When is the best time to buy airplane tickets for a trip in April?

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Answer :

When would you like to travel? Reverse that. Aka, not before the holiday, but during or after. Not friday, but mid-week. And so forth. Most people will choose those dates, less seats – higher price. More seats, airlines want to fill up – lower price.

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Description : Where are the best airplane deals for airplane tickets?

Last Answer : In the month of August. :)

Description : How much do plane tickets go up if you don't buy them ahead of time?

Last Answer : answer:If you buy a certain kind of ticket (that is more expensive) it is refundable. But that might not really help you. If you have any mileage on an airline, this would be the time to use it. Make a reservation for what you think the trip dates are, and if you have to change it, no charge.

Description : Has anyone purchased airplane tickets from CheapSeats.com ?

Last Answer : Many people have purchased airplane tickets from CheapSeats.com.

Description : Where can I find airplane tickets for seniors?

Last Answer : You can find affordable prices for seniors at Southwest airlines, they have low prices and discounts that are easy to receive. Airplane tickets can be expensive if for seniors so match different prices yourself.

Description : When to buy plane tickets to Japan?

Last Answer : Check out Farecast. If you put in your travel locations and times, it’ll help you pick the best time to buy.

Description : Should I buy the airline tickets now?

Last Answer : If it were me, I would only book my own ticket. A lot of the deals are non refundable. He should still be able to get a decent deal if he buys his about two weeks prior to the flight.

Description : How does a supersonic electric jet airplane work?

Last Answer : They don’t work.

Description : How important do you think it is that you dress a certain way on an airplane?

Last Answer : I would never wear something like that personally unless it was a local beach type cover up, etc… But I’m not sure it’s the airlines flight to not have specific rules about clothing, either. Get the list right or leave people alone.

Description : Would you support a fat tax for airplane seats?

Last Answer : I believe all seats should be sold according to weight, just as luggage should be charged. No need for discrimination in any way.

Description : What should I do if I have ear congestion and I need to fly in an airplane?

Last Answer : I get the same thing even when healthy. My ears are fucked. My old roommate suggested these. Not perfect but helped a lot. And normally on every landing I went deaf and it hurt like hell. Even with those it still sucks, but it sucks a lot less. edit :: drunk

Description : Is it a bad idea to wear ear plugs on an airplane?

Last Answer : If your ears start to hurt take them out.

Description : If a airplane flew 1113 miles from San Antonio Texas to St Paul Minnesota. the trip took 2.75 hour's. which is the closest to the average speed in miles per hour of the airplane?

Last Answer : You need to divide the distance by the time.

Description : I have booked 3 flight tickets (domestic US) all together and got one confirmation number. So, if I check in online, will I get the seats together?

Last Answer : Online check-in is better to try and secure seats together. That said, I've never met an airline that didn't try to find a way to weasel out of it. The majority of times I fly, I end up ... an approved ID to fly domestically. Generally, a driver's license is not enough, unless it is an enhanced type

Description : Are there any airlines that offer unlimited monthly or annual domestic flight tickets?

Last Answer : I found this. I don't know what the fares are like. Many many many years ago I remember hearing about unlimited passes with American Airlines I think, but the passes were quite expensive. Some things ... up flying standby, I am just saying if that is part of the deal take that into consideration.

Description : How much do Knicks Tickets cost?

Last Answer : answer:This might help. Link

Description : Whats the best place for cheap plane tickets?

Last Answer : I use “Ding” on Southwest and travelzoo.com, which usually has really good deals.

Description : Cheap tickets to Rome?

Last Answer : My friend and I actually found our “cheap tickets” to Rome through Cheaptickets.com. We got a really great deal on our flight but that was about 5 years ago. Still, check them out.

Description : Do you think prices will go down for airline tickets?

Last Answer : I would wait. The prices have jumped because of the holiday travel. I’d wait until after the holiday rush home to purchase your tickets.

Description : Where can I find cheap tickets to D.C. for Thanksgiving?

Last Answer : Where are you flying from? Which sites have you already tried?

Description : When traveling abroad, one way tickets means trouble?

Last Answer : Yes. You usually can’t enter another country without proof that you are leaving again. I have never made it through customs without being asked to show proof of a purchased return ticket.

Description : Any tips for discount Disney tickets?

Last Answer : Have you tried mousesavers.com ? They have a monthly newsletter.

Description : Have you purchased student airfare tickets? And have you lived in a hostel?

Last Answer : answer:Yes. Have done both. Airfare is usually just regular coach tickets, just sold with a student discount (so choices may be a little limited). Hostels are a great alternative to hotels if you're ... than others. Also, you'd want a safe place to store your valuables, like passport and money.

Description : New York City people (or those who've traveled there), what's the temperature like in April?

Last Answer : It can range from mid 40s/50’s to 65–70 Farenheit. It’s usually mild enough for a light jacket but bring something heavier just in case. I’ve remembered snow storms in early April but very rare. End of April you will be definitely into some lovely Spring weather. Central Park will be in bloom.

Description : [Fluff time] You are on a day and a half road trip, who are the top three worse travel companions?

Last Answer : answer:No one in particular in mind but: 1. Someone who is uncomfortable with silence and jabbers incessantly 2. Someone who cannot tell when I am listening to a particular song 3. Someone who cannot read a map well enough to give directions.

Description : Considering a trip to NYC, I'd like to save $ , travel quickly, and stay safe the whole time. Your suggestions?

