Can a humans mind ever be 'broken'?

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Answer :

I believe it can be broken, maybe not permanently, but I believe it can be.

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Last Answer : I have trypophobia, the only thing that I have found personally to help lessen my fear was exposure to similar images, for example, geometrical coloring books. It sounds stupid, but I don't freak out ... It might help and even if it doesn't, it's cheaper than a professional therapist will be.

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Last Answer : No. Sounds like manipulation and I despise manipulative people.

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Last Answer : answer:45 Female 1. No 2. To some extent yes. At minimum the ad makes me aware of the product. I would not include pain killers, but other meds possibly yes. 3. A

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Last Answer : answer:1. Kill your tv. Right now. If you don't want to disconnect the service, unplug the cable from the back of the tv and put it in a box that difficult to get to. ... distraction and anxiety are closely related. Reducing anxiety has the great side-effect of increasing concentration and focus.

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Last Answer : “he finds confirmation for this.” How could he do that? Confirm this finding. Is it not an educated guess on his part? I don’t have a clue how to answer this question, but a very good question. Maybe Zophu can shed some light here.

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Last Answer : yes. regrets for a profoundly bad decision that was life-affecting [and also affected my opinion of myself] and struggles to chart a new course.

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Last Answer : Maybe take a trip to a museum with some friends. Visit a park and have a relaxing lunch. Do some writing or painting. Spend all day baking cupcakes and muffins. Do some gardening outside. There’s lots of things you can do, but those are just a few.

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Last Answer : LSD

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Last Answer : What an interesting question - I think these are not one and the same but either can help the other along - in that if your heart feels for someone, it is easier to open your mind to their ... with people others consider to be the fray of society and my heart has been all the better for it.

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Last Answer : It just takes time .Alot of exercise helps me :)

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Last Answer : It’s always with music. Here is the latest calming influence. @Fred Settle down buddy – I said calming influence, not terrible emo shit.

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Last Answer : It depends 100% on which disabilities you acquire in the incident. There are many cases in which you wouldn’t know, and many cases in which you would. Almost all of these are documented in medical journals and textbooks.

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Last Answer : Keep a journal. If this is a recurring feeling then giving words to it can help you work it out.

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Last Answer : Yes, they’re called sociopaths.

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Last Answer : answer:Some humans are good (I suspect most of us) and some are evil. Some have morals and some have none. Morals codify the innate goodness of human beings and give us “rules” of conduct that allow us to live among one another.

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Last Answer : answer:I think the things you suggested as an example are in away quite misrelated. Abortion for one is the ending of a life, normally with one person deciding. Perhaps the father wanted the child, and ... it are so many people in most instances. He are hurt and wounded by these types of actions.

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Last Answer : neither, we are neutral at birth and the effects of life change us to think one way or the other.

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Last Answer : can you name a point in time where no humans were fighting? I believe war is in our structure and for many humans it will always be.

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Last Answer : Hmm - a colony of ants would be considered in an unnatural' state if it began to destroy the ecosystem on which it depended. To that, ants and other systems of life seem to have checks ... accommodate our mishaps. However, as the population grows the Earth does not and the margins for error shrink.

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Last Answer : My TV channel has been changed when someone picks up a key chain with numerous keys on it. We also used to get conversations from next door on our intercom.

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Last Answer : Dude.. People can believe all sorts of things. The great gift that Western civilization got from Aristotle is a method of proving your beliefs have some reasonable chance of being coincident with reality. A ... when it comes to Santa, I wish I had never heard of Aristotle. I loved that delusion!

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Last Answer : I don't think it would be justifiable (meaning right, or good, or correct) but it can be understandable. If a person grows up in a neighborhood where almost everyone he sees or knows is ... kind of crap happens in all kinds of communities in which the circumstances I just mentioned are similar.

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Last Answer : answer:By the way, the question itself isn’t currently showing for some stupid reason. Before you say “what is the question”—what I asked (and not showing) was: : Have you ever known someone who did not know or comprehend something which you consider pretty BASIC and FUNDAMENTAL?

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Last Answer : At first you have to make yourself stop doing those things. This will be difficult. But after that, you will get used to it and OCD will leave. You have to be determined and work it. This will not happen in ... but if you try you will see results! When you are in a good mood, that helps a lot too.