Is there any such website ? Where is the price of medicine ?

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Yes there you will find this site. Click there to see

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Description : is the effectiveness and price of Zadit medicine ?

Last Answer : It is indicated in the prevention of asthma and in the alleviation of allergic rhinitis. The price can take 2/3 rupees.

Description : What is Migranil medicine for? And what is the price ?

Last Answer : It is used in the preventive treatment of migraine headaches. Price 3 rupees per piece.

Description : amit What is the medicine for? What is the price ?

Last Answer : It is used in the treatment of depressive disorders , especially mental anxiety and inability to maintain the speed of urination, and especially in children, urinating at night in bed. Price 1 rupees per piece.

Description : Is there any medical treatment (any medicine , any therapy , any food) to reduce the weight of human body ?

Last Answer : Many of us follow different diet plans to lose weight. We all know more or less now that we lose weight by following a regular diet plan and doing light free hand exercises. But this weight loss ... shardin , eggs etc. However, the most abundant and effective vitamin D is found in cod liver oil.

Description : Do you have any medicine or home remedies for quick digestion of food ?

Last Answer : Some natural easy way. It is very easy to get rid of digestive problems by increasing digestion in some small activities. 1) Chew food well - Many people chew food twice and swallow it. This ... rid of digestive problems naturally if you can understand the food and eat it with a little salt.

Description : Want to know about food and medicine without side effects that increase body strength and eliminate weakness ?

Last Answer : Answer : You can eat Hamdard Suvit , no significant side effects have been observed in the prescribed dose. Suvit is a combination of interactive multivitamins , medicinal herbs and minerals ... relieves stress and anxiety , maintains muscle strength and reduces toxins caused by free-radicals.

Description : I can't have more than 1-2 minutes of intercourse so can I have more time by taking any medicine and the time should be permanent ? If anyone knows which is better homeopathy or which medicine should be taken by Hamdas to prolong the time of permanent intercourse, please let me know.

Last Answer : You can take Hamdard's Nishat , Frodex , Selvin , these medicines on the advice of Hamdard doctor. You can also use Hamdard's Penitone cream / oil for massage on the penis. It will stimulate the ... Do not reconcile by applying too much pressure. Let us know if there are any problems later. Thanks.

Description : Which medicine does not allow blood to clot ?

Last Answer : Heparin does not allow blood to clot.

Description : What is the medicine for obesity ?

Last Answer : Don't forget to take these medicines. They are very harmful for the body. If you want to be fat, eat more protein foods like fish , meat , eggs and pulses. Increase the amount of food. Take it. Eat more nuts , dark chocolate and butter. Exercise regularly. Inshallah you will get fat.

Description : What causes piles , what is the way to avoid piles, what is the medicine for piles ?

Last Answer : : The main cause of piles is the bad habit of pushing during bowel movements and constipation. Some people think that it is a hereditary disease. The risk of piles increases as the gestation ... medicine: For piles medicine you need to take medicine directly with the advice of a surgery specialist.

Description : What are the types of thyroid medicine ? Is there any other medicine like thyrox , thyrin ?

Last Answer : There are several types of thyroid hormone. Eltroxin Euthycin Jaroxin Leroxin-50 Leroxy 50 Synroid Tyroid Thyrox Thyrotron Thyrotab Thyronor These drugs are made with the same formula which works the same. ... that case, take the right medicine at the right time according to the doctor's advice.

Description : Itchy eyes. What medicine should I use ?

Last Answer : to such allergies , you can take Alatrol 10mg tablets on the advice of a doctor. However, you must take the advice of a doctor and take gastric medicine. Do not scratch or scratch the eyes , do not use soap foam on the eyes , if there is dust in the eyes, clean it with water and avoid dust.

Description : What is the best medicine for removing dark spots on the lips ?

Last Answer : The best method is to use honey on the lips.

Description : Can Herbal Medicine Be Eaten For Obesity ?

Last Answer : Brother, it is better not to take herbal medicine to get fat. Because all these herbs are harmful for health. You take Hamdard medicine. It has no side effects.

Description : What is gastric medicine ?

Last Answer : Squeeze the juice out of a medium sized lemon chip. Now mix half a tablespoon of baking soda and a cup of water with lemon juice. Stir until baking soda is well mixed. Now eat the mixture. ... eating potato juice before eating three meals a day will get rid of gastric problems in a few days.

Description : Do you take medicine for diarrhea ?

Last Answer : Mix pomegranate leaf or pomegranate peel juice with Durbar juice and take it 3-4 times a day. Regular consumption of 10-15 will cure diarrhea. Rules of consumption: Durbar juice: 4-5 teaspoons. But of course take the advice of a good doctor.

Description : What are the symptoms of diabetes ? Is it controlled by medicine or exercise ?

Last Answer : Diabetes or how to understand: - Diabetes is usually the signs and symptoms that appear: *. Frequent urination , *. Too thirsty , *. Getting more hungry , *. Losing weight despite eating enough , * ... , etc. There are four main types of diabetes . Exercise should be done along with the treatment.

Description : What kind of medicine do I need to take to overcome my weakness ?

Last Answer : Eat nutritious food regularly. And with Alfalfa and Avena Sat, you can get rid of weakness quickly.

Description : What is penicillin medicine made from ?

Last Answer : Penicillin medicine is made from a type of fungus called Penicillium.

Description : Which medicine is most effective for gas ?

Last Answer : You can eat Omilant or Seclo .

Description : What is the function of Fuclox-500 medicine ?

Last Answer : This medicine is most commonly used for bacterial infections.

Description : What is the difference between medicine and drugs ?

Last Answer : Difference: 1. Disease is cured by taking medicine , various diseases are caused by taking drugs. 2. The dose of the drug is determined , the dose of the drug is not determined. 3. It is not necessary ... medicine if you are addicted , but if you are addicted to drugs, it does not go away easily.

