Are lol dolls cool?

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Need answer

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Description : So I am writing an essay on Hippies and need to interview someone for help. Any willing subjects? Lol.

Last Answer : Where do you live? Some percentage of the old guys in the park, the library, the senior center, the mall, or the supermarket are undoubtedly former hippies. Plenty of them around where I live. Some of ... are still blonde. Can't find them just by following a trail of pot smoke any more, though.

Description : Can we come up with an alternative to lol?

Last Answer : I just wish people would stop using it when they type something they think is funny. Use it when someone else types something that is funny.

Description : What did you have to do to convince your "Santa" to give you that expensive gift this year? lol?

Last Answer : answer:at my house, I am the Santa one of the girls showed me how she could take an entire ball park frank in her mouth, in a suggestive manner

Description : Lol! I just got spam mail? Mods?

Last Answer : It happens. Just use the Contact button above to tell someone about it.

Description : "Lol & Order". Can you change the name of a television show to a more comical one?

Last Answer : We always call the Nancy Grace show “Nancy Disgrace.”

Description : Will you help me come up with a LOL Kitteh caption for this picture?

Last Answer : Tuckered out.

Description : We all write LOL from time to time, and give out GA's like candy, but what posts have really cracked you up lately?

Last Answer : This

Description : I entered some data into the "fields of expertise", "hobbies", and "places you've lived" data entry fields. Did I not submit it correctly, or am I awaiting moderator approval? lol thanks?

Last Answer : I just tested it and it seems to work fine. Are you sure you hit the save button?

Description : What is your favorite pig out food? And do you workout/exercise more to compensate for said indiscretion of the culinary experience lol?

Last Answer : I pig out on chips. All kinds of chips. And I only workout because it’s mandatory so I guess no to the second part. xD

Description : Is there anything that LOL can't mean? Why is it so omnipresent here?

Last Answer : Laugh Out Loud, gail. As far as I know, that is the only meaning.

Description : What does LOL mean?

Last Answer : to Laugh Out Loud It’s chatspeak. But usually people aren’t actually laughing out loud when they use it.

Description : Do you SAY lol, omg, brb, etc. out loud when you use them?

Last Answer : No, and I’m seriously glad I don’t!

Description : Do you think the use of "lol" is overrated?

Last Answer : Yes. But not lol4rl.

Description : What's the deal with LOL Cats?

Last Answer : I have no idea what LOL Cats are. I suddenly feel like Kyle in the south park “chipokomon” episode.

Description : How do you use "lol"?

Last Answer : well, personally i barely use it, mostly it's just haha which is just one letter more but a lot clearer on what i'm doing, in school (computer science) classmates uses lol in the ... kind of irritates me, because they're just sitting in their chairs instead of rolling on the floor laughing

Description : Im goin on holiday soon and all the reviews at my hotel are goin on bout leaving tips for the cleaner. where do i leave the tip coz i dnt wanna leave money in the hotel and they take it thinkin it a tip lol help plz?

Last Answer : Put your tip in clean envelope labeled “Housekeeping,” and put it in a conspicuous place.

Description : what 52*4444DON"T GUES YOU UGRATEFUL LIL TWITS LOL?

Last Answer : i

Description : Whats 109x89 lol?

Last Answer : 109 x 89 = 9701

Description : I have sneezed and I can’t get be blessed lol?

Last Answer : Bless you

Description : This is just a chat lol?


Description : Why does this thing app suc LOL?

Last Answer : its stupid

Description : Why are the words I don't k n o w a bad word on this site lol?

Last Answer : Because answering somebody's question with "I Don't Know" is not a very helpful answer

Description : How should I hold my hamster lol?

Last Answer : Do not hold them by their skin that seems like a scruff. It is okay but they do not like it. You should hold them in your hand right side up. They should be standing unless they choose not to.

Description : How much spit do we consume a day lol?

Last Answer : Your salivary glands make as much as a quart of saliva each day. Saliva is important to lubricate your mouth, help with swallowing, protect your teeth against bacteria, and aid in the digestion of food.

Description : what is 2+2 this is a easy question lol?

Last Answer : 4

Description : How should I feed my dog lol?

Last Answer : Put dog food in a bowl and set it on the floor?

Description : what is my Roblox password lol?

Last Answer : I hope you get it wrong

Description : What is the meaning of LOL in Bengali ?

