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Description : Are you or someone you know traveling anywhere for Presidents’ Day weekend or week?

Last Answer : Nope. I hate traveling, never do. Home is where the best things can be found.

Description : What's the longest road trip you ever took?

Last Answer : Only road? Or water and air allowed too? Only road would be from Rotterdam, Netherlands to Prague, Czechoslovakia. 1983, by coach. At the border, armed Czechoslovakian soldiers came in and checked our ... money because we wouldn't need much anyway (it being cheap as dirt, everything). It was.

Description : What airline do you prefer to fly with?

Last Answer : I generally fly United because they're the one going non-stop to where I want to go. I do have a credit card and miles account with them but I can't say I'm crazy about them; there often ... short turn around times. I've heard good things about Delta and would like to try them sometime but alas ..

Description : How can I choose between my dream career and what my parents want?

Last Answer : You live in the UK? You should be able to move out when you reach 18. I don't think they can keep you at home forever, especially when you are old enough to legally leave. Do you know any ... the world. The thing I would recommend doing now is to explore your options and see what really suits you.

Description : Would you vacation in a place that is similar to where you live?

Last Answer : I go lots of places. Some are like where I live while other are very different. It’s all good, for each place has something to offer.

Description : Have you ever seen justice served to a nasty airline passenger?

Last Answer : I have not.

Description : In New Orleans French Quarter, what products are they selling in 100 milligram and 400 mg sizes?

Last Answer : Probably THC vape liquid. The stuff that’s killing people’s lungs.

Description : Are there any places that are not traditionally beautiful you would like to visit?

Last Answer : I would like to drive to the North West Territories through Red Earth in Canada. I also would like to visit the south pole. If just to have an unlimited selections of chocolate bars. I would also like to live on Mars.

Description : Would you be comfortable taking a tour of Southern plantations?

Last Answer : If there would be informative materials/media that would accompany the tour, then yes, I could imagine going on a tour like that. I'm all for teaching/informing children, and adults, about ... the WWII concentration camps are open for the public too, for, amongst other, that specific reason.

Description : How do I send cheese from Wisconsin to friends in Mexico and Canada?

Last Answer : Best to ask at a cheese store how to wrap it or to order it online from a food purveyor.

Description : How does a supersonic electric jet airplane work?

Last Answer : They don’t work.

Description : Have you stayed at a traditional Japanese inn?

Last Answer : I stayed at one in the early 90s. I picked up the free robe that comes with the room and thought it was strangely short, too short for me to wear, so I went to the bath wearing pants that I took ... me as not the sort of place that catered to people who like to do things on the spur of the moment.

Description : Are there still any retro video arcade game centers in Japan remaining?

Last Answer : will I be disillusioned if I ever came to Japan for vacation sometime in the future if and whenever this crisis gets under control? I have never been to Japan, but I can tell you that ... has to offer, such as the exotic scenery, traditional rituals or the quirky gashapon machines and bookstores.

Description : How far away can the aided eye see in a level line to the horizon?

Last Answer : I heard 25 miles.

Description : England peeps: How are things looking there for you Covid-wise?

Last Answer : If you look at the chat next to that video it does not look good. Here’s one quote: “Compared to this time last year we have 30 times the daily infections. Government is putting too much faith in vaccinations”

Description : Can you ask GPS or Google map, etc, what's between x and y streets?

Last Answer : Do you mean look for a location by the cross streets? Or, you mean stores between two streets?

Description : I have booked 3 flight tickets (domestic US) all together and got one confirmation number. So, if I check in online, will I get the seats together?

Last Answer : Online check-in is better to try and secure seats together. That said, I've never met an airline that didn't try to find a way to weasel out of it. The majority of times I fly, I end up ... an approved ID to fly domestically. Generally, a driver's license is not enough, unless it is an enhanced type

Description : What are some good sites to see?

Last Answer : Crossing the country on I-90 will get you to see the Badlands, Crazy Horse Mountain, Mount Rushmore, and Yellowstone Nat'l park. All amazing places if you have enough time to see them. If ... would also throw in Ruby Falls near Chattanooga TN. But only if you are nervous about being underground.

Description : What are some essential items for going mobile?

Last Answer : Why don't you wait until you have the van and a little money in your pocket? Have you planned on how to feed the two of you and where to sleep and how to buy gas? I'm more worried about your ... fun and romantic idea, hitting the road with your best friend, but in reality, it's a really bad idea.

Description : What are your travel plans at this point in time in this Covid pandemic?

Last Answer : Going to the West Coast in the middle of the summer. That will be my first trip.

Description : How have you spent more money than you needed to on a trip?

Last Answer : Extra leg space in aeroplanes. In the ‘old’ days sometimes people with ‘normal’ seats could occupy an extra-space seat, when they weren’t sold. Nowadays not. If they are empty when the doors close, they stay empty. I always book one of those seats. 6’5”

Description : Does transferring perfume from its spray bottle into a small glass bottle affect its composition?

Last Answer : You might lose some to evaporation etc in the process, but otherwise no.

Description : Anti-nausea bands?

Last Answer : You are throwing away your money. They are worthless.

Description : Shenandoah Valley: Good way to hike a lot while learning about Civil War?

Last Answer : Have you looked into the Appalachian Trail? It goes from Maine to Georgia and goes through the Shenandoah Valley.

Description : What if there were alien animals on the surface of Mars?

Last Answer : Set up a Mars-dog-cam?

Description : How do tourists in your area meet their death?

