What makes Palin so darn attractive to us, and why is she so popular?

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Answer :

Whom are you calling “us”? I find her entirely repellent.

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Description : Should Sarah Palin still be addressed as Governor Palin since she quit her job in mid term?

Last Answer : My opinion is, no, she should not. I think that no one should be addressed with such a title unless he/she is still in that office.

Description : What ever happened to Sarah Palin and her family?

Last Answer : Last I heard her son beat up the dad and was jailed. Very dysfunctional.

Description : Is there anyone out there who actually takes Sarah Palin seriously?

Last Answer : I take it you didn’t see any of the Tea Party meeting/convention/gathering? There are many people who take her seriously.

Description : Is it possible that Sarah Palin really will make a run for the White House?.

Last Answer : It’s absolutely possible. If people are going to take her seriously is another point entirely.

Description : What do you like about Sarah Palin?


Description : Has anyone seen the article on Rolling Stone about Sarah Palin?

Last Answer : YES. Brilliant article, I just read it last night. Finally someone who doesn’t pull punches and places the blame right where it belongs…the stupid, uncritical American voter who’d see his country go to hell in a handbasket in order to elect someone more like themselves.

Description : How do you feel about the timing, location, and general theme of Glenn Beck's rally today?

Last Answer : I find it pretty arrogant and tasteless of Beck to pick today of all days to hold his rally. It also deeply concerns me that the theme of the rally is taking America “back to the good ol’ days” (read: less social liberties), which of course, is coupled with religious overtones.

Description : Was Sarah Palin's palm reading an accidental gaffe or a deliberate ploy?

Last Answer : The only thing I question about that analysis is her attack on Obama for using a TelePrompter. This seems not to fit in very well with that. But, it does make a certain kind of sense. She’s no dope, no matter how much Dems wish she were.

Description : What do you think of Sarah Palin's resignation as governor of Alaska today?

Last Answer : Here’s the AP article; dated 7:57 PM, EST. http://apnews.excite.com/article/20090703/D9979LTO0.html

Description : Who should you NOT fantasize about?

Last Answer : Your parents. Ugh

Description : "What do you think of Sarah Palin's glasses?" - Could the "news" GET any stupider?

Last Answer : That’s America for you.

Description : Hi We have neighbors that have a dog that roams, defacates, destroys our trash barks for HOURS pretty darn every night from 9pm - 3 or 4am in the morning. Dont wanna see the dog destroyed because its the owners fault. Help.Lack of sleep is getting to us.?

Last Answer : If you have not spoken to the owners, you should. It is their responsibility to remove it from your property and away from your things. If not, you can report it.

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Last Answer : answer:Pork rinds are good man! While we are on the subject you have not lived until you have tried this bacon Bacon made any other way simply is a waste

Description : Why are razor blade refills so darn expensive?

Last Answer : Maybe they’re willing to pay an arm and a leg so that they’ll have less to shave.

Description : Why are stereotypes so darn accurate?

Last Answer : Because you start with the stereotype, and you notice the cases that reinforce it, and you discount the cases that contradict it.

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Last Answer : cause they are made of jelly

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Last Answer : Sure, I think my mom did a great job showing me what I DID NOT want to be, and for several years she was a good example. My grandparents normal life was a very good example for me.

Description : Any suggestions on how to keep that darn woodchuck from eating my green tomatoes?

Last Answer : set up a fence, make sure there are no burrowing holes and maybe get a pet dog. that is if you don’t wanna kill it. otherwise, shoot it and call a taxidermist

Description : What is the gosh darn problem with having gays in the military?

Last Answer : Homophobic tradition, and homosexual panic in self-loathing closeted homosexual officers.

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Last Answer : The Coyote is Wile E. Coyote, the antagonist of the Roadrunner.

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Last Answer : That sucks!!! the website is http://www.macrumors.com/ I Wouldn’t know what you could do you sound mega f’d to me. (By The Way, iPod Touch not iTouch and Through instead of Threw)

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Last Answer : I normally put Solaris on (the George Clooney one) it’s so slow but has those deep humming noises you get on spaceships (apparently) and that normally gets me off to sleep.

Description : So...who saw Sarah Palin on SNL tonight? What did you think?

Last Answer : You definately brought up some points that I was too busy rebooting my stupid computer to notice but I watched it and thought it was the most put together I seen her! Reguardless of whether she was made to ... that she reads most of them so I don't have to tongue the gaping wound on my lip more.

Description : Originally marketed in powderized form, became popular after a 1960s marketing effort that placed a launch-pad on the canister and a slogan connecting it to a newly attractive ‘profession’. Which brand, now owned by Kraft Foods?

Last Answer : Tang

Description : What makes the woman from those AT&T commercials so attractive to men?

Last Answer : Any company that is good understand what the public wants and is looking for. AT&T is no different. They find the most attractive model to fill the roles in commercial and air these commercials during ... understand how men and women think so they can get people to watch their commercials on TV.

