What kinds of convertibles would you recommend buying?

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Answer :

As a tall person myself I found the Chrysler Sebring, available as a convertible and now called the 200, very roomy. I do not own one but rented one for a week when my car was in the shop.

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Last Answer : answer:It all up to the upholster that’s doing the install. It could good or bad. The stretch can be baggy. Should include all surfaces, armrest, console…. It will cost them a thousand dollars or more to do.

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Last Answer : I have bought a number of used cars. I would never buy any car that I knew needed work. I always buy a Toyota or Honda. They run forever.

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Last Answer : Do a lot of research online regarding pricing and financing. But, first decide what type of car is best for you.

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Last Answer : As I said to on an earlier new car question, we recently bought a Mazda CX5 GT. My husband is 6.2. It's very comfortable. Plenty of room in it. We also like to go on road trips, so we wanted ... have it because it's been so reliable. We're hoping this second Mazda performs as well as that one has.

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Last Answer : First, I set a price and look at all cars available in my budget. Then I weed out cars I don’t like the looks of. Then I research safety and gas mileage an how many recalls have been made on that make.

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Last Answer : answer:Silver/grey is an extremely popular color for most cars. There are some exceptions as certain cars have iconic colors, like red for Ferraris, or a special shade of blue for the Subaru WRX, but for ... ->grey->black spectrum with few (if any) other offerings. If you want blue, go Subaru :D

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Last Answer : answer:If you get a good warranty to go with it, it is not a bad thing. But you will want to take it to an independant mechanic to check out on your test drive, or hire a mechanic ... should run from without looking back. Without a decent knowledge base, telling one from the other can be tricky.

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Last Answer : It never hurts to ask for a discount, especially if you are placing stacks of $100 bills on the table. The closer to the end of the month the more likely they are to deal, they may be willing to take a loss in commission on your deal to make their perfomance bonus for the month.

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Last Answer : answer:A brand new car costs you thousands of dollars the minute you drive it off the property in lost appreciation. A used, very low mileage car is a much better deal. We have always bought the ... their price, we will buy here . Do your due diligence first. Look online and visit several places.

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Last Answer : Oh, I get to be first. Do not finance if you don’t have to. Full payment up front always gets the best deal.

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Last Answer : If you are looking for small commuter type vehicle with good gas mileage, go with Focus, Fiesta or something that size. Hybrids and pure battery powered vehicle require a HIGH DOLLAR battery at some ... Some of the companies will not offer an extended warranty on hybrids, what would that imply? ?

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Last Answer : Not the test drive to worry about. Take it to a GOOD mechanic and have the engine examined.

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Last Answer : answer:You shouldn't have any trouble with warranty repairs with the dealer (especially since they are doing the maintenance on the first 30K). If you have set aside a repair fund, you might not want an ... the warranty goes if you plan to keep the car. One AC compressor and you are out S2,000.

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Last Answer : Gosh, I’m glad you’re OK enough to be Fluthering! Sorry I can’t help you with the car question

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Last Answer : How about getting a 2008 Altima?

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Last Answer : Ask if it is okay to have your mechanic check it out. Then do it. A few bucks for a check can save you thousands. Also get a carfax report and be sure it has a clean history, no wrecks and was NOT near the south when Katrina hit.

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Last Answer : Here’s a calculator on Consumer Reports http://partners.leadfusion.com/leadfusion/consumerreports/auto03/tool.fcs

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Last Answer : answer:When you have determined the car you want, don't act/sound to eager to get into a deal. Ask a lot of questions, questions that you should research before going out to the lot. Read up ... other dealers out there that may be more accommodating than the one you are dealing with at the moment.

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Last Answer : Register to vote. That is legal proof of residency and easy (and important).

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Last Answer : I will need to wait and see what the price is, but yes, 100km on 1 liter of fuel sounds like a great buy for the enviroment

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Last Answer : I am sorry, but I have spent most of my life driving embarassing cars. I don't believe in car payments and I don't see why the appearance of my car should matter to anyone, especially if I am ... think of the tales you can tell your kids when they start hounding you for a car someday in the future.

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Last Answer : How about why is it salvaged? The title for my 92 Metro was stamped as salvaged after I was rear ended because the repair cost more than the value of the car. But, the car still ran fine. So, ... accident or is it the car that was parked behind yours? Which car was driven on to the tow truck?

