What is mean by power switching devices?

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Answer :

Power switching devices means like BJT, power MOSFET, SCR, TRIAC, GTO etc.

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Description : Explain the concept of initial and final conditions in switching for L and C.

Last Answer : i) Inductor: The current through an inductor cannot change instantly. If the inductor current is zero just before switching, then whatever may be the applied voltage, just after switching the inductor ... open-circuit.  The initial and final conditions are summarized in following table:

Description : Switching of a lamp in house produces noise in the radio. This is because switching operation produces?

Last Answer : Switching of a lamp in house produces noise in the radio. This is because switching operation produces arcs across separating contacts.

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Last Answer : Answer :Keyboards, Floppy disk are the examples of input devices. Printer, LED / LCD display, CRT Monitor are the examples of output devices.

Description : What arc the errors occurring in measuring devices due to stray magnetic field and temp '? Explain how to compensate them.

Last Answer : 1. Error due to stray magnetic fields-   Main magnetic field gets disturbed by external magnetic fields known as stray magnetic fields.  2. Compensation technique   To avoid this error, ... resistance alloy having a negligible resistance temp coefficient in the ratio of 1:10 for pressure coil 

Description : What are the disadvantages of the linear regulator? how are they overcome in the switching regulator? What is continuous and discontinuous mode switching regulator?

Last Answer : Disadvantages of the linear regulator: Linear regulator waste power in the form of heat. Linear regulator has very low efficiency. Linear regulator cannot be used for the step ... between continuous mode and discontinuous mode switching regulator.

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Last Answer : Gate Turn Off Thyristor (GTO) Conventional Thyristor can be turned on with gate terminal but can not turn off from gate terminal. But in case of Gate Turn Off Thyristor (GTO), we can turn it on and off ... subdivided as storage period (Ts), fall period (Tp) and tail period (Tt).

Description : A waveguide termination having VSWR of 1.1 is used to dissipate 100 watts of power. The reflected power will be A) 0.2268 W B) 0.5868 W C) 0.3468 W D) 0.4568 W 

Last Answer : A waveguide termination having VSWR of 1.1 is used to dissipate 100 watts of power. The reflected power will be 0.2268 W

Description : The total power of an AM transmitter having a carrier power of 50 W and the percentage of modulation at 80% is A) 50 W B) 66 W C) 68 W D) 70 W 

Last Answer : The total power of an AM transmitter having a carrier power of 50 W and the percentage of modulation at 80% is 66 W

Description : A snubber circuit is connected to the power semiconductor device to reduce the (A) turn-on time (B) turn-off time (C) electrical stresses (D) thermal resistance

Last Answer : A snubber circuit is connected to the power semiconductor device to reduce the electrical stresses

Description : The resolving power of a spectrometer consisting of collimator, a grating and a telescope can be increased by (A) increasing the angular magnification of the telescope (B) increasing the period of the ... (C) decreasing the period of the grating (D) decreasing the slit-width of the collimator

Last Answer : The resolving power of a spectrometer consisting of collimator, a grating and a telescope can be increased by decreasing the period of the grating

Description : What are the types of power losses in inductor?

Last Answer : Copper losses, Eddy current loss, and hysteresis loss are the types of power losses in inductor.

Last Answer : MOSFET have high current losses due to High on state resistance. Hence MOSFET is used for low power applications.

Description : An SSB transmitter produces a peak-to-peak voltage of 200 V across a 100 Ω antenna load. What is the Peak Envelope Power? A) 49.98 W B) 79.98 W C) 99.96 W D) 199.93 W

Last Answer : An SSB transmitter produces a peak-to-peak voltage of 200 V across a 100 Ω antenna load. What is the Peak Envelope Power? A) 49.98 W B) 79.98 W C) 99.96 W D) 199.93 W

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Last Answer : Power is a big deal here, especially in winter. At various times power has been out for weeks and is very dangerous.

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Last Answer : Watt’s Law may hold the answer you seek. (W = Watts (power), I = Amps, E = volts) W = E x I, E = W/I, I = W/E. 746 Watts = 1 horsepower.

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Last Answer : edited by me.

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Last Answer : TYPES AND APPLICATIONS Presently PVC and XLPE cables are being used in electrical installations. The discussion is restricted to these two types only. The voltage ratings covered are up to and including ... short time overload up to 120°C and, In systems having higher short circuit levels.

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Last Answer : Ans. Incandescent Lamp The incandescent lamp is the oldest electric light source still in general use.The incandescent lamp produces its light by the electrical heating of a wire (the filament ... The heat in the heating coil causes expansion in the thermostat which gradually disconnects the supply.

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Last Answer : Ans. Power factor means ratio of true power to apparent power. It is cosine of phase angle between voltage and current. Its value is 1 for Unity P.F. Loads, 0 to 1 lagging for inductive loads and o to 1 leading for capacitive loads.

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Last Answer : Ans The following formula is used for calculating the BHP capacity of the pump. Q H/4500 = in horse power i.e., P = Discharge in Liters/minute H= Head in Meters


Last Answer : 1) MCB is used in circuits for Overload protection. True or False Ans True 2) We can improve the earth resistance by packing common salt charcoal & water. (True or False) Ans True 3) Silica gel used ... False 15) Shorting of power diode test to be conducted at full load. (True or false) Ans True

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Last Answer : 1) The process of removing heat from low temperature level and rejecting at high temperature is called. REFRIGERATION. 2) Any substances for change of its state at constant temperature absorbs/give up heat is ... ) The capacity of alternator, batteries & fans in TL coach are 4.5KW, 120Ah & 35W.

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Last Answer : 1 W - Watts 2 KW - Kilowatts 3 KWH - Kilowatt Hour 4 KVA - Kilo Volt Amps 5 KVAR - Kilo Volt Ampers Reactive 6 H.P. - Horse Power 7 A.H. - Ampere Hours 8 P.F. - Power Factor 9 R.P.M. - ... L.T.U.G - Low Tension Under Ground 36 P.V.C. - Poly Vinly Chloride 37 H.R.C. - High Rapturing Capacity

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Last Answer : 1) Turbine pumps are used up to a suction head of ( b ) a. 1000 ft. c. 20 ft b. 100 ft d. 50 ft 2) The yard stick for provision of Electrical points in staff quarters can be changed by the Zonal railways ... is used for electrical fire ( b ) a. Water c. Foam b. Co2 & dry powder d. None of the above

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