What were people called who were opposed to immigration?

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Answer :

anti- aliens

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Description : In your opinion.How would it change American people's thoughts on immigration, if all the southern border immigrants were Caucasian?

Last Answer : Technically, they ARE “Caucasian. They just happen to be a darker variety. But if they were Northern European, they would be told where aid agencies and resettlement assistance are located.

Description : What were some major Chicano immigration issues in the United States during this time frame?

Last Answer : The same ones as today. Even when young adults got jobs here, predominantly Southern California, that wasn't really where the problems mustered up. It was the youth of Chicano descent not fitting in ... as always. They will take our jobs! mentality amongst domestic Americans is the only main one.

Description : What efforts were made to control immigration and personal behavior in the late 1800s?

Last Answer : These are two separate issues. Pick one for us to answer.

Description : Which group of people could freely immigrate to the United states under the Immigration Act of 1924?

Last Answer : Mexicans-APEX

Description : How did the chinese exclusion act affect the immigration of chinese people to the us?

Last Answer : The exclusion laws had dramatic impacts on Chinese immigrants and communities.

Description : Which one of the following is the most possible solution for planning improvement of a metropolitan city in India? [IAS 2003] (a) Constructing high rise building and sky scrapers (b) ... and satellite towns around the main city (d) Preventing immigration of people into the metropolitan city

Last Answer : Ans: (b)

Description : Why were the people from Bengal opposed to its partition? -SST 10th

Last Answer : The people of Bengal were opposed to its partition because Bengolis felt that Curzon was trying to split their unity by stirring up religious differences.

Description : Why were Alexander Hamiltons plans to tax the American people opposed by southerners?

Last Answer : They did not want to bail the northerners out.

Description : How many people left the Thirteen Colonies because they were opposed to the Revolution How many came to British North America?

Last Answer : Feel Free to Answer

Description : How would you conduct immigration policy?

Last Answer : I would try to secure the border in some way but allow people to come through the ports of entry to do farm work and/or other jobs. Immigration would be sharply curtailed to include only those who can benefit ... , We are sorry but we have NO VACANCIES! (It was only a matter of time, anyway )

Description : Do you think photos of immigrant children crying, on floors, dead at the side of a river are going to change minds about immigration?

Last Answer : No, it won't change minds at all. The Trumpists and immigration hawks will say this is great - this is what should happen to all of them . The humanists will say this is awful . So ... . Repeat this over and over: This situation is all Trump's responsibility and a results of his asinine policies

Description : What do you think about this article saying the immigration detention centers are concentration camps?

Last Answer : Well from what I’m hearing that isva pretty accurate description.

Description : Will non-legal immigration stop when the country being fled to becomes more of a cesspool when compared to the fled country?

Last Answer : Interesting concept, but gang killing and raping all the ten years old. Ya the USA has a little way to go but not much. You cannot back charge another country, Trump tried that for the all ... Mexican government but by the drug cartels. In a perfect world @RedDeerGuy1 there would no reason to flee.

Description : Will a byproduct of a Trump administration immigration policy lead to a need for more homegrown Hi-Tech jobs?

Last Answer : *Drumpf Regime

Description : What should Europe do about the massive influx of immigration of refugees?

Last Answer : My fellow citizens should realize that it’s ridiculous to complain about having to temporarily give up our gyms for people who have had to give up their homes.

Description : What do you think of Ivana Trump's comment on immigration? Will it help or hurt Donald?

Last Answer : She's not the first idiot that thinks that people come here and get given welfare and housing, etc. when they're not citizens. I see crap posted all the time by people who think Mexicans and others ... rich and out of touch with reality. That's her world. The world of people who have hired help.

Description : What problems do teeangers with immigration background have in Austria or Germany?

Last Answer : answer:Depends on where they are from. Moslem immigrants to Germany (and for that matter, much of Europe) have tended to stay within their communities (and not attempt to mix in the broader German culture). For ... Germany - it is true in the UK, in France, in Sweden, in Norway, and so on.)

Description : Do you truly support immigration in your country?

Last Answer : answer:C’mon over, @Eggie! We’ll have us a bar b que and welcome to the neighborhood! Are American’s really that much more narrow minded over all as the rest of the world? Surely they have idiotic rednecks in other countries too…..

Description : Unaccompanied children are crossing the US southern border in record numbers. Is this a US immigration crisis, making them undocumented immigrants, or is this a bigger international humanitarian crisis, making these kids refugees?

Last Answer : answer:They expect 90,000 in the 2014 fiscal year. That's a lot of people, in my opinion. According to the article, and common sense, word will spread and more will come. ... ?module=Search&mabReward=relbias%3As%2C%5B%22RI%3A8%22% I am not thrilled that we're going to be supporting all these people.

Description : Immigration Helpline UK?

Last Answer : They are one of those companies that take advantage of the way Google ranks results and charge you for doing something that should be free if you were at the official UK government site.

Description : Why did Italian immigration to Argentina increase in the 1880s?

Last Answer : answer:Italian immigration to the US was huge in those years, too. I bet the reasons were similar. I would look at two things 1) What was pushing them? Why were they not happy to remain in Italy? 2) What was pulling them? What was the opportunity in Argentina?

Description : Looking for suggestions for novels about immigration to America for a course I'm planning?

Last Answer : John Jakes had one, I think it was set in California, about an immigrant to America and he started an iron mill and used lots of immigrant labor, but I can’t recall the name of it.

Description : How would you fix the illegal immigration problem in the US?

Last Answer : I think streamlining the process to become naturalized would help, but I don’t know how that would happen.

Description : Will you share with us the story of your family's immigration to the country you live in now?

