Did Lando Calrissian ever get in trouble for wrecking the Millennium Falcon's deflector dish?

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Answer :

He promised not a scratch.

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Last Answer : answer:I would think it was like a porridge. Maybe a vegetable stew. Kale perhaps. Mmmm, there is no try. Only taste in kitchen of Yoda.

Description : What do you think of this fan-made lightsabre fight?

Last Answer : Bruce Lee is the quintessential lightsaber artist.

Description : In the Star Wars battle of Yavin why didn't all the survivors get medals?

Last Answer : It would turn the medals into “participation trophies.” This was the 70’s and we couldn’t have that shit back then.

Description : When young Anakin Skywalker told Master Yoda that he was cold could it actually be because he was acclimated to the desert planet Tatooine and was actually cold and not part of the dark side?

Last Answer : No. He felt the cold that was the dark side of the force, and he knew from which direction the cold came.

Description : What are the things in Star Wars episodes 7 and 8 you didn’t like?

Last Answer : 7 and 8 are The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. I loved 7 (and Rogue One) and really did not like The Last Jedi. It was like a convention for Star Wars superfans, with the constant references to the other movies and Luke worship. I like new stories.

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Last Answer : She was the secretly adopted daughter of Bail Organa, a member of the royal family of Alderaan, and the secret daughter of Queen Amidala of Naboo. She is a princess of both families.

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Last Answer : It's just fun. Enjoy it, don't overthink it. Laugh at the silly parts, gasp at the exciting parts, enjoy the effects, and most importantly, PAY NO ATTENTION to the people who will tell you how ... Go to town, have a binge weekend, make some great snacks, and settle in for an iconic film experience!

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Last Answer : answer:Seriously, 4, 5, 6, 7. And skip the rest as a waste of time. (I am watching Empire Strikes Back as I answer this question.)

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Last Answer : It is protected by residual dark force from the divine emperor palpatine.

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Last Answer : Whatever someone hired him to smuggle. I doubt he was real selective about cargo.

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Last Answer : First and foremost, he was dead.

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Last Answer : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA And Obi Wan Kenobi is a Gungan

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Last Answer : thanks

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Last Answer : Reminds me of Power Rangers and how Rita always sends putties after the rangers. Thing is those putties have to be the most useless fodder I’ve ever seen.

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Last Answer : answer:_In the rough draft of A New Hope, Leia was roughly 13 - 15-year-old princess (the same age as Padmé Amidala in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace), the spoiled daughter of King Kayos and ... , I don't recall her ever claiming to be a princess. It was always a title bestowed by others.

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Last Answer : I liked it but I need time to adjust. I will wait for it to go to TV. Good to see that Han Solo and Harrison Ford survived his plane crash.

Description : Attention Star Wars fans: trailer for episode 7 The Force Awakens released today! What do you think?

Last Answer : meh

Description : Who are the actors who played Darth Vader?

Last Answer : The unmasked Vader was played by Sebastian Shaw, he was seen again in the Ewok village in spirit form, but was replaced by Hayden Christensen in the remastered version, made more sense.

Description : Why wasn't princess Leia executed immediately?

Last Answer : Because she knew where the plans for the death star were and Vader wants to get them back before the rebels work out how to blow the thing up.

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Last Answer : Not hard enough hit to cut the whole arm I reckon. : )

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Last Answer : I liked the prequels a lot more than most people I know. Yes, Jar Jar is an embarrassment, but the films do add to the original series. I recently showed the movies to my grandson for the first time. ... (done once before as a space movie, with John Boy and Lorne Green in Battle Beyond The Stars ).

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Last Answer : answer:Luke's hand was recovered and used by a clone of C'baoth to create the clone Luuke Skywalker. The problem with clones are that they are often very unstable and go quite crazy as well as ... being cloned in to replace lost limbs. It's always some form of prosthetic. Not really sure why.

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Last Answer : answer:According to this: http://www.quartertothree.com/game-talk/showthread.php?t=24080 as well as other sites I have looked at, it seems like they don't exist as you say. However, I could be easily ... no official DVD release, then it's a guarantee you won't find any Blue-Ray copies. Sorry :/

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Last Answer : “Blane’s not a name. It’s a major appliance.”

