it you didn’t see any of the Tea Party meeting/convention/gathering? There are many people who take her seriously.

Description : What makes Palin so darn attractive to us, and why is she so popular?

Last Answer : Whom are you calling “us”? I find her entirely repellent.

Description : Is it possible that Sarah Palin really will make a run for the White House?.

Last Answer : It’s absolutely possible. If people are going to take her seriously is another point entirely.

Description : What do you think of Sarah Palin's resignation as governor of Alaska today?

Last Answer : Here’s the AP article; dated 7:57 PM, EST.

Description : Who should you NOT fantasize about?

Last Answer : Your parents. Ugh

Description : "What do you think of Sarah Palin's glasses?" - Could the "news" GET any stupider?

Last Answer : That’s America for you.

Description : What do you like about Sarah Palin?


Description : Has anyone seen the article on Rolling Stone about Sarah Palin?

Last Answer : YES. Brilliant article, I just read it last night. Finally someone who doesn’t pull punches and places the blame right where it belongs…the stupid, uncritical American voter who’d see his country go to hell in a handbasket in order to elect someone more like themselves.

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