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Last Answer : American made cars all the way. Although I have been tempted to buy foreign…I usually cop out and get a Ford. ^_^

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Last Answer : I start by listing my needs, then finding a car that meets (but does not greatly exceed) those needs. If I know I will be doing most of my traveling in the city, I look for a car that ... look at the features, certain features are necessary (PW, PS, PB) and certain are optional (cruise control).

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Last Answer : There can often be a pretty big difference between the agreed-upon price and the "out-the-door" price. The "out-the-door" price often includes tax, title, registration, and various other fees, depending ... full out-the-door cost. Make the sales person take account of the fees and such up front.

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Last Answer : for the most part, yes. although they do tend to have a lower fuel economy b/c of the way the chambers rotate

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Last Answer : www.hemmings.com and www.barrett-jackson.com If you are interested in a paticular mark then Google it and see if they have a local club. Local car shows Cruise the show and chat with the owners of what ... you want to get . They have a vast network of who has what and in what state of restoration.

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Last Answer : before you buy it ask the seller of the used car to take it to YOUR mechanic, if he is not willing to or it is “uninsured” or something see if a mechanic will come look at it for you, chances are if hes not willing to let you take it to a mechanic before you buy it its a POS.

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Last Answer : Honda Accord.

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Last Answer : My dad used to drive a Toyota Sienna for the longest time (it's a 7-seater mini van) and he has the same driving habits as you. A bunch of highway, a bunch of city and lots of cold weather up here ... 't want to spend a lot, so he got some Toyo all-season tires. He raves about them to this day.

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Last Answer : Holy crap. I just waxed my car with Turtle Wax Ice, and I can't tell you how amazing it is. I used to use just the regular old Turtle Wax (the stuff that dries to a white film), and it was good ... it was worth it. I lurve waxing my car. It is one of the things I look forward to every summer.

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Last Answer : By Borax and mix it with a little water into a thick paste for stubborn stains , into a runny liquid and into a trigger bottle for normal stains and general cleaning . Add lemon juice for freshness , or mix lemon juice with water into a trigger bottle and mist for fresh smells .

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Last Answer : Mazda 3!!!! If you feel you need a boring car, the corolla is a good option

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Last Answer : answer:I may be a little biased (I’m the owner), but I think The Garage is a pretty good shop! www.TheGarageSF.com Do your homework though and look us up on Yelp and Citysearch, etc.

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Last Answer : My check engine light it flashing. Its not just a solid yellow light

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Last Answer : Smog as in a combination of mist and fog?

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Last Answer : I don’t, but you could try your state insurance commissioner.

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Last Answer : It sounds like a great idea, hypothetically, but would it take as much as six seconds before it started to be abused? I’d vote a firm no against any such addition to motor vehicle technology.

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Last Answer : Just drive really, really fast, and try to make it in 4:55.

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Last Answer : Yes you can, sorry to say. Rule is don’t go anywhere in the winter with less than a half a tank of gas. Have blankets and snacks, maybe a couple bottles of water too!

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Last Answer : You could drive it.

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Last Answer : I would have the tire pressure checked, the oil, and battery charge. Also make sure you have gas. Welcome to Fluther!

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Last Answer : CarMax charges $19.99 for a vehicle history. If you are buying a car though Carmax, they give you a free report, but if you are just looking for the history of a specific car, you have to pay.

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Last Answer : I just gave you a “Great Question” upvote. I love your question, have no idea about the answer, and look forward to learning.

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Last Answer : No such thing as “best” – it depends on your needs, including: - your driving record – vehicle you drive – how many accidents have you been in? – number of miles you drive to and from work – your age and gender – your work record and so on. There is no one answer to your question

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Last Answer : Don't forget this experimental fifth wheel method installed on a 1951 Cadillac. It used the spare tire to do the job. And while we're on the subject jeck out these two designs. British ... while driving at speed would be disastrous. The negatives far outweigh the small benefit the system offers.

Description : Any car experts that can help me figure this out? -- What is this thing that broke in my car?

Last Answer : Just a thought…If nobody here can adequately name your part, could you take the part to a BMW dealer and ask a mechanic what the part is? They might be able to tell you right away.

Description : I think a business card slid down the side of my car window and is stuck down there, can I get it out?

Last Answer : Doors come apart to allow working on the window and lock mechanisms. Basically all the soft parts on the interior can be peeled open. If you don’t want to do that, I would forget it. Or have a pro do it. Without experience and the right tools, it’s hard to put it back together well.