Are you a Buyer, a Doer, or a Maker?

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Answer :

All of the above, but mostly a buyer the last handful of years. In my younger years I made a lot of neat stuff, birdhouses, ornaments, etc. Now it’s for that front door gift delivery that saves time, fuel, and being out in vast herds of human Buffalos bulldozing their way through the china shops. lol

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Description : What are good gifts for a real estate agent who is going above and beyond for you, the buyer?

Last Answer : Honestly, your business. They will usually gift something to you for using them if they get a sale. They also hope you will recommend them to others in your position so of they are going above and ... Using a buyers agent is a smart thing to do because it's not usually costing the buyer anything.

Description : How do you do your Christmas/Chanukah/holiday shopping? Are you a planner and list maker or a spontaneous buyer?

Last Answer : I do not.

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Last Answer : The feminine form of the word ' karta ' is kartri.

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Last Answer : yes From Something Deviated , accepted , born , abstained , initiated , removed, Protected Is And Which See Someone Scared Yes , him Apadan The doer Says.

Last Answer : verb Editing Tomorrow , time And Aadhaar Adjudication The doer Says.

Description : Describe the role of Mr. Lal as a 'doer' in the organization. 

Last Answer : Ans: Mr. Lal was a Doer' when he started the organization. He used to do everything including coding, system architecture, accounting, administration, back office work or business development. As ... the nuances of the business. His Doer phase help him in understanding higher management thoughts. 

Description : Do you have any interesting/sweet sympathy gift ideas?

Last Answer : You can send a chocolate, or fruit, gift basket. Or ask if she needs anything; Like a maid service, or a delicious casserole dish? Or you can pay for an extra long distance phone call? Or let her ... house until she gets on her feet? Sorry for not being helpful. I don't handle death and loss well.

Description : What sort of company makes wrapping paper with Titanic printed on it?

Last Answer : Like this = = = >

Description : Do you honor birthdays with charitable giving requests?

Last Answer : Yeah no.

Description : What do you call giving a card to someone?

Last Answer : I call giving a card to someone, giving a card to someone. But from your Details, you seem not to mean that. You mean, what would one call a card that one gives as a gift, but that is not a pre-paid money card for a company? I expect the term you are looking for is greeting card .

Description : How long do you keep birthday, Christmas cards for?

Last Answer : i use them as fire starters in my wood stove after Little Christmas

Description : What is the best or most favorite gift you have ever received?

Last Answer : My mom gave me the best sweaters, very warm and comfortable.

Description : What should I buy for a house warming gift?

Last Answer : A furnace?

Description : After a divorce or a major breakup, what have you done with any valuable gifts, such as jewelry?

Last Answer : I have kept all the stuff that I/we shared when we were still together and I relish them as reminders, remembrances of how it was. Some I still take with me on travels, as good luck charms (also ... people, other than my then partner). I should add that my ex partner and myself are friends, still.

Description : Should I give something else to the neighbors for helping with the snow?

Last Answer : How did they react to the wine? Personally, I think I would leave it at the wine and if there is another big snow storm, give them the restaurant cards if they come around again.

Description : What toys, gadgets or games did you get this holiday season?

Last Answer : Well, my dad’s wife sent us this clever foil pan container.. It has a hinged lid with a clear top so you can see the food. It lets you transport food in the pans that would otherwise be unwieldy. And you can stack them. I think I’ll get some more!

Description : Have you received anything from other jellies and if so what?

Last Answer : I got a computer virus from a jellys nsfw link.

Description : What is a reasonable amount to give as a wedding gift?

Last Answer : It depends on the giver…...there are no rules.

Description : Which is the most valuable gift / award you have received so far?

Last Answer : I hate gifts. They too often reflect what others think you like, and that is limiting. However, my Mom bought me a gift a few years before she died that is quite precious to me. It is a replica of the Maltese Falcon. It’s the stuff dreams are made of.

Description : Can you help with a gift idea?

Last Answer : Do you know any of her hobbies or your mom might have interacted with her might know what she likes? Have you met her outside or at home which can also give some clue what kind of art she likes etc ... what you're looking for. She might be thrilled to hear that and agree to help you with your cause.

Description : What should I give my sister for her birthday in December?

Last Answer : From a female person who also has a birthday in December: Whatever you get her, make it NOT something from the Christmas Gifts section at your local big box store. At 13, you can't go wrong with ... anything related to that would be cool - I'm thinking throw blankets, pillow cases, t-shirts, etc.

Description : For someone's 75th birthday, what might serve as a symbolic or virtual diamond?

Last Answer : 75, $1 scratch lotto tickets. No mess and minimum clean up. You might find a diamond or playing card theme.

Description : What are the things that you give as gifts frequently?

Last Answer : Depends. I usually give people gift cards to their favorite stores. Back in the day, I’d give perfume to female friends, gag gifts to buds. Pretty much limit my gift giving to family these days, too damn expensive. And after Christmas, my credit card is usually maxed out well into the New Year.

