What caused you to assume that reality and other humans besides your self are real and actually exist?

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Answer :

Life is but a dream.

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Description : Abraham Lincoln said, "All human actions are caused by motives, and at the bottom of these motives are self". Do you agree or disagree that all human actions driven by selfishness?

Last Answer : Self, most definitely.

Description : What do you make of this reality and its quirks?

Last Answer : Let me get back to you in 300 or 400 years when I have done the preliminary research and read some of the source material already out there.

Description : Is our personal perception of life subjective? If so, what is reality?

Last Answer : There is a reality, but we cannot perceive it from without our paradigm.

Description : How close is your perception of reality, to reality?

Last Answer : How would I know? If it’s my perception, doesn’t that preclude me from being able to recognize “reality”, whatever that may be?

Description : What other natural "super work" might exist?

Last Answer : I imagine that some species in the universe might have different super works, and be devoid of reason.

Description : Does mathematics exist independently of intellects, or is mathematics an invention of the intellect?

Last Answer : answer:What a layman calls math is a combination of both. The words multiplication and exponent are human constructs, along with the symbols 0123456789 and !^*-+= etc. If an alien civilization ... it exist. And it does. The same thing happened with black holes. And even the atomic bomb.

Description : Does the human understanding of time exist outside of the human mind?

Last Answer : answer:Other creatures are aware of time but not in the sophisticated way humans understand it. A dog would have little use for a watch but will know when it is time for walkies or time to be ... particles that make up the universe the beginning and the end of the universe seem like the same moment.

Description : Why does humanity exist? Is there a reason for its existence?

Last Answer : The meaning of our lives, our reason for living, our reason for being here is something that we determine for ourselves. I do not believe that we were created, or that we have a purpose for existing – unless you count reproduction as a specific duty.

Description : Do you believe spoons exist?

Last Answer : There is no spoon.

Description : Follow-up: Can objective morality exist without God?

Last Answer : answer:“Can moral objectivity exist without God? If so, what would it be founded upon?” Survival. “How can moral objectivism exist without God?” Reason.

Description : Does nonexistence exist?

Last Answer : How could it? That sounds a paradox.

Description : Why does colour/ color exist?

Last Answer : I don’t know that any one of us can really know why, but for practical purposes I would say differentiation.

Description : How do you know you exist?

Last Answer : I think, therefore I am.

Description : What is freedom, and does it exist? If so, does it have a catch?

Last Answer : True freedom does exist, albeit in small obscure communities where government leaves them alone.

Description : Is it logically possible to prove that something does not exist?

Last Answer : No. You can never prove a negative.

Description : Does nothing exist? I mean there always has to be something?

Last Answer : what is “nothing” to you? if you can observe it or discuss it, can it still be “nothing”?

Description : Do people actually listen to each other anymore?

Last Answer : There are some that do and some that don’t. And both can be sporadic.

Description : What's wrong with saying that all humans are always wrong?

Last Answer : it suggests that you don’t know what you’re talking about the moment you assert it.

Description : Is preservation of ones life the end-all goal for humans?

Last Answer : Obviously it all depends on the person. I am 53 now and yes, if I had to choose between myself or my 24 year old daughter dying it would be a choice with moral and philosophical leanings for me. I feel that I should concede to the younger human at this point.

Description : Is Imagination one of the most important aspects of the way humans have developed such high understanding and knowledge of the universe and the world around us?

Last Answer : I think motive is a greater factor for technological advancement than imagination itself ever has been.

Description : What natural element do you believe is most comparable to humans?

Last Answer : meat.

Description : Is the road to hell actually "paved with good intentions"?

Last Answer : Probably… The World simply is, and, nature being what it is, it is probably beyond our ability to change. What conceit would lead one to believe that he could or should try to change each other?

Description : How many of the sayings, adages, and proverbs attributed to Confucius are things that he actually said?

Last Answer : I believe that Confucius said, “This, no man knows.”

Description : If actions are far from being actually done, will words be enough to "speak" for you?

Last Answer : I can think of many people who cannot move, and yet they still manage to communicate. You can still tell if a tiny infant is content or not, simply by their attitude. Communication is still possible. However, in the case of a person in a coma, you’re probably right.

Description : Regarding the "meaning of life" and humanity's self worth, what is the difference between being in a universe created by a god, and a universe created as a computer simulation by an alien race?

Last Answer : Does it matter? If there is a god creating a universe, who is to say that the god is not, in fact, the product of a computer simulation? There's no way to tell if this god has godlike characteristics ... a software glitch? I wou;dn't, but I'm not sure it matters. How would it change my life?

Description : What are the pros and cons of self-examination?

Last Answer : Understanding one's understanding (that is recognizing how one has acquired their understanding of whatever they think they understand) enables them to filter out the inculcated beliefs that have little or no ... to focus on what they are looking for, which will likely exclude what can be known.

