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Description : Can I reset the regulator on my gas grill?

Last Answer : Sounds like the burner is not getting enough air, try cleaning the port where the air and gas mix. Look for little creepy crawlers in the port.

Description : How are public access e-scooters and e-bikes that are scattered all over the city maintained?

Last Answer : They’ve been very controversial. There are lots of articles on rental scooters that you’ll find if you google them. But yes, people do collect them at night and recharge them as contractors to the rental companies, if the scooters haven’t been stripped, dismantled, or thrown into a body of water.

Description : What can I do to protect my XBox 360?

Last Answer : the red rings come from overheating. When it gets hot to the touch or you hear the inner fan working overtime, take a break. Also, you can buy an intercooler fan that plugs on the back for about $15 at gamestop.

Description : Is there a good way of removing scratches from glass?

Last Answer : answer: There you go!

Description : Batteries Maintenance –

Last Answer : a) Specific gravity. b) Voltage/Cell. ON Load/OFF Load(2.2V when fully charged and 1.8 when fully discharged.

Description : Explain Briefing the half yearly schedule maintenance of OH mains?

Last Answer : Ans. "(a) Check all the jumper connections (b) Check any connections of the strands of the conductor (c ) Check and ensure proper earth connection (d) Check proper fixation of insulators, stay wires, guard wires, etc. (e) Check proper tensioning and connection of service wires."

Description : What are the schedule maintenance to be carried out OH mains & UG Cables?

Last Answer : Ans. Following are the schedule to be maintained of HO mains and UG cables. a. OH mains – Every Half yearly b. UG.Cables – Every Yearly. During those schedules, for OH, Guarding condition of insulators, sag in OH line are to be checked for UG cables, cables are to be beggared for their IR values.

Description : What are the maintenance schedules of a pumping station and type of starters?

Last Answer : Ans. Following are maintenance schedule of the pumping installation: Switch gear in every quarter and the motor & pump section every half yearly. Starters are DOL starter, star delta starter, Auto T/F starter.

Description : What are the schedules of maintenance done on transformers?

Last Answer : Ans. Following are the schedules of maintenance on transformers. a. Daily maintenance. b. Monthly maintenance. c. Quarterly maintenance. d. Half yearly maintenance. e. Yearly maintenance. f. 5 Yearly maintenance.


Last Answer : 1) MCB is used in circuits for Overload protection. True or False Ans True 2) We can improve the earth resistance by packing common salt charcoal & water. (True or False) Ans True 3) Silica gel used ... False 15) Shorting of power diode test to be conducted at full load. (True or false) Ans True

Description : Power Maintenance FILL IN THE BLANKS

Last Answer : 1) The process of removing heat from low temperature level and rejecting at high temperature is called. REFRIGERATION. 2) Any substances for change of its state at constant temperature absorbs/give up heat is ... ) The capacity of alternator, batteries & fans in TL coach are 4.5KW, 120Ah & 35W.

Description : Power Maintenance ABBREVIATIONS

Last Answer : 1 W - Watts 2 KW - Kilowatts 3 KWH - Kilowatt Hour 4 KVA - Kilo Volt Amps 5 KVAR - Kilo Volt Ampers Reactive 6 H.P. - Horse Power 7 A.H. - Ampere Hours 8 P.F. - Power Factor 9 R.P.M. - ... L.T.U.G - Low Tension Under Ground 36 P.V.C. - Poly Vinly Chloride 37 H.R.C. - High Rapturing Capacity

Description : Power Maintenance MCQ

Last Answer : 1) Turbine pumps are used up to a suction head of ( b ) a. 1000 ft. c. 20 ft b. 100 ft d. 50 ft 2) The yard stick for provision of Electrical points in staff quarters can be changed by the Zonal railways ... is used for electrical fire ( b ) a. Water c. Foam b. Co2 & dry powder d. None of the above

Description : Septic System Maintenance

Last Answer : Nobody is interested in thinking about what happens when someone forgets to clean his or her septic system in the backyard. We don't need to tell you either. Not draining and cleaning your septic ... its regular cleaning schedule you don't have to worry about the system breaking down anytime soon.

Description : Maintenance and Care: How to clean your Vacuum Cleaner

Last Answer : Maintenance and Care: How to clean your Vacuum Cleaner There are numerous ways to clean your vacuum cleaner, depending on the brand (manufacturer) and design. However, it is best to ... will bother your work area. Remember, safety considerations are important to prevent any unwanted accidents.

Description : Explain on-line maintenance of Rotameter. 

Last Answer : On line maintenance of Rotameter: In a chemical plant, it is a normal practice to do on line maintenance work. This avoids total shutdown of the equipment or plant. This is possible, if proper ... . Thus it is possible to attend maintenance jobs in the line without stopping the production.

Description : Explain functions and responsibilities of maintenance department.  

Last Answer : Functions and duties of plant maintenance department 1)Inspection 2)Engineering 3) Maintenance 4) Repair 5) Overhaul 6)Construction 7) Salvage 8) Clerical work 1)Inspection: i) Inspection of ... , ii) of time progress on jobs pertaining to important features of building and production equipment.