Description : What can I buy her for the new theater room in her home?

Last Answer : One of these would be fun, especially if there are kids, grandkids around. I had the 7 footer in my TV room, it was sooo comfy. These are filled with foam not beads.

Description : What is the most ungrateful anyone has been to you or someone else?

Last Answer : The girls in my school who think it's no big deal to break a 200$ phone. They assume their parents will just buy a new one right away. Spoiled and ungrateful. Also, the girls who get all pissy ... they were given an older phone. I know kids who still have a flip phone and they don't complain.

Description : Why do people say, "I'll never take it off" then do it anyway?

Last Answer : answer:People say those words figuratively, not literally. What the person's expressing is, I'll always treasure this item, or, This gift is very dear to me. I'm with you, @Aster. I think ... like that, excessive words such as, I'll never take it off! are likely to be interpreted literally.

Description : What will you bring to the ask-public White Elephant Holiday gift exchange?

Last Answer : I’ll bring it. I have The Beach Boys on vinyl. I think it’s a ‘best of’ album. I’d check but it’s in the bedroom and Jon is sleeping. It was one of my mother’s favorites.

Description : Searching for a small piece of jewelry that depicts a man and woman dancing, preferably a pin. Do you know a source?

Last Answer : Perhaps this will work?

Description : What is the most disappointing gift you have ever been given?

Last Answer : Yes, the “gift” of life! Nothing more tragically disappointing!

Description : What is an appropriate amount of money to send for graduation gifts?

Last Answer : It depends on how well I know them and like them. If I barely know them, I’d send $35. If I know them and like them, anywhere from $50 to $100. That’s just me, and that’s based on what I can afford. If you can’t afford that, you have to work within your budget.

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Last Answer : upgrade your pc and buy xcom 2

Description : What do you want Santa to bring you this year?

Last Answer : Photo ID

Description : Do you re-gift gifts that are given to you that you don't like or want?

Last Answer : I never do that, if it is a gift for special occasion like my birthday. That’s disrespectful to the giver. But if the gift is just casually given to me, and if it’s of little value, like a pen, I may give it away.

Description : Any ideas for a wedding gift?

Last Answer : How about a gift certificate for a stay at a bed and breakfast that they could go to on a random weekend?

Description : Would you give used garage/rummage sale item as a gift to a loved one? Would you tell them?

Last Answer : Depends on what the item is, if it’s a toaster probably not, but some rare hard to find item sure I would have no problem telling them where I got it.

Description : Where can I find an authentic, military issue boonie hat?

Last Answer : Try adding BDU to your search terms and you may have more luck.

Description : Birthday gifts for 11 year old girls?

Last Answer : Boardgames, books, gift coupons

Description : What is a good hostess gift for vegan friends?

Last Answer : Organic chocolate? Does sit need to be food related? Why not flowers or wine or soaps?

Description : For guys/ gals in America, what would you give to a friend from another country as a present?

Last Answer : Consider it be one of your closest friends and you really want to give him something very thoughtful and meaningful and would impress him/her a lot.

Description : How do you nicely return a gift?

Last Answer : Sure sell on ebay.

Description : Parents - did I do the right thing?

Last Answer : I sure hope there is nothing wrong with this. A kid comes by to help a neighbor shovel and candy is provided. What could possibly be wrong with this? It’s a win/win.

Description : How would you feel if you got a modest box of chocolates from your Valentine on Valentines day...?

Last Answer : I would be happy. Does not matter to me.

Description : How to respond when people don't say thank you?

Last Answer : answer:Good Aunt A question for their parents, if it really needs to be addressed. Gifts past 18 are unnecessary. I would have stopped at 12, before the teens ever started. Perhaps now, a simple phone ... year. Then share that hope with them. Doesn't mean you have to make their hopes come true.

Description : Fun Question: Can anyone recommend a great Whiskey or Bourbon for under $100?

Last Answer : Well, how much do you want to give him?

Description : What does this odd Christmas gift mean?

Last Answer : It’s hard to buy gifts for people you don’t know well. It might be simply re-gifting something he had on hand. Regardless, I would assume the best, that he wanted to give you something.

Description : Was Christmas up to your expectations?

Last Answer : answer:My expectations were zero, so yeah, I'm pretty fulfilled. Christmas dinner is on Saturday and my home made noodles came out beautifully today. I always remember the time that the girl who ... and they had glommed into a solid mass Merry Christmas @marinelife! Thanks for all you do here.

Description : Should I be giving presents to the kids I babysit?

Last Answer : I think that if you give to one child/family, you should give to both. Especially if you know that the kids will talk about what they received from you.

Description : Do you have to pay tax on expensive Christmas gifts in Canada?

Last Answer : Nope, no tax.

Description : What will be the best and unique birthday gift for mom?

Last Answer : answer:Assuming you are not a spammer – somewhat unlikely – the question is impossible to answer. We have no idea what your mom likes. Is she a clothes horse? Does she like arts and crafts? Does she read books? Does she listen to music? Give us some guidance, not a URL.