Description : Have you ever tried to distort your perceptions by imposing self-created beliefs onto yourself?

Last Answer : What do you mean by “self-created beliefs”?

Description : In your opinion, are concepts such as "All men are created equal" a philosophy or a self evident truth??

Last Answer : Try “all men are created equal under the law” and it works better.

Description : "Lazy-susan": Did a husband invent this for his lazy wife named Susan? Or did a good humored woman named Susan invent and name it for her lazy self?

Last Answer : I suspect we’ll never know but fun to think about.

Description : How can I find my self-worth? Where does self-worth come from if not my actions and accomplishments?

Last Answer : answer:Self-worth is somewhat self-explanatory. It comes from your self.

Description : Is there anything you've done in your life that you think of certain things you do now as penance or self-punishment for?

Last Answer : Everyone can relate with your comment Snarp! Here is my take on the subject. We all makes mistakes, the secret is not to make the same mistake twice! Seems like your learned from your mistake, give it up and go on! Burdens are not meant to be carried your whole life. Be happy with thy ownself!

Description : Is there such a thing as self control? (Details Important)

Last Answer : A lot of our own mind is ununderstood and uncontrolled by other parts of it, that doesn’t mean that we have no self control at all over it.

Description : A thought experiment about the nature of self (see details)- what do you think?

Last Answer : People who believe in a soul might have a problem with this type of thing. Since I believe that I'm just a collection of cells in the same condition that would be accurately duplicated, yes, ... of yourself isn't you because the machine destroyed some divine part of you that it cannot recreate.

Description : Is every action of a human out of pure self interest?

Last Answer : Not, every. Depends on what life stage you’re in. Depends on your values etc.

Description : What do you think philosophers and other famous figures would be like online?

Last Answer : answer:What…, Simone is a philosopher? They would love Fluther and @wundayatta’s answer would be short compared to theirs. ~ We would see threads with contribution numbers in the threehundreds.

Description : Why does the LGBT community feel persecuted by the religious community, when there are perfectly non-religious reasons in other countries for feeling it isn't natural?

Last Answer : Because this isn’t China. In the United States, discrimination against LGBT people is driven almost entirely by religious groups. Look at Proposition 8 in CA, as just one example. Close to 100% of the funding for Prop 8 came from religious groups.

Description : Is it safe, or intellectually honest, to assume that no ethereal objects or concepts exist?

Last Answer : answer:Isn't it safe and intellectually honest to remain sceptical of any sort of proposition until proven otherwise? Particularly if they rely on things not proven to exist, since they would need the ... what exactly is the defining feature of things you call ethereal. An airy feel to them?

Description : Have you ever been in / dreamed of a place that you have dreamed about before, but does not exist in reality?

Last Answer : I love wandering through such dreams but as Dunsany said bricks without straw are more easily made than imagination without memories.

Description : Had you the choice, which alternate reality setting would you choose to exist in?

Last Answer : I’d probably exist in the future where a lot of things would float and be silvery

Description : Was God created by Humans? I mean really. Is it possible that Humans actually created a real God?

Last Answer : No one knows if there is or isn’t a god. So I don’t think we’ll ever know lol.

Description : Do you agree with famous philosopher Christopher Smith, in regards to the "good old days"?

Last Answer : Real men won’t answer this question. - Ah, I read it too fast. Real men do answer this question.

Description : Would you like to answer this question about plugging into the Matrix?

Last Answer : I would opt to stay put in the Sims! I’m happy where I am at.

Description : What is the path to happiness?

Last Answer : This is a pure personal thing. What allows one person to feel a sense of deep happiness can be completely different than another person. I feel it is not about money or possessions. Finding out what ... start on a lifelong journey. Life also injects many things that can move of out of this space.

Description : What is time?

Last Answer : It is the fourth dimension. What text were you discussing for this question?

Description : What is your views after watching this video on why you will marry the wrong person?

Last Answer : Lol. Very entertaining. I didn’t learn the lesson., but then again i am human.

Description : Does the higher per capita intelligence near prestigious schools improve quality of life?

Last Answer : I'll quibble with the wording. But, having lived in and visited many places, some with very good universities, and some not, I'm going to say yes. At least, for my tastes, and the things I ... arts and studies and people doing what they're interested in, learning and all that comes with all of that.

Description : How accurate do you think this quote from a famous Indian Guru is?

Last Answer : I don’t think ‘retarded’ is the right word. I would have used ‘stupid’. Or maybe ‘simple’.

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Last Answer : Why would it be censored? It isn’t obscene. And it isn’t designed for 8 year olds. it’s audience is 44 year old men in Cnada.

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Last Answer : Nobody among human beings knows about it.

Description : What problems from the far past to now has philosophy solved?

Last Answer : The study of philosophy is to help us to use critical thinking to solve our own problems and reach our own goals in life. Critical thinking helps us to recognize the difference between things ... true. My personal opinion is that very few people even have the ability to understand these concepts.