Which of the following are stems of plants which are leaf like in form, are green, and perform the functions of leaves. In addition, they may bear fruit, flowers, and temporary leaves? a) Tubers b) rhizomes c) cladophylls d) none of the above

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Description : Which of the following plant organ/s have determinate growth? 1. Dicot leaves and internodes 2. Fruits 3. Grass leaves and internodes 4. Rhizomes and tubers Select the correct answer from the following: (a) 1 and 3 (b) 2 and 4 (c) 1, 2, and 4 (d) 1, 2, 3, and 4

Last Answer : Ans:(c)

Description : What is the difference between tubers and rhizomes?

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Description : can i grow liriope from just its tubers or rhizomes

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Description : Gladiolus is propagated through: a. Bulbs b. Corms c. Tubers d. Rhizomes

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Description : Simple perennials are reproduced by a). Rhizomes b). Tubers c). Corms d). Seeds

Last Answer : d). Seeds

Description : Assertion: Many plants are propagated vegetatively even though they bear seeds. Reason: Potatoes multiply by tubers, apple by cutting etc.

Last Answer : Assertion: Many plants are propagated vegetatively even though they bear seeds. Reason: Potatoes ... both the assertion and reason are false.

Description : ____ like onions and garlic are enlargements above the roots. a. Roots c. Bulbs b. Tubers d. Stems

Last Answer : c. Bulbs

Description : Groundnut pegs when developed in the soil from – a) Tubers b) Fruits c) Stems d) Roots

Last Answer : b) Fruits

Description : ___ are plant portions generally high in water and fiber. a. Tubers c. Roots b. Stems d. Bulbs

Last Answer : b. Stems

Description : Stems modified into flat green organs performing the functions of leaves are known as (a) phylloclades (b) scales (c) cladodes (d) phyllodes.

Last Answer : (a) phylloclades

Description : The main commercial method for propagating African violets is by: a. Seeds b. Crowns c. Tubers d. Leaf petioles

Last Answer : Leaf petioles

Description : Explain in one word "the tree that bears fruit but does not bear flowers" ?

Last Answer : A tree that bears fruit but does not bear flowers.

Description : What is the expression of a tree that bears fruit but does not bear flowers ?

Last Answer : The tree that bears fruit , but does not bear flowers - vegetation.

Description : How to care for tomato plants with leaf loss on top and stems not developing properly?

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Description : Lungs of a plant are – (1) Leaves (2) Stems (3) Flowers (4) Roots

Last Answer : (1) Leaves Explanation: Leaves are the lungs of plants. Much like the lungs of animals, leaves are the place of a plant's respiration. It is from leaves that oxygen is emitted during the light hours of the day and carbonic acid gas at night.

Description : Allelochemicals are mostly present in which of the following plant parts a). Flowers and fruits b). Leaves and stems c). Roots d). All

Last Answer : d). All

Description : Air pollution effects are usually found on a) Flowers b) Leaves c) Stems d) Roots.

Last Answer : b) Leaves

Description : Lungs of a plant are (1) Leaves (2) Stems (3) Flowers (4) Roots

Last Answer : Leaves

Description : My tomato plants look great. They are dark green, vigorous and healthy. However, flowers are not forming any fruit. What is the problem?

Last Answer : A. Several conditions can cause tomatoes to not set fruit. Too much nitrogen fertilizer, nighttime temperatures over 75 degrees F, low temperatures below 50 degrees F, irregular watering, insects such as thrips or planting the wrong cultivar may result in poor fruit set.

Description : In some plants the buds contain both leaves and flowers and known as a. Leaf buds b. Flower buds c. Scaly buds d. Mixed buds

Last Answer : Mixed buds

Description : Can I leave non-stop begonia tubers in the plant pots over winter to dry, if they are kept in green house?

Last Answer : They can't freeze............does it go under 32 in the greenhouse...........if the answer is yes then keep them in box in a cool closet for the winter.

Description : What eats iris leaves and rhizomes?

Last Answer : Deer usually don't bother them, maybe rabbitts, try mixing 2 tablespoons dawn & 1 qt water & couple drops hot sauce......if you have old pepper any kind sprinkle that over them............they won't like it................

Description : What vascular tissue brings water and minerals to the leaves? a) phloem (pron: flow-em) b) xylem c) cambium d) rhizomes (pron: rye-zom)

Last Answer : ANSWER: B -- XYLEM

Description : Potato plant poisoning - green tubers and sprouts?

Last Answer : DefinitionPotato plant poisoning occurs when someone eats the green tubers or new sprouts of the potato plant.This is for information only and not for use in the ... not green and have had any sprouts removed are safe to eat.SymptomsDeliriumDiarrheaDilated pupilsFeverHallucinationsHeadacheLo

Description : Potato tubers become green if a. Exposed to light b. Attacked by insect c. Infected d. None of these

Last Answer : Exposed to light

Description : I have a grass that travels in my flower patch via rhizomes, how can I get rid of it without killing all other plants?

Last Answer : that has to be pulled out after a heavy rain, don't shake the dirt off as the seeds will drop, have a trash bag with you and collect them as you go.

Description : my tomatoe plants have yellow & brown spots on the leafs The stems have green bumps & things that look like roots

Last Answer : we had horrible rain here.....I would give them a soapy bath....................after the sun passes.........mix 1 teasp liquid hand soap w 1 qt of water mix & spray.............can ... .............they were fighting to get out...good thing that I did it outside. Are they getting good drainage?

