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LED is better than LCD. LED have lots of advantages and LED have long span .

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Description : Televisions - LCD, LED or Plasma which is"better"?

Last Answer : I think there was much more of a difference in quality and price between plasma and LED in the early days of the technologies than now, and plasma was considered better. My first big-screen TV was ... . Whichever one you buy, have it calibrated a month or so later. This article might help you.

Description : Which technology(LED/LCD/Plasma) and screen size is good for a TV to watch Worldcup?

Last Answer : answer:It used to be that plasma was the way to go for sports/action because the response time is very fast. The LCDs, including with LED backlight, are now a lot faster than they used to be, so for most ... . IMHO the only reason to get a non-LED LCD TV these days is if it's on deep discount.)

Description : What's the difference in HDTV, LED, and LCD televisions?

Last Answer : answer:I have absolutely no freakin clue. However, this might help you. I've heard that LED is better than LCD, as it allows for more detail to be viewed on the screen and is better for resolution, but I ... TV, which is pretty much all the modern TV's you can have. LED, LCD, Plasma. I think

Description : In computer monitors, is there a large difference between LED and LCD?

Last Answer : AFAIK LED refers to the method of back-lighting the monitor, which will be LCD in any case. DVI cables are video-only, whereas HDMI is audio/video. Unless your monitor is your television, you won’t be needing HDMI all that much.

Description : LED, LCD, and plasma high-definition TVs, what are the pros and cons?

Last Answer : I’m not trying to be rude, so please don’t take it that way, but if you look over to the right of this question where it says Related, there are some of the same questions you asked and some really good answers.

Description : Can I repair my damaged led lcd screen?

Last Answer : I think you are out of luck, sounds like the board is broken.

Description : LED,LCD and Plasma, Whats the difference?

Last Answer : answer:I can explain some of the basic technology behind the kinds of screens, but I'm not sure which kinds are preferred in which situations. All television (TV) sets emit their own light, in ... 's on, brightness is adjusted. That's how digital projectors in movie theaters work. Hope that helps.

Description : TV wise what are the real differences in an LCD, LED, and plasma TV?

Last Answer : LCD - Liquid Crystal Display LED - Light Emitting Diode An LCD screen uses tiny liquid crystal light valves' to let light through from behind, or not. The light behind is typically a cold-cathode ... screen. While traditional CRT tube TVs, and the newest OLED consume the least with a black screen

Description : What New flat screenTV should I go for, Plasma, LCD,LED, 3D, input please.

Last Answer : i wouldn’t do 3D is all I have to say. It’s not clear that you won’t be paying for a technology that will be obsolete well before your television breaks down.

Description : What is an LED-Backlit LCD HDTV?

Last Answer : answer:That’s what you’re looking for; and Samsung is the best brand of television you could be looking at. They give you the best bang for your buck… quality for quantity of dollars. The advertising industry incorrectly calls LED Backlit LCD HDTVs “LED HDTVs”.

Description : Whats best between LED LCD and LCD tv ?

Last Answer : answer:1 - Plasma TVs used to dominate over LCD because they were bigger and had a better picture. LCDs have caught up a lot and the two technologies are in a good old fashioned market ... , LCD and LED HDTVs | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_5043694_choose-plasma-lcd-led-hdtvs.html#ixzz0yURMVvER

Description : Tips & Advice: TFT-LCD vs. LED pc monitors?

Last Answer : answer:I can only offer a few tips, one being that LED screens shine with full brightness the second you turn the monitor on. LCD screens have to warm' up & gradually reach their full brightness. Second, ... turn it on, you realize you made the right choice. I hope this was helpful & best of luck.

Description : Which type of monitor works in the same way as a television? (a) CRT (b) LCD (c) LED (d) 3_D -Technology

Last Answer : (a) CRT monitor works in the same way as a television.

Description : What is the difference between LCD monitor and LED monitor ?

Last Answer : LCD monitor 1. The full form of LCD is Liquid Crystal Display . 2. Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (CCFL) in LCD monitor backlighting 3. Low quality display. 4. Low power consumption. 5. Less ... The price is relatively high. However, if used more, it will decrease quickly. . More eco-friendly.

Last Answer : The difference between LED and LCD : - The full form of LED is light emitting diode. LED An LED display is a flat panel display that uses a row of light emitting diodes as pixels for a video ... video player , game device , digital clock , wristwatch, etc. LCD is now widely used instead of CRT.

Description : Deciding between LED and LCD ?

Last Answer : There are two distinct types of televisions on the market today for consumers to consider and they are LED and LCD. Any television owned that is more than a few years old is probably LCD. ... Crystal Display lit by florescent lights while the LED television is lit by Light Emitting Diodes or LED.

Description : What are the benefits of an LCD television versus one with led specifications?

Last Answer : LED televisions have better color contrast than LCD televisions. LCD televisions have better viewing angles than LED televisions do, meaning that viewing to television from the side is more comfortable with the LCD televisions than with the LED televisions.

Description : A ___________________ monitor looks like a television and are normally used with non-portable computer systems. a) CRT b) LCD c) LED d) Flat Panel Monitors

Last Answer : Answer: a Explanation: A CRT (or the Cathode Ray Tube) Monitor looks like a television ideally. The flat panel monitors are thinner and lighter in comparison

Description : Which of the following is non-emissive display? A. LED B. LCD C. Both (A) and (B) D. None of the Above

Last Answer : B. LCD

Description : The seven segment arrangement for numerical display on consoles, test meters and other applications can be either ________________. A. UJT or BJT B. BCD or OCD C. JFET or IGFET D. LED or LCD

Last Answer : Answer: D

Description : Give any two applications of LED and LCD each. 

Last Answer : Two applications of LED (1) As an indicators and small display. (2) In digital thermometer, pulse rate meter. (3) In patient monitoring. Two applications of LCD (1) In video games (2) In calculators (3) In test equipments (4) In gauges and counters

Description : Differentiate between LCD and LED TV.

Last Answer : Differentiate between LCD and LED TV.

Description : Will a ps3 slim be better without surround sound when hooked to a full HD LCD TV?

Last Answer : It would depend on the speaker placement and the accoustics of the room. Dude, why are you asking this if you have a