Last Answer : : The Bengali meaning of LOL is laughing out loud!

Description : What is the full form of LOL ?

Last Answer : answer:

Last Answer : The word LOL Here comes Laugh Out Loud Three T. Words From Whose Money Hall Laughter . This Use Is Short Message In the case

Description : Does the graphics in the game skill matter?

Last Answer : No! It only adds to the enjoyment of the game if you play with good graphics.

Description : I see in many places that it is written, "LOL" what does it mean or what is it used to write? Do you know anything about the origins of LOL? I don't think this thing is too old.     

Last Answer : lol stands for laughing out loud. We also use this internet slang to react to something very funny, just like with XD. 

Description : Is it normal for an old wolfhound to have enough left in my hand after going through my hair?

Last Answer : This is normal for older dogs. # (#toivo)

Description : How do you Buy lol account?

Last Answer : Need answer

Description : What name does lol afk and lmao have?

Last Answer : lol means "laughing out loud" AFK means " Away From Keyboard"and Lmao aka Lmbo, is "laughing my a** off" lmbo is "laughing mybutt off" and AKA is "also known as.

Description : A law that specifically requires the service of a duly registered electronics and communications engineer in the designing installation and construction, operation and maintenance of radio stations. A. Act 3846 B. LOl 1000 C. R.A. 5734 D. Dept. order 88

Last Answer : D. Dept. order 88

Description : Is it weirder for a cartoon to have a bulge for their junk or to have a smooth section where there junk should be like they are a world of ken dolls?

Last Answer : If the junk makes a bulge, what are you gonna do. Compress it into a pancake? How can that be healthy?

Description : Are kids that had baby dolls better nurturers?

Last Answer : I am very nurturing. I love animals, but I never really cared for dolls so I don’t think there is a correspondence at all.

Description : Has anyone else noticed how cheaply the Barbie dolls are made today?

Last Answer : answer:I was in the original Barbi clan back in the 60's. That's a shame I guess these Modern plastic Barbis wouldn't hold up under Whitewater Barbi conditions. Yep, I was the originator of White Water ... . An inside joke about some of the vintage bedroom set ups. Mommy, what's a brothal? lol

Description : What is the best way to sell vintage Barbie dolls?

Last Answer : answer:If they are all out of the boxes their value is probably much lower. You get a fraction of the price when you throw away the box. If one is worth say $50.00 to $100.00 as a limited edition ... , because they now have to find the box too. The boxes are a huge display factor to the doll itself.

Description : Should little kids have dolls that can be breast fed? (details)

Last Answer : It wouldn’t bother me.

Description : What are those new dolls that have removable hair?

Last Answer : I’m pretty sure they’re Bratz dolls.

Description : What should I paint on these blank Russian nesting dolls?

Last Answer : Knowing you, I think you should paint them as ammunition. The shape seems well suited to it!

Description : What happened to the popularity of Bratz dolls?

Last Answer : Things come and go in waves, just like fashion. Are beanie babies, Cabbage Patch kids, and Rubik’s Cubes as popular as they used to be? It’s always something new, to feed the human need for novelty.

Description : What are some cartoons, characters, or dolls that smile all the time?

Last Answer : The Cookie Monster likes to smile, so I could just imagen if he’d still smile without the cookie. :D

Description : Where is the best place to sell old collectable Barbie Dolls?

Last Answer : craigslist, toy conventions, garage sales…

Description : Why do people buy these "Real Dolls"?

Last Answer : answer:I have seen that documentary, the one put out by BBC anyway. I can see the appeal of having a partner (and I do use that term loosely) that doesn't talk back, that basically you can dress however you' ... t know, it seems odd to me, but as long as they aren't hurting anyone, leave them to it.

Description : I want to create ball jointed dolls; can someone give me info on materials + process?

Last Answer : Strung dolls are good because individual parts can be assembled separately in molds including head, arms, legs and then connected with elastic within the cavity of doll's torso. I would consider pouring ... manufactured if you just want to create a certain look. You can focus on the head only.

Description : What is the purpose of toy dolls?

Last Answer : They are great for pretend play and imagination. Children can pretend to take care of their own babies, teach school, dress them up for parties, etc.

Description : What is there to do with dolls?

Last Answer : Explode them with firecrackers