Description : Do you need to plant 2 cantaloupe plants for them to bear fruit?

Last Answer : Cantaloupe does not require two plants to reproduce, as they vare considered asexual .

Description : Still would like to know if those little white "tubers"(on the roots) of Spider plants are edible. Thanks. Deb.

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Description : My gladiolas have bloomed and the flowers have died. Do I cut the stems. Will they bloom again thiis year

Last Answer : Flowers have died back; cut the leaf at ground level. Dig up the bulbs just before the spring and transplant (little bulbs Mine come up every year

Description : do pineapple trees produce its fruit from the orriginal stems like any fruit tree or do they grow new stems each season?

Last Answer : Thers is no Pineapple tree. They grow on hip high bushes or shrubs.

Description : small red flowers with jagged edges and white dot stems center, where should I plant it

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Description : A bush type plant with mottled stems and when it flowers the flower is blackish/purple

Last Answer : is it flox??

Description : Read the following four statements (A - D). (A) Both photophosphorylation and oxidative phosphorylation involve uphill transport of protons across the membrane. (B) In dicot stems, a new cambium ... Petunia are polyandrous. (D) Symbiotic nitrogen fixers occur in free-living state also in soil.

Last Answer : (A) Both photophosphorylation and oxidative phosphorylation involve uphill transport of protons across the membrane.

Description : What is eating the leaves of my plants leaving only stems?

Last Answer : Hope that you have a 6 ft fence...........I am suspecting deer & or racoons are visiting you during the night..................mix 1 qt water 2 tablespoons dawn & 5 to 10 drops of hot ... ...............and short fine fence at the bottom with slate turned sideways to keep the small rodents out.

Description : (a)Explain how does the exchange of gases occur in plants across the surface of stems, roots and leaves. (b) How are water and minerals transported in plants ? -Biology

Last Answer : a) In plants there are tiny pores called stomata on leaves and lenticels in stem which facilitate the exchange of gases. Carbon dioxide is taken in and oxygen given out {during photosynthesis} and vice ... within the plant, to all parts like the stem, roots, fruits etc. in all directions.

Description : Plants which lack true roots, stems and leaves are called by which name? -Do You Know?

Last Answer : answer:

Description : Potassic fertilisers do not promote the development of (A) Stems & leaves during early stage of plant growth (B) Starches of potatoes & grains (C) Sugar of fruits & vegetables (D) Fibrous materials of plants

Last Answer : (A) Stems & leaves during early stage of plant growth

Description : Plants which lack true roots, stems and leaves are called by which name?

Last Answer : Thallophytes

Description : What causes the young leaves of my plants to become pointed and irregular in shape? I noticed the twisting of the leaves and stems after spraying the plants for the first time.

Last Answer : A. Your tomato plants have been injured by 2,4-D or a similar weed killer. Never use the same sprayer for weed control in your vegetable garden you used on your lawn. Drift from herbicides ... can also injure tomato plants. A virus disease called cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) can mimic these symptoms.

Description : 1. Which Indian missile is capable of carrying nuclear weapons? 2. Which Scientists has established the Phylum Annelida'? 3. How is the censorship of the press judged? 4. Plants which lack true roots ... identical to those of the earth? 20. Where did the Pallava kings make of rock-cut temples?

Last Answer : Answer : 1. Prithvi 2. Lamark 3. By the test of reasonableness 4. Thallophytes 5. Child marriage 6. Because of Radiation 7. Capital expenditure 8. Agni 9. Gems and Jwellery 10. Maski 11. Emphysama 12. ... 13. Mercury 14. Fertilizers 15. Ashoka 16. Mysore 17. GNP 18. Lead 19. Mars 20. Mahabalipuram

Description : green squash lot of flowers no fruit

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Description : Temporary hardness of water can be removed by (A) Addition of alum (a coagulant) (B) Boiling (C) Filtration (through gravity sand filter) (D) Addition of lime

Last Answer : (B) Boiling

Description : Both animals and plants require energy to perform their daily life functions. Animals generally consume food and drink water through their mouths to gain energy. Which plant structure most similarly serves the function of a mouth?

Last Answer : ffghuhgdsertyuio

Description : Write correct sequence of four steps of method for the preparation of temporary mount of a stained leaf peel. -Biology

Last Answer : Take a healthy leaf from the potted plant.Remove a part of the peel from the lower surface of the leaf. You can do this by folding the leaf over and gently pulling the peel apart ... and glycerin with the help of blotting paper. Observe the slide under magnifications of the compound microscope.

Description : List the steps of preparation of temporary mount of a leaf peel to observe stomata.

Last Answer : Answer. The steps are: i. Removal of peel from leaf. ii. Stain with safranin. iii. Put the stained peel on a clean slide. iv. Mount it with glycerine and cover slip.

Description : Explain why only turgid leaf is selected for the preparation of a temporary mount of a leaf peel?

Last Answer : Answer. When guard cells are turgid, the stoma remains open and stomatal aperture is easily observable.

Description : In an experiment to prepare the temporary mount of leaf peel, staining of leaf peel is done before putting a drop of glycerine. Explain why?

Last Answer : Answer. Staining is meant to highlight the structures. Once glycerin is poured, it forms a protective layer the keeps it moistened. This is why first the peel is stained then glycerin is put over.

Description : Why do my achimenes do not have andy rhizomes when they died back this fall.

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Description : Addition of __________ hastens the time of fruit bud differentiation in fruit plants: a. Nitrites b. Nitrides c. Nitrates d. All of these

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