Description : Give procedure for doing safety audit. Explain records to be examined during safety audit. 

Last Answer : Procedure of safety Auditing : Safety audit is carried out by a team whose members are not involved in the plant or activity being audited. The expertise of the team should be compatible with ... . Maintenance procedure records. 14. House keeping inspection records. 15. Record of previous audits.

Description : Describe the sampling technique for petrochemical industry. 

Last Answer : Sampling technique for petrochemical industry: In the petrochemical industry, representative samples of liquid petroleum gas and other high vapor pressure gases and liquids are needed for process monitoring, ... quality, protect plant assets, and keep operators, the public and the environment safe.

Description : Explain factories Act 1948 with respect to (i) General duties of occupier (ii) Approval, licencing and registration of factories (iii) Duties of the inspector. 

Last Answer : Factories Act 1948: (i) General duties of occupier:  (1) Every occupier shall ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of all workers while they ... be compelled under this section to answer any question or give any evidence tending to incriminate himself.

Description : Explain safe work place layout in industry. 

Last Answer : Safe work place layout in industry: 1. The layout should be such that every workman has enough space to move and operate. 2. The minimum distance between each equipment should be 75 ... each major hazard. 8. Equipment within process unit should be located with due consideration to potential hazard.

Description : Explain objectives of safety audit.  

Last Answer : Objectives of safety audit: Objectives are: 1. To provide the safe working place to every working staff and management. 2. To identify different level of hazards in each working place ... and correct safety impediments which may result in personal injuries, property damage or business interruption.

Description : Explain breakdown maintenance. Give any two disadvantages of it.  

Last Answer : Breakdown maintenance: This method of maintenance implies that repairs are made after the equipment is out of order and it cannot perform its normal function any longer. In such situation, ... those plant items which are regulated by statutory provision eg. Cranes, lifts, and pressure vessels.

Description : Give safety measures adopted in fertilizer industry.  

Last Answer : Education and personal hygiene PPE and safety showers Process segregation Heat insulation and careful operation handling Probably handle mechanization and automation Proper ventilation Pipe line and storage tank precaution specially ammonia storage  Catalyst handling and storage

Description : Explain information derived from Hazard Analysis (HAZAN).

Last Answer : Information derived from HAZAN: It is the operation in which initial study is done to determine Hazard, effect and its causes. e.g. Manufacturing of product using electricity Hazard could be assumed as ... system cause the accident for storage reactor, pipe line, vessel 3) Find out the initial event

Description : Explain the steps to build a safety strategic plan. 

Last Answer : Steps to build a safety strategic plan: 1. Decide the mission and long range objectives of an organization 2. Collect and analyses the related information of mission, objectives and challenges 3 ... and environmental crisis that can be faced in future. 5. Implement and control the alternative

Description : Explain causes of accident. 

Last Answer : Causes of accident:  Causes of accident in an industry:  1. Technical causes. These are due to un safe condition which is originated from a) Mechanical factors b) Environmental ... vi) Lack of skill and knowledge. vii)Improper attitude towards work viii)Carelessness ix) Inattentiveness.

Description : Explain safety failures which caused Bhopal tragedy. 

Last Answer : Safety failures which caused Bhopal tragedy: 1.During the leakage of methyl Isocynate from the storage tanks of union carbide the water sprayers of the industry was not in working conditions. 2. ... Gas scrubbers were not in working condition. 5. Absence of occupiers in industry at that situation.

Description : Explain preventive maintenance. 

Last Answer : Preventive maintenance: It is a system of scheduled, planned maintenance tries to minimize the problem of breakdown maintenance. It is a stich- in- time procedure. It locates weak spots in all equipment ... 8. Lower unit cost of manufacture. 9. Increased equipment life. 10. Better product quality.

Description : Define hazard. Name different types of hazard.

Last Answer : Hazard: A hazard in anything in the work place that has the potential to harm people. It includes objects in the workplace such as machinery or dangerous chemicals. Types of hazards : 1) Mechanical ... 3) Noise hazards 4) Radiation hazards 5) Explosion hazards 6) Toxic hazards 7) Chemical hazards

Description : Explain events leading to flixborough industrial disaster. 

Last Answer : Events leading to flixborough industrial disaster: The plant at Flixborough produced the raw materials for nylon. The disaster happened during the processing of cyclohexane - a highly inflammable component liquid - when a ... simplest form it's a bit like throwing water on to a burning chip pan." 

Description : Give the steps involved in accident investigation. 

Last Answer : Steps involved in accident investigation: 1. Provide first aid and/or medical care to the injured persons and take action to prevent further injury or damage. This is the first priority. ... the effectiveness of the corrective actions taken. 9. Make adjustments as needed to continue to improve.

Description : Explain Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (FEMA). 

Last Answer : Failure Modes and Effective Analysis (FMEA): FMEA is a design tool used to systematically analyze component failure and identify the resultant effects on system operations. It is a systematic way of identifying ... 4. Human errors are not considered It considers only one failure mode at a time.

Description : Describe the process of safety planning. 

Last Answer : Process of safety planning: The steps of planning are: 1. Identify problems 2. Establish objectives or goals 3. Develop planning premises(eg. Land, labour, capital, market, money, time, production, ... . Select a course of action 7. Formulate derivative (final) plan and sub pland as per need.

Description : Name types of maintenance. 

Last Answer : Types of maintenance: 1. Corrective or breakdown maintenance 2. Scheduled maintenance 3. Preventive maintenance 4. Predictive maintenance

Description : Name various hazards in polymer plants. 

Last Answer : Various hazards in polymer plants: 1. Chemicals like formaldehyde and caprolactam cause burning in eyes, nose and throat. 2. High temperature and pressure of thermic fluid may cause burn and ... used in making polyester resins may cause fire and explosion. Styrene vapour may cause narcosis.

Description : Give the interpretation of ‘worker’ in factories Act 1948. 

Last Answer : Interpretation of worker in factories Act 1948: "Worker" means a person [employed, directly or by or through any agency (including a contractor) with or without the knowledge of the principal ... of the manufacturing process [but does not include any member of the armed forces of the Union].

Description : Give the purpose of doing accident investigation.  

Last Answer : Purpose of doing accident investigation: The purpose is to find out the real cause of the accident and then based on it, to suggest remedial measures to prevent its recurrence.

Description : Define Safety Integrity Level. (SIL) 

Last Answer : Safety Integrity Level: SIL is defined as a relative level of risk reduction provided by a safety function, or to specify a target level of risk reduction. 

Description : Define safety planning.  

Last Answer : Safety planning: It is the first step of safety management where in a safety manager decides in advance safety objectives, policy, procedure, strategies, rules, programmes, method, budget ... facts and anticipating foreseeable events that may affect safety of plant, people and environment.

Description : Define safety.  

Last Answer : Safety in industry : Industrial safety is defined as policies and protections put in place to ensure plant and factory worker protection from hazards that could cause injury. 

Description : Describe scheduled maintenance. What are its advantages ? 

Last Answer : Scheduled maintenance: Scheduled maintenance is a stich-in-time procedure which is aimed at avoiding breakdowns. Breakdowns can be dangerous to life and hence should be minimized. Scheduled ... , such as lubricating and retightening screws Lower long term costs compared with breakdown maintenance 

Description : Explain predictive maintenance in detail.

Last Answer : Predictive maintenance: Predictive maintenance makes use of human sense or other sensitive instruments such as audio gauges, vibration analyser, amplitude meter , pressure , temperature and resistance ... 4. Pressure, temperature and resistance strain gauges: eg. Excessive temperature of equipment.

Description : Describe the types of Industrial hazards in brief. 

Last Answer : Hazard: A hazard in anything in the work place that has the potential to harm people. It includes objects in the workplace such as machinery or dangerous chemicals.  Types of hazards ... making any explosive substance, also any apparatus, machine or material used with any explosive substance.

Description : Describe “Bhopal Gas disaster”.

Last Answer : The Bhopal disaster, also referred to as the Bhopal gas tragedy, was a gas leak incident on the night of 2-3 December 1984 at the Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL) pesticide plant in Bhopal, ... 4. Gas scrubbers were not in working condition. 5. Absence of occupiers in industry at that situation.

Description : How accident reporting and investigation is carried out ?

Last Answer : Accident investigation: Philosophy of industrial accident investigation should be clear and well explained to workers. It should not be oriented towards fault-finding and blaming any individual. Its main ... information for insurance purpose. 10. The delivery of the report to whom and how.

Description : Describe in detail safety organization.

Last Answer : Safety Organization: One of the biggest issues facing employers today is the safety of their employees. Workplace accidents are increasingly common. Organizations have a moral responsibility to ensure the safety and well- ... element of safety. ... 3. Safety Equipment. ... 4. Communication.

Description : Explain the procedure for shut down of a plant. 

Last Answer : Procedure for shut down of a plant: A plant shutdown, or turnaround, is a temporary closure of a building to perform maintenance. The main activities should be preventative in nature with the focus ... fault, the cause of the fault should be found, studied and removed before restarting the plant. 

Description : Describe the effects of Radiation hazards. 

Last Answer : Effects of radiation hazard: 1 .Ultraviolet radiation: Short term sunburn conjunctivitis Long temperature skin ageing, skin cancer and cataract 2. Infra-red radiation: Burns to skin and eye tissues. 3. X ... of a misguided cell is known as cancer and it is the worst hazard of radiation exposure.

Description : Explain the term “HAZOP” in brief. 

Last Answer : Hazop (Hazard & operability) study is carried out by application of guidewords to identify all possible deviations from design intent having undesirable effects on safety or operability, ... hazardous situations and to arrive at agreeable options to rectify design deviations and anomalies