Where can I buy a new van in Detroit?

1 Answer

Answer :

You can purhase a new Ford E-Series van from ED SCHMID FORD, INC. They are located close to Detroit at 21600 Woodward Ave, Ferndale, MI 48220.

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Last Answer : When it comes to finding new and used vehicle listings, there are many very good resources on the internet. However the two most popular seem to be Cars.com and Autotrader.com. Both sites are free and allow users to search both new and used car listing in their area.

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Last Answer : Job loss in the auto industry in Michigan has risen to 7.7 percent over the decade. There have been 33,000 jobs lost in the last 2 years.

Description : Is there a place in Detroit where I can go for CPUs and Computer Processor Upgrades?

Last Answer : Check with Computing Express, I think they have a good selection of computer parts. The shop is at 645 Griswold Street, 48226. The phone is 313-962-8500.

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Last Answer : According to Michigan.gov Radar Jammers have been ruled illegal in all fifty states by the Federal government. In Michigan the state sites says that it's legal to use radar detectors in private vehicles. I take that to mean it might not be legal to use one in a commercial vehicle like a 18 wheeler.

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Last Answer : Hundred of car dealerships have gone out of business. Its hard to keep a business running and poor management or lack of financing can lead to the failure of your business.

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Last Answer : Most of the low income senior housing in Detroit is in the good area. You can look at detroit.com to find a list of the most reasonable homes for thet area.

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Last Answer : Yes, theare are home health aide training available in Detroit. You can find out more at http://community.advanceweb.com/forums/thread/46645.aspx There are several trining programs for home health care in Detroit. I would suggest the program at TRINITY HOME HEALTH CARE .

Description : Where can I register for beginners cooking classes in Detroit?

Last Answer : There are several training programs that offer beginners cooking classes. Sites like localcookingclasses.com can be used to find beginners classes.

Description : If I do not have health insurance, are there any programs that will provide free healthcare for my children in Detroit?

Last Answer : There are free healthcare programs available if you dont have insurance. You can try City of Detroit Department of Health and Wellness Promotion 16260 Dexter Avenue Detroit, MI 48221 (313) 876-0180

Description : What's a good alcohol treatment facility in the Detroit, MI area?

Last Answer : Try contacting Sobriety House Inc., 2081 West Grand Boulevard, Detroit, MI 48208. The phone number is (313) 895-0500. This area also has several other treatment facilities. Good luck and good health.

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Last Answer : Complete details are available on the following link: http://www.theblueline.com/feature/MIdetroit.html.

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Last Answer : To get more than basic pick up you need to call and schedule them to come out.

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Last Answer : Bulk trash pickup is based on where you live in Detroit. The city will pick up from your curb up to four times in one year. For pick up times you need to go to ... services website at http://www.ci.detroit.mi.us/Departments/DepartmentofPublicWorks/CityServicesInformation/tabid/1664/Default.aspx .

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Last Answer : I would check eBay or Craigslist.

Description : Where can I get free credit counseling in Detroit, MI?

Last Answer : Christian Credit Counseling offers free counseling that may help you. In Detroit, they can be reached at (248) 557-7341.

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Last Answer : Detroit computer training is better than Houston computer training

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Last Answer : Professional Computer repair company in Detroit offers computer support to customers

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Last Answer : Computer Forensic Solutions in detroit create forensics softwares

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Last Answer : Yes the best place to check out the choice of good and reputable Fund brokers in Detroit will be at the Yellow Pages- http://www.magicyellow.com/category/Stock_and_Bond_Brokers/Detroit_MI.html

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Last Answer : 4001 W. McNichols Road, Detroit, MI 48221-3038 the provided address will bw helpful which offers a offer a counseling program in Detroit,

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Last Answer : Aluminum and steel are the most common materials for commercial flag poles.

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Last Answer : Wayne State University in Detroit offers a veterinary technician program.