Is there a way to archive Gmail messages via IMAP?

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answer:Depending on the service provider you are using, yes, you should be able to. For example, with my iphone and gmails imap service, I have a representation of my folders and can simply “move” a message to my all mail folder which archives the message on gmails side. Hope this helps

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Last Answer : You can do it all from Gmail. While you were writing this question, I was answering your previous slightly different one. Quote: I have a workaround. You can read Yahoo mail via POP Gmail can grab your POP ... Maybe 15 minutes. That's a guess, I've never timed it because it's never been a problem.

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Last Answer : All archived mail goes into the All Mail section along with all sent and received mail. It’s simply a way to clean up the inbox.

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Last Answer : answer:Search for the emails you want, something like “before:2006/01/01 after:2008/01/01” should work. (more search options here) Then just click the “select all” button on the left, and “delete”

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Last Answer : Hmm. I don’t use Outlook, so I don’t know if you can do this via some sort of feature, but you could always just manually send each message to the gmail account as a CC.

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Last Answer : I would just copy it all to disc.

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Last Answer : answer:As far as I know, IMAP by itself doesn’t support this. Your IMAP email provider might provide a service like this, but I doubt it. Why do you want to do this? Have any more information on your problem?

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Last Answer : I love IMAP because I access Gmail from my Mac and my iPod Touch, and IMAP keeps them in sync. Messages deleted on one disappear on the other.

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Last Answer : You could most probably access your Gmail ‘Sent’ folder from within Outlook. Can’t you just drag them onto your local ‘Sent’ folder from there?

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Last Answer : Settings > General > Conversation View > Turn conversation view off.

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Last Answer : answer:If by secure you mean put a password on, I'm not sure. You could probably get features like that in an email application on your computer. I don't know any off the top of ... every time you want to look at your email, most email clients automatically sign in. I personally prefer Thunderbird

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Last Answer : answer:Before you configure it on your BlackBerry, make sure only the IMAP option is enabled (not POP3, which can delay deliveries), then configure it on your device. I'm not sure if the labels work. You ... I prefer to receive my messages instantly, and since I don't use labels, it's not an issue.

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Last Answer : I don't know how to do that on gmail, but Google has a calendar that will do that easily. It will send you email, or even a text message to your phone. It's easy to set ... or individual events. I use it for all my appointments, anniversaries birthdays, classes, dentist and Doctor visits, etc.

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Last Answer : 1. Click send If fail, repeat step 1 until win.

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Last Answer : Are you perhaps asking where you can find out what your security question for Gmail is? If so, you go to, scroll down to “Ways we can verify it’s you,” and “security question” should be one of the options.

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Last Answer : Google sends warnings like that with links to Google Security pages.

Description : Do you see "Of course you are", "I'm sorry", "No, I'm not" as options in Gmail?

Last Answer : That’s a Gmail feature where it uses AI to suggest replies based on the content of the received email. So those options were unique to the email you got. I think once you click one it sends it as a reply, so there’s no undoing that.

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Last Answer : answer:I actually use a separate Gmail account for my throwaway needs. I know that the Gmail software will ask you whether or not you want to link it with your other accounts, but I simply always answer no. ... . Edit to add: I used for a while for throwaway stuff. I did not like it.

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Last Answer : answer:You would like to use Outlook on a PC to send & receive Gmail, correct? Step 1 Enable imap in your Gmail account Gmail Help - Get started with IMAP and POP3 Step 2 Set Up Gmail in ... that says My outgoing server requires authentication . Hit OK, and hit Next to complete your account setup.

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Last Answer : answer:1. Go to your old gmail account, click the dropdown arrow in the upper left Gmail to get to contacts. 2. Click the More [downarrow] button. 3. Select Export 4. Choose which contacts you ... . Select Import 9. Click Choose File and browse to that exported csv file. 10. Click Import

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Last Answer : With NSA nothing is private, so who cares? If you don’t believe it’s all tracked and linked you are mistaken. Just give up thinking you have electronic privacy and roll with it.

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Last Answer : I have, like, 20 gmail accounts. They don’t get confused.