Last Answer : I would have LOVE to tell it, but it is old and i do not know it, i only know that half of my parents are spanish and other half french .

Description : Why does Mexico want the US to open it's borders and relax it's immigration laws without being willing to reciprocate?

Last Answer : Everyone has an agenda…right or wrong, good or bad. Your view depends on where you stand and what you have to gain or lose. And, there’s always the squeaky wheel element.

Description : Is illegal immigration a threat to national security?

Last Answer : Yes.

Description : Whats next for the new Arizona Immigration Law?

Last Answer : The Fed taking a lesson I hope. The National government has been failing us on this issue for decades. Arizona is doing the only thing they can. THE FACT THAT ILLEGALS HAVE WORK WHILE CITIZENS EXPERIENCE RECORD UNEMPLOYMENT IS AN OUTRAGE.

Description : Arizona's new Immigration Law: fact or fiction?

Last Answer : answer:Long, LONG overdue! LEGAL immigration is fine, but to begin your life in a new country by breaking the law does not sound like a good thing to me. The inaction on the part of the federal ... to become an American citizen, let them begin by obeying America's laws. The rest of us have to.

Description : If you knew an illegal immigrant who did something so awful to you, would you call immigration on them?

Last Answer : Removed by me

Description : Immigration with U.S. Social Security disability?

Last Answer : Sorry to say its very doubtful if you would be eligible for any of those things over here. Its very difficult to move to another country when over a certain age. I'd like to have moved to Canada, ( my ... a Canadian citizen ), but at 57 and not able to tick all the boxes that would be impossible.

Description : What do you think of Obama's proposals and promises currently being made on immigration overhaul? What do you think he means by immigration overhaul?

Last Answer : Your background link didn’t work.

Description : What would be a reasonable solution to illegal immigration from Mexico?

Last Answer : The illegals are doing work here that alot of us would NOT want to do. So I say legalize them, give them equal opportunities, then tax them.

Description : What are your thoughts on immigration laws in Canada and America?

Last Answer : I don’t mind but I wish that learning to speak English properly would be a requisite before being able to get a job at some customer service telephone line.

Description : How likely is that I find an immigration officer in the airport?

Last Answer : In an international airport there will be customs and immigration officers present, and these days in any airport there will be security personnel looking for folks who seem nervous. You also may have to ... transportation to hurt large numbers of people, so no one keeps as strict an eye on them.

Description : Has anyone got any information and/or references about immigration to the UK and finding a job and flat there ?

Last Answer : Work Permits Property Rental Jobs in the UK for Americans Google is your friend.

Description : Can anyone apply for immigration to Canada as a refugee?

Last Answer : answer:Not everyone can apply for immigration as a refugee. Refugees and people needing protection are those in or outside Canada who fear returning to their home country. In keeping with its ... home country. Groups and individuals can sponsor refugees from abroad who qualify to come to Canada.

Description : How long will the embassy take to complete the formalities for Canadian Immigration. I am a resident of India?

Last Answer : answer:I have a friend from Germany that immigrated to Canada. It took him about 9 months. That is purely anecdotal and in no way represents what you might experience. I would suggest calling to ask about your status and what kind of timetable you are looking at.

Description : What are your views on immigration?

Last Answer : Violence and gang activity is not always or just perpetrated by Hispanic immigrants. I think immigration has always been the lifeblood of this country, which is a country of immigrants. You may have ... to is a matter of economic opportunity and poverty. Those are the factors that feed violence.

Description : What is the percentage of the world's immigration that goes to the US?

Last Answer : This source puts total worldwide immigration at 191 million (in 2005), with the US receiving 38 million of those, or 20%. That’s the highest percentage of any country, but a far cry from 70%.

Description : Is WWICS a genuine consultancy for my immigration to Canada?

Last Answer : Nowadays people use this kind of way to steal money from you. However, as far as I heard, I didn't hear any good thing about wwics Canada Immigration service. Canadian immigration fraud is on the ... have managed to find ways to use our brand and website to their benefit and steal money from

Last Answer : The conference on immigration is held every year to ensure safe migration around the world .

Description : Immigration visa expired. What do i do?

Last Answer : Once the expiration date of your permitted stay has passed. You have no actual immigration status, if you were working, based on having a visa that permitted U.S. work. You must now stop. On the ... you are not expected to leave the united states. You are allowed to stay until the decision is made.

Description : A biologist studied the population of rats in a barn. He found that the average natality was 250, average mortality 240, immigration 20 and emigration

Last Answer : A biologist studied the population of rats in a barn. He found that the average natality was 250, average mortality ... A. 10 B. 15 C. `05` D. zero

Description : Was immigration a cause of war?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : When immigration adds to the size of the domestic labor pool which of following is likely to occur?

Last Answer : Wages are likely to decrease.

Description : How did new laws change immigration policy in the 1920s?

Last Answer : The laws introduced a quota system.

Description : What group currently makes up the largest portion of immigration in the US?

Last Answer : C. Mexicans

Description : How did immigration affect ideas about race?

Last Answer : Immigration made many people uncomfortable, when they saw lotsof people different than themselves being successful. Thus, lawsdefining race kept changing to keep the racial hierarchy inplace.However, the fact that we ... can participate inrather than an either/or thing that has to be us vs. them.

Description : What diagram best explains how American reactions to immigration changed because of World War 1?

Last Answer : Feel Free to Answer

Description : How did immigration contribute to the ethnic diversity of American colonies after 1700?

Last Answer : Spanish, English, and French settlers arrived in larger numbersand this increased the ethnic diversity in the Americancolonies.