Description : Why Acliz medicine is taken. How much does it cost ?

Last Answer : : It is a medicine for the prevention and treatment of nausea and vomiting or nausea , dizziness , radiation or travel related illness , dizziness and lightheadedness. Its current price is 5 rupees per piece.

Description : What medicine is needed to make the body fat and fresh ?

Last Answer : There are medicines but for some reason it is not possible to name them. To improve health one has to eat nutritious food regularly. Tension is to be free. Sleep is moderate.

Description : What to do to get rid of constipation? Is there any medicine ?

Last Answer : You should not eat fatty foods. Drink more water and eat more vegetables. Don't eat market flute food and televaja and fried food. With the advice of the doctor, take 4 tablespoons of milk of magonesia ... a day, after meals, mix it with 1 glass of warm milk or lukewarm water and drink it.

Description : Which medicine is more effective in reducing pain and getting better quickly after amputation ?

Last Answer : If the hand or foot is cut off, clean it with Dettol and bandage it with Viodin or Sevlon. If it is very serious then it is better to go to the doctor.

Description : What is the name of the cancer medicine ?

Last Answer : There are many types of cancer and at present its treatment is very high power injection called chemotherapy which has serious side effects. If cancer is detected in the early stages and with proper treatment, there is a possibility of recovery.

Description : My head is very heavy , what medicine should I take ?

Last Answer : The head feels heavy because of more human work. Colds and sinusitis cause heavy headaches. Different medications are given to make the head feel heavier for different reasons . Tell your doctor in detail about your problems. He will decide what medicine to take to make your head feel heavy.

Description : What is the medicine to be taken for cold ?

Last Answer : In case of cold, antihistamine tablets like fexofenadine , loratadine should be taken.

Description : What is the name of the medicine for unconsciousness ?

Last Answer : You can use Clorofome to anesthetize someone. It is usually found at any doctor.

Description : What is Vena Pro medicine ?

Last Answer : Vena Pro medicine is a medicine for obesity, but this kind of medicine, even if it is temporarily obese, is a very harmful type of cancer for the body.

Description : Can I take medicine for body weakness ?

Last Answer : Eat enough nutritious food and vegetables to overcome your physical weakness. Do regular gym , eat milk, boiled fruits and fruits.

Description : cap. star spiro What medicine is this ?

Last Answer : cap star spiro It is a medicine for pneumonia , tuberculosis and ear infections

Description : What are the rules for taking homeopathic medicine ?

Last Answer : There is no specific rule that you should take medicine with the advice of a doctor.

Description : Amidon 10 mg. What does this medicine do ?

Last Answer : Amidon 10 mg. The function of this medicine is to increase the function of the intestines. As a result the food goes down and cannot rise up. Appetite increases and nausea or vomiting stops. ... vomiting due to headache , food rising down the esophagus , difficulty in digestion , gastric ulcer etc.

Description : Will there be any harm in stopping Doxicap medicine occasionally ?

Last Answer : This is an antibiotic tablet which is to be taken regularly in full dose for 3 days or 5 days to 7 days according to the doctor's advice. If you skip this medicine, it will not be effective and money will be wasted

Description : Problems with taking calcium medicine for a long time ?

Last Answer : : There is no problem in taking more calcium medicine. The more you take calcium medicine, the stronger your bones will be. Playing less later will not be a problem.

Description : Will there be any problem in taking worm medicine every 2 months ? What are the possible problems with frequent worm medicine ?

Last Answer : : Worm medicine should not be eaten too much. Eat on the advice of a doctor. Do not eat too hot.

Description : When to take Allergy Medicine or Fexo ? Before or after eating ?

Last Answer : Fexo day two times morning and night , full stomach.

Description : Can Vitamin Tablets be taken with Hemio Medicine ?

Last Answer : : No. Homeopathic medicine as well as any medicine of allopathic or vitamin or calcium medicine should not be taken. In this way homeopathic medicine will not work. There is no problem in taking vitamin or calcium medicine after you are healthy before homeopathic treatment.

Description : Mucomist DT What Medicine ?

Last Answer : Mucomist-DT 600 mg is used in tuberculosis , paracetamol poisoning , pneumonia and fibrosis.

Description : Orsaline-N is a medicine of which company ?

Last Answer : Orsaline-N SMC Company Medicine.

Description : Which company's medicine is Renova Tablet ?

Last Answer : Renova Tablet is a medicine of Renova company.

Description : Which company's medicine is Renova Syrup ?

Last Answer : Renova Syrup is a medicine of Renova company.

Description : What is the name of a medicine of Silva Company ?

Last Answer : : Multitonic is a medicine of Silva company.

Description : Which company's medicine is Multitonic ?

Last Answer : : Medicine of Multitonic Silva Company.

Description : What is the name of homeopathic medicine for measles ?

Last Answer : Homeopathic medicine for measles "Medorrhinum"

Description : What is the ' multitonic ' (silva) medicine for weakness ?

Last Answer : : Silva Company 's ' Multitonic ' is a syrup rich in multivitamins and multiminerals which will help you to overcome your physical weakness. A multivitamin is a type of supplement that helps the body ... mineral , vitamin and nutritional needs. You should take the syrup on the advice of a doctor.

Description : What is Venapro medicine , does it make you fat ?

Last Answer : : Venapro syrup is a simple flavoring syrup that temporarily increases appetite and makes people fat. However, the syrup has side effects, such as liver and kidney damage.

Description : Can Carmina Syrup be taken with Homeopathic Medicine ?

Last Answer : Yes, you can eat. Homeopathic medicine and Hamdard's medicine are the same, both of which are Ayurvedic medicine. There is no problem with eating, but do not take an overdose.