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Last Answer : I thought he was THE biggest weenie in the new Star Wars movies, but in my eyes he redeemed himself with his performance in Shattered Glass.

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Last Answer : answer:I will watch this Q. I love a good nerdfight! That said, I go with Luke being more worthless.

Description : Why didn't Chewbacca get a medal at the end of Star Wars?

Last Answer : answer:Where would they pin it? Oh, wait. They weren’t pinned, they were placed around the neck. Maybe in Wookie culture it is rude to put things around others’ necks?

Description : Who is your favorite Star Wars character?

Last Answer : answer:I have only seen the first one (episode 4), so I have to say… Ummm… R2D2, does that guy count? He was awesome :3 Scratch that, just found out about the infamous special-that-shall-not-be-named. Lumpawarrump is my new favorite.

Description : How would Fox News spin the Galactic Empire's actions in Star Wars?

Last Answer : “We need the death star to protect ourselves from the rebels, they hate us for our freedom!”.

Description : In Star Wars, why is the bartender at the Mos Isley spaceport cantina so hostile ("we don't serve their kind here") towards C3PO and R2-D2?

Last Answer : Probably just to show that even a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, racism still exists.

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Last Answer : “Hyperdrive” is how they referred to their faster-than-light technology in that series. It’s just a portable version for small fighters.

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Last Answer : “Trying” accepts the option that there might be failure. “Do” or “Do not” means that there can be no failure, only choice.

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Last Answer : That someone could screw up 3 amazing films with 3 completely shit films. It’s beyond comprehension.

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Last Answer : Brilliant in parts, bad in others -like all of ‘em. old school sw nerd since 1977

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Last Answer : I played SWG for three years..wow! pre CU…been a long since I heard that term.. I was on Sunrunner…you?

Description : Star Wars expanded universe: do you like it?

Last Answer : The first book after RotJ is Truce at Bakura. But you might also be interested in Shadows of the Empire, which occurs in between ESB and RotJ. If you want to jump straight into the New Jedi Order ... that if you read the New Jedi Order series, you should also read Rogue Planet at some point).

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Last Answer : We had a weekend long marathon and watched it in chronological story order. It was kind of strange for my husband and I, but the kids enjoyed it that way.

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Last Answer : haha what is your name?

Description : In RETURN OF THE JEDI, is the new Death Star 100% brand new, or is it built from the remains of the death star we saw destroyed in STAR WARS?

Last Answer : the first Death Star was obliterated at the end of “A New Hope”. that’s clearly shown. the real question is: how did it take 20 or so years to build the first one (remember, we see it being built at the end of Ep3), but like what – a year to build a bigger, badder one?

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Last Answer : answer:If they do I am going to listen to my parents and take my psychology degree and get the hell out of Hollywood. George Lucas has exploited his creativity to the point of draught and there is no rain in sight.

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Last Answer : answer:Get frozen in carbonite and convince your younger naive friend into using her help for your rescue. The plus side is you'll get to see her in a metal bikini. Now for the serious Explain to her that ... it on being a geek, it will be more endearing than insulting. Sorry, I'm on the iPhone.

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Last Answer : answer:ely5 of the planet Methadone Methadone is taking “a little liberty”.

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Last Answer : answer:Is warp speed an absolute or a relative number? In other words, could a different ship (or celestial body, or whatever) go faster than warp speed? If it’s a relative speed, then having the deflector might well be useful.

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Last Answer : The most commonly used null deflector in a power frequency ac bridge is a: Vibration galvanometer.

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Last Answer : Need answer

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Last Answer : Rufter is the traditional European falconry term for a trapping hood. The purpose of a hood is to calm the bird. These birds are so visually oriented that they are not fearful of what they cannot see.

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Last Answer : Peregrine falcons have adapted to living in many cities and make use of tall buildings that provide suitable ledges for nesting and depend on the large populations of pigeons and starlings in cities for food. They dive and catch their prey in mid-air. Peregrines have few natural predators.

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Last Answer : Trichomoniasis

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Last Answer : One way I have heard of is to get the dealer to take the car in trade in and add the current loan on the back of a new loan. Longer payments, but lower amounts and most likely lower interest.