Tritrichomonas gallinae in falcons cause a disease known as
A. Canke
B. Frounce
C. Both
D. Trichomoniasis

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Description : ritrichomonas gallinae in pigeon f cause a disease known as D A. Canker B. Frounce C. Both D. Trichomoniasis

Last Answer : Trichomoniasis

Description : Tritrichomonas foetus is transmitted by D A. Canker B. Frounce C. Both D. Trichomoniasis

Last Answer : Trichomoniasis

Description : Which of the following is not a sexually transmitted disease? (a) Trichomoniasis (b) Encephalitis (c) Syphilis (d) Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome

Last Answer : (b) Encephalitis

Description : Goniocotes gallinae is known as A A. Fluff louse B. Shaft louse C. Wing louse D. None

Last Answer : Fluff louse

Description : Tritrichomonas foetus infections in cows usually self-heal within C A. 2 weeks B. 4 weeks C. 2 months D. 3 months

Last Answer : 2 months

Description : Did Lando Calrissian ever get in trouble for wrecking the Millennium Falcon's deflector dish?

Last Answer : He promised not a scratch.

Description : How often do peregrine falcons have babies?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : Why do peregrine falcons wear hoods?

Last Answer : Rufter is the traditional European falconry term for a trapping hood. The purpose of a hood is to calm the bird. These birds are so visually oriented that they are not fearful of what they cannot see.

Description : What does the peregrine falcons habitat need to survive?

Last Answer : Peregrine falcons have adapted to living in many cities and make use of tall buildings that provide suitable ledges for nesting and depend on the large populations of pigeons and starlings in cities for food. They dive and catch their prey in mid-air. Peregrines have few natural predators.

Description : Menopon gallinae is_______ of birds A A. Shaft louse B. Wing louse C. Head louse D. None of abov

Last Answer : Shaft louse

Description : Which of the following species does not inhabit the gastro-intestinal tract C A. T. gallinae B. T. anatis C. Tt. equi D. T. tenax

Last Answer : Tt. equi

Description : Trichomoniasis?

Last Answer : DefinitionTrichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the parasite Trichomonas vaginalis.Alternative NamesTrichomonas vaginitis; TrichCauses, incidence, and risk factorsTrichomoniasis is found ... inner thighsVaginal discharge (thin, greenish-yellow, frothy or foamy)Vaginal i

Description : Drug of choice against Trichomoniasis is A A. Metronidazole B. Tinidazole C. Paramomycin D. furazolidone

Last Answer : Metronidazole

Description : The use of latex or polyurethane condoms during vaginal intercourse can prevent the transmission of A A. Trichomoniasis B. Amoebiasis C. Trypanosomiasis D. Giardiasis

Last Answer : Trichomoniasis

Description : Trichomoniasis can be diagnosed by D A. Whiff test B. Polymerase chain reaction C. Wet mount D. All above

Last Answer : All above

Description : Metronidazole is the drug of choice for A A. Amoebiasis B. Trypanosomiasis C. Giardiasis D. Trichomoniasis

Last Answer : Amoebiasis

Description : Women complaining of milky whitish discharge with fishy odour. No history of itching. Most likely diagnosis is: a) Bacterial vaginosis. b) Trichomoniasis. c) Candidiasis. d) Malignancy. e) Urinary tract infection.

Last Answer : a) Bacterial vaginosis.

Description : Which of the following diseases is a chronic, degenerative, progressive disease of the central nervous system characterized by the occurrence of small patches of demyelination in the brain and ... the central nervous system characterized by spongiform degeneration of the gray matter of the brain.

Last Answer : a) Multiple sclerosis The cause of MS is not known and the disease affects twice as many women as men.