Last Answer : answer:Use the subway instead of taxis. You can get a subway map at almost all of the stations during the daytime from one of the people working behind the window. The map is very useful ... history of the subway, very interesting. It is free or very inexpensive. They mostly sell souvenours there.

Description : What's the longest road trip you ever took?

Last Answer : Only road? Or water and air allowed too? Only road would be from Rotterdam, Netherlands to Prague, Czechoslovakia. 1983, by coach. At the border, armed Czechoslovakian soldiers came in and checked our ... money because we wouldn't need much anyway (it being cheap as dirt, everything). It was.

Description : How have you spent more money than you needed to on a trip?

Last Answer : Extra leg space in aeroplanes. In the ‘old’ days sometimes people with ‘normal’ seats could occupy an extra-space seat, when they weren’t sold. Nowadays not. If they are empty when the doors close, they stay empty. I always book one of those seats. 6’5”

Description : What clothing should we pack for a December trip to Austria and Germany?

Last Answer : Winter clothing. Hats, gloves, warm socks, boots, coat, etc. Probably not much rain, but be prepared.

Description : What are your initial steps when planning a trip ?

Last Answer : I do research on the location. I google it, I go on TripAdvisor, I look at FB pages. I read reviews. I look at distances between places on Google Maps. I'll check schedules and hours of operation so I don' ... hour but I like to go with a good idea of what's in the area and what things I should see.

Description : Have you ever noticed that the return trip usually seems shorter?

Last Answer : I’ve wondered about that, but I assumed that on the way out one is probably more occupied familiarizing with the trip and more conscious effort is involved. On the return, this is probably much less the case and your bod is more or less on automatic and your mind on other things. Sleepwalking.

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Last Answer : Have you made reservations on the ferry? That can be big problem on weekends. Larsen’s Fish Market for Lobster rolls.

Description : Trip to Viet Nam - should I go bearing gifts?

Last Answer : Have you talked to Logan about what the appropriate protocols are for you as a guest of the family and his girlfriend? He would be the one to know best.

Description : Road trip from coast to coast, at least five nights, you may pick two or three celebrities, musicians, actors, or perhaps famous race drivers?

Last Answer : RDJ, Dave Matthews, and Neil

Description : What was your favorite road trip?

Last Answer : answer:One of the craziest, and therefore fun, was from Santa Barbara to Reno for a fraternity weekend. And I had a couple pretty good ones from San Francisco to Jackson Wyoming, one in the summer to go ... Glacier Nat'l Parks. Another is to fly to Las Vegas and then to the Utah Nat'l Parks.

Description : Any suggestions for a several day Philly trip with a 7 year old?

Last Answer : I really liked the Art Museum, but I don’t know if a seven year old would appreciate it.

Description : What's a good river trip for March?

Last Answer : You could look into Lake Okeechoebee (sp.?) in Florida. The weather should be good for it; but you want to find out about the water levels. I don’t know canoe rental rules.

Description : Is it better and cheaper to plan a trip to Tokyo yourself or through tour packages?

Last Answer : answer:I would say it’s better to be a traveler than a tourist. ;) Both can be very economical if you do your research ahead of time and ask people in the know.

Description : What do you think of reports that Obama's trip to Africa could cost tens of millions of dollars?

Last Answer : He’s the leader of the free world. He has to travel here and abroad, and I say let them spend what they need to keep him safe and allow him to do what he has to do.

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Last Answer : Obama visiting Israel communicates that, despite their hard-nosed, right-wing coalition sucking, anti-peace, Prime Minister, that the US is definitely interested in Middle East peace and would like to work with Israeli middle grounders.

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Last Answer : I’d like to see Dresden. It was so beautiful, then hammered during WWII. I’d like to see how it’s come back.

Description : About how much gas is used on a 95 mile trip?

Last Answer : Figure a low mpg of 20…that’s five gallons times whatever gas costs. Throw in a little extra to be generous.

Description : Boring question #75: Road trip nightmare passenger, which is worse?

Last Answer : Easy. I’d take the mummy. I drive 100 miles every day by myself, so it would be business as usual.

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Last Answer : I would do the latter. Perhaps see if you can trade it to someone for their frozen one.

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Last Answer : answer:Does anyone travel to a foreign country without at least making reservations ahead of time? O_o I am anal as all hell about preparing to travel abroad because of my numerous misunderstood and rare ... go wrong at any point! It's better to be overprepared than underprepared and S.O.L !

Description : Do you have any rituals that you do once you get home from a trip?

Last Answer : Call Mom. I’m almost 50, but it’s important to her to know that I’ve arrived safely home from a trip.

Description : Palm Springs, CA or Big Sur, CA for a short weekend trip?

Last Answer : Palm Springs has great weather and shopping, but I wouldn’t consider it a place to get in touch with yourself. I would choose Big Sur, Yosimite, or somewhere else with more natural beauty and less commercial influence.

Description : North American jellies, you win a free trip to Europe with a 2 week stay, which countries would you like to visit?

Last Answer : answer:I would visit old friends in France and Germany. If it was my first trip to Europe, I would visit Ireland, Switzerland, and/or Spain along the Medeterrainian coast.

Description : What scholarships/grants are available to a high-school student who wants to go on a 10 day trip to France and Italy to study art?

Last Answer : Ask the foreign language teachers or school curriculum guidance advisers.

Description : You've won an all-expenses-paid trip to anywhere in the world. Where are you going? Wait - there's a catch...

Last Answer : Ukraine. I am definitely familiar with the language, but the biggest factor in my decision would be seeing family that I miss.