Anyone ever experience a crazy ghost writer computer virus?

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Answer :

Disconnect you Internet connection, look if that stops if. If not, you know it’s a virus. If it does stop, it’s a colleague who’s pranking you via a Remote Desktop-client.

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Last Answer : You're never going to get a virus from reading text that is sent to you on Facebook. The danger comes if someone shares a link and you click it; that link could go anywhere, including to a ... probably other browsers, this comes up on the bottom left when hovering over a link) is a trusted website.

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Last Answer : I can’t help you but sent it on to three who should be able to.

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Last Answer : See if Youtube has it. Other than that make sure your anti-virus program is right up to date,and make sure you listen to it most will tell you if it is an unsafe site.

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Last Answer : This won’t be helpful to you, but it is kind of funny given the question

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Last Answer : Try a system restore. Should be under disk utilities or something.

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Last Answer : Have you deleted what MalwareBytes found?

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Last Answer : What browser are you using? A few details might help.

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Last Answer : answer:I would suggest downloading a few free programs first before paying Dell a nickel for this so-called one time fix . Ccleaner Malwarebytes Ccleaner will get rid of a lot of crap that ... free!) anti-malware programs available. Hijackthis is not something a novice wants to screw around with.

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Last Answer : I think I have an idea of how this is done. If the program knows where it is located in the computer’s memory, it can run a loop to move each sequential line.

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Last Answer : answer:It does seem like some kind of malware . Whether it's a true virus or not, I couldn't say, but colloquially that's a yes . I'd recommend that you download and run Malwarebytes (free) to ... that the human you know wrote it with you specifically in mind. Even then, it's best to beware.

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Last Answer : answer:Get an anti-virus program—- AVG free is my recommendation. Do it now. Yes you are infected, IMO.

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Last Answer : Try pressing alt and space bar at the same time and choose maximize from the dropdown menu. Oh, I mean if you’re using Windows.

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Last Answer : it is certainly possible. A lot of digital picture frames came loaded with a virus right from the factory. I believe some viruses can transfer from one device to another very simply. And it would be worse if you had a phone and a computer running sibling operating systems.

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Last Answer : Were you on face book when it popped up? It is a virus company trying to get you to buy there virus protection? Then YES. I had that one.

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Last Answer : I would think someone would give someone they didn’t like a virus. Just to be hateful.

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Last Answer : You might have a contaminated SD card. There are a lot of them floating about on eBay and similar places. Suicide close up is a well known clip. Google it.

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Last Answer : That was the reason i swapped to mac. No Viruses. Answering your question though, i think you need to have backed up your files in order to restore to a previous point. Otherwise you will ... (provided that data isn't infected) and completely reformat your computer using the windows discs you have.

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Last Answer : What does it say when you try to access your bank account? Can you post a screenshot or something maybe?

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Last Answer : There are things you can do, but they are not so straightforward. If you know what making a boot-disk means, you can boot a clean kernel and run a command-line version of a virus remover. If you don’t know what this means, go to Staples or Best Buy, and pay $40.

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Last Answer : It is not difficult or expensive to fix it, but it is a bad idea to use it.

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Last Answer : ADawareSE free

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Last Answer : trojan: it might have an STD