Last Answer : ^^Shocking to read. I take it casualties remain despite adequate warnings? This area gets lots of tourists yearly but haven’t paid enough attention to news on tourist death stats. Last year a child died when a tourist bus which was backing up hit the poor kid.

Description : How important do you think it is that you dress a certain way on an airplane?

Last Answer : I would never wear something like that personally unless it was a local beach type cover up, etc… But I’m not sure it’s the airlines flight to not have specific rules about clothing, either. Get the list right or leave people alone.

Description : What is going on in the Dominican Republic?

Last Answer : Nothing new, my wife before we got married; visited Dominican Republic about 34 years ago. The person that invited her and her friend made sure the never were without an armed guard carrying an AR-47. Room ... Chamber was loaded at all times. She did not have fun for the eight days they were there.

Description : If on a lark you decided to go live somewhere for a few months to a year, where would you go?

Last Answer : Either to Amelia Island Florida’s or to the Pacific Northwest.

Description : What are the pain points of Business Travel?

Last Answer : The worst part (for my husband) is the long drive or plane trip. The rest is great because the company pays for a nice hotel, and the stores are really happy to see him, because he will fix ... He uses his own credit card and gets to keep the points earned. The company reimburses all his expenses.

Description : Can you recommend things to do for a weekend in San Diego?

Last Answer : Where will you be staying, and how mobile will you be?

Description : How long is the drive from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon?

Last Answer : Four hours and about 300 miles shortest distance.

Description : If a car's registration is past due, do the fees apply in another state?

Last Answer : To get a clean title, you will have to be up to date in Oregon. Oregon won’t process anything until the back registration is paid. Nevada won’t process your title until it is clean from Oregon.

Description : How do the March madness universities handle logistics with two-days notice?

Last Answer : The NCAA knows where the games are being played well in advance, and books blocks of rooms for each team. When a team is selected, they get told where to stay. They don't book dozens of flights , ... Teams that are close or on the bubble will have things ready to go as soon as they are selected.

Description : Would you travel solo internationally?

Last Answer : I have travelled alone in Europe for years. Lots of pluses to doing it (autonomy, for one), and very few negatives. Now, I'm male and considerably older than you, so I come at this from a different ... it alone and have one hell of a good time. Do what you want, see what you are interested in.

Description : What are your top 5 travel destinations?

Last Answer : In no particular order: Aspen Colorado Budapest Hungary Machu Pichu Biarritz Kaanapali

Description : If you could take off two weeks from work, and were given $5,000 to use only for this purpose, where would you like to take a vacation?

Last Answer : Having camped for years, and loved it, it was still a lot of work. I would go to a tropical island and stay in a hotel where I wouldn’t have to do a thing but walk on the beach and enjoy food that someone else prepared.

Description : What's the farthest you've been from home in the past month? the past year?

Last Answer : I live in Atlanta and I was up in Seattle a couple weeks ago for work.

Description : Can you recommend a good portable iPhone/iPad external charger?

Last Answer : The ones as small as a chapstick aren't worth crap!!! I buy mine off Amazon & you might look to see if you see one that you like. Currently, I'm enamored with the Anker external battery. The one ... at the same time. Both brands have 2 USB ports available to use. Hope you find one that you like!!!

Description : What are some not-to-be-missed sights to visit in London?

Last Answer : Take a tour of the Globe Theater Tate Britain if you like Turner; Tate Modern if you like modern Great walking tours with various themes by London Walks, - No need to book; just show up at ... a pie shop (not Sweeney Todd's!) Go to the Sir John Soane's Museum in Lincoln Inn's Fields

Description : Have you ever heard of someone using a Lyft or Uber driver as a guide?

Last Answer : But don’t you need @n app to get an Uber or Lyft? (I honestly don’t know…)

Description : Do people have pen pals anymore?

Last Answer : I haven’t, but my daughter’s French class set up pen pal connections to practice.

Description : How do I get from Red Deer to Jasper?

Last Answer : Use another bus company. When Greyhound stops driving routes, others will adjust and hopefully add routes, but it looks like there are already alternatives. e.g. you can take Red Arrow to Edmonton, then take a VIA Rail train or a (more expensive) Sundog shuttle from there to Jasper.

Description : Can black holes in theory, be used to travel?

Last Answer : No. They could not. The gravity of a black hole is such that anything entering is stretched beyond liveable limits. If anything were to be spat out, it would my have the same composition anymore. This question would be answered more in general. Meta is for questions about fluther specifically.

Description : How easy is it to get from the Seattle airport to downtown?

Last Answer : There is a subway/light rail system that runs from SeaTac airport to downtown. It is clean, not expensive, and easy to use.

Description : Have any of you been to England?

Last Answer : A few things I didn't get to do (although I saw these places out the window of the tour bus) was visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum, or Charles Dicken's home, nor go inside and linger at ... . If you are from England, what would you recommend that tourists (especially Anglophiles) should see and do?

Description : What do foreigners think of the history of modern Kiev?

Last Answer : I live in Memphis, TN. and I don't think anyone around me thinks of Kiev at all. I think of it as a Baltic or North Eastern European sociopolitical culture. I associate it with the ancient ... about them. Would feel safer in the Baltic countries of Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, or Poland.

Description : What should I do with $12,000?

Last Answer : Invest.

Description : When driving, do you choose to travel by the shortest, the fastest, or the easiest route?

Last Answer : Fastest. Why? Because I’m usually running behind.

Description : Would the TSA consfiscate my wallet multi-tool?

Last Answer : Um, They might…? Or they might make you put it in your bag and not on your person. I would think that yea, the “knife edge” will worry them a bit. Or be a red flag.