Description : Can you tell when a woman is carefully posing and posturing to underscore how attractive she is (or thinks she is)

Last Answer : Well, I could tell Angelina Jolie was at the Oscars.

Description : Do you know a women who you think is attractive (pretty, hot, cute, whatever...), but she doesn't think that she is as good-looking as you think she is?

Last Answer : Yes. And, I keep on telling her that she’s beautiful.

Description : Do you find a woman more attractive if she is wearing make up?

Last Answer : Yes, but if it’s too much makeup, it’s a total turnoff. Ladies, skip the foundation. You don’t need it.

Description : How well off would the USA be today if John McCain and Sarah Palin had won in 2008?

Last Answer : answer:We almost certainly would have gotten ourselves more militarily involved in the so-called Arab Spring, which would likely have bolstered the ancien regimes. So far I as I can imagine, the economy would be in more or less exactly the same place that it is now.

Description : Will Chaz Bono survive DWTS due to the ”Palin Factor"?

Last Answer : Nope.

Description : Does it concern anyone that Sarah Palin just might run for president?

Last Answer : answer:Yes. It would concern me just as much if The Donald were to run.

Description : How would you feel if Sarah Palin won the presidency in 2012?

Last Answer : Honestly? I would be shocked and horrified. And then when the shock wore off I would might just cry. After that I'm not sure what I would do., I don't like her politics or her policy positions, ... and informed and I don't think she is at all qualified to be the President of The United States.

Description : Do being on Dancing with the Stars and Bristol Palin/or Sarah Palin go together?See detail?

Last Answer : I think the show’s name “Dancing with the Stars is opposite of having Bristol Palin on as a star.

Description : Any Palin supporters ready to refudiate [sic] her yet?

Last Answer : answer:I think someone who makes excuses instead of owning up to his or her mistakes is an ass. I see people right here on ask-public who gracefully acknowledge their typos or other mistakes. If we ... makes mistakes, but the way she chooses to try to cover her mistakes only makes her look worse.

Description : Palin blames Environmentalists for oil spill. Thoughts?

Last Answer : Nothing she says makes sense. She is a moron.

Description : With the BP oil rig explosion and sinking do you believe Sarah Palin is still urging "Drill baby drill!"?

Last Answer : Haven’t heard much from Palin lately.

Description : Which Palin is funnier Michael or Sarah?

Last Answer : Intentionally- Michael Unintentionally- Sarah

Description : Sarah Palin for president in 2012, is this possible?

Last Answer : NO and NO

Description : Anyone want to comment on Sarah Palin going to Fox News?

Last Answer : I think it’s hysterical. She and Fox News deserve each other.

Description : Does anyone else think Bayonetta looks like Sarah Palin?

Last Answer : Well that was hellish to get into your link, after two redirects I've given up. Here's a link to some pics of her and the game they're not great but better than nothing. She bares a bit of a ... may not be safe for work, no explicit nudity but there is a pic of the porno star in a bikini.)

Description : Have you heard that it was all a hoax? Sarah Palin does know that Africa is a continent, not a country?

Last Answer : I’m sure there are plenty of people who are happy to talk crap about her – a good case of sour grapes. But I formed my own (negative) opinion about her long before these stories starting coming out.

Description : If McCain and Palin had been elected,?

Last Answer : Betty Ford studied at a dance school for two years after high school, but has no college degree. Although, I guess that still counts as some kind of education after high school. I think ... only attended finishing school. Rose Cleveland (sister of Grover Cleveland) may not have attended any college.

Description : Has Palin actually donated any of those clothes to charity yet?

Last Answer : did she say she was going to?

Description : Can someone explain the McCain-Palin "Compliance Fund"?

Last Answer : I have no idea what you just said, but it sounded like they’re spending money to cover up them spending money. Huh?

Description : Did anyone hear McCain call Palin a "breast of fresh air" last night, and then correct himself?

Last Answer : No, but between Joe the Plummer, smiling with his eyes, and this, I wish I’d watched it instead of Project Runway! Just kidding. I DVR’d the debate. if you can tell me approximately when it happened, I can get a clip up later.

Description : Superficial (or not) question about Sarah Palin.

Last Answer : I didn’t see the cover. But it is funny that now people are complaining about a picture not being Photoshopped.

Description : Palin guilty of power abuse = President Obama?

Last Answer :

Description : Does someone have a creditable source that says that Sarah Palin is a creationist?

Last Answer : http://dwb.adn.com/news/politics/elections/story/8347904p-8243554c.html

Description : Where can i find a sara palin mask?

Last Answer : I have no idea, but good luck! I love the idea. As a last resort, make your own with some card and the printer. Rubber would be better though.

Description : Can I apply the Palin principle to my answers on Ask-public?

Last Answer : And you got it. Well, a GQ anyway.