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Last Answer : answer:4 minutes, it's too late. In the future, go to Settings> Labs> Enable Undo Send. Then, every time you send something, there'll be a little message that you can click on for a few seconds after ... will undo it. (Which, doesn't really undo anything, it just delays sending by a few seconds).

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Last Answer : Why not type it up in notepad and copy-paste. I’d switch back to the old version anyways, the new one sucks.

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Last Answer : There is no substitute for gmail’s web interface. Is there a reason why you want the desktop email client? For me the whole point of gmail was that it was a step forward.

Description : Service/Product to enable users on my Web App to invite friends (e.g. Hotmail, Yahoo Messenger, Gmail, AIM, etc)

Last Answer : A lot of people (myself included) don’t trust this function, because these companies have the potential to steal your password and hack your account. can’t help you with the other part, sorry!

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Last Answer : I’m not a techie so this may not be helpful but couldn’t s/he just BCC you every time?

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Last Answer : Nope. I have been using mine (and I have two gmail accounts) all day with no problems. Sorry you are having problems though :(. I’ve had that happen w/ gmail and it’s very frustrating.

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Last Answer : There should be a link in your account settings or preferences that says something about “forwarding…” I did it with my Comcast account to my GMail account, sorry I can’t be more specific.

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Last Answer : That’s happened to me too. I have several gmail accounts, and they all start out fine. Then somewhat randomly one will start getting a crapload of spam! I don’t understand it. Good question.

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Last Answer : answer:Gmail isn't the best tool to send mass email. You're better off using an email service provider. Ask-public uses VerticalResponse for its email marketing.

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Last Answer : answer:Better Gmail 2

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Last Answer : IMAP would be your best bet but even then there’s limitations. If one user deletes an email prior to the other one it might not pull down locally.

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Last Answer : Yea mines working fine. But for some reason the last couple days when i go to gmail it has a weird loading bar in the top left corner that i have to wait for before i get into my account.

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Last Answer : Do the messages say “log in here” with a Facebook logo? If so, maybe someone created an account in your name.

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Last Answer : Thanks, W

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Last Answer : I feel fairly safe behind and router and with current anti-virus software. I am cautious about what I open but I worry less about what my e-mail program displays. I am much more careful about external content from senders I have no reason to trust. I hope this answer is helpful.

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Last Answer : found a link here with easy instructions off the MS site remember if you ever load Office 2007 onto ... and Gmail and I can say its probably your easiest bet also backs up everything just encase!

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Last Answer : With firmware 1.1.4 or earlier, you can not forward SMS text messages however you can forward emails.

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Last Answer : I have not seen a setting that allows this. I can see it being added down the road.

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Last Answer : It depends on 1) who I’m arguing with and whether there is a chance of making them see my point and 2) what I am arguing about.

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Last Answer : I do it in Paint. Open it in Paint. Save as a JPEG.

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Last Answer : Nope, no limit. I have 3 myself. What error are you getting?

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Last Answer : answer:I just switched to Gmail IMAP on It was easy. You should definitely take a look at this page for explicit instructions on how to set up email for, Gmail, and the iPhone. ... particular problems then you can deal with them, but I don't think you'll have too much trouble.

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Last Answer : This tutorial has step by step instructions on how to do so with visuals to go with the instructions

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Last Answer : answer:I have used Gmail's IMAP service under several clients and have found what I liked the best. I have used Outlook 2007, but it seemed a little sluggish for my liking. Thunderbird was the best solution that ... . Fast, simple, and easy going. I use Mail for OS X, and it handles it well too.

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Last Answer : There is this, but if you are more tech savy this will probably do nicely

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Last Answer : (D) MIME

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Last Answer : There are publicly available username/password lists from hacked websites. Since many of them require email addresses, you could write some code to extract them into a separate file. You could also write code ... the mails, you would have an email server running, and you'd spoof the from address.

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Last Answer : To view emails as conversation threads, go to View, Sort By, and choose Threaded, (Unthreaded to stop showing threads.)

Description : Resend old yahoo group emails, or another way to organize/search yahoo groups emails?

Last Answer : You may need to pay for Yahoo’s premium mail service to do this, but I think you could use POP3 to download all your messages to gmail.