How long do Armadillo sleep?

1 Answer

Answer :

18.5 hrs a day!

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Description : can i use a cleaned out shell of an armadillo for a planter

Last Answer : You have to check to see if it is legal to do that with your game commission. Try going on line for your state wildlife section.


Last Answer : I believe they dig for grubs.

Description : How much dose a armadillo weigh?

Last Answer : Feel Free to Answer

Description : What is a group of Armadillo called?

Last Answer : A pack of Armadillos. ARMADILLOS ROCK! A pack of Armadillos. ARMADILLOS ROCK! I have to agree with the "armadillos rock" but armadillos have no "group name" they're just called "a bunch" or a "pack" ARMADILLOS ARE THE BEST YOUR RIGHT I LOVE ARMADILLOS. And armadillos live in packs.

Description : What do baby Armadillo eat?

Last Answer : "Armadillos eat many bugs that are dangerous to garden plants. But they also dig for insects, so they can ruin your grassy yard. They like to live in forests, but can live anywhere that's warm ... not to force-feed the armadillo pup! They can easily over-eat, and this will cause severe gastric di

Description : How many chromosomes do Armadillo have?

Last Answer : 3

Description : Do Armadillo lay eggs?

Last Answer : No. Armadillos are placental mammals, so they give birth to live young. The only egg-laying mammals, or monotremes, are the platypus and the echidna.

Description : Do Armadillo have teeth?

Last Answer : Yes, they have peg-like teeth for grinding their food. They have no incisors or canine teeth.

Description : Can Armadillo run?

Last Answer : Yes, armadillos can run quite fast, faster than most humans.

Description : Are Armadillo aggressive?

Last Answer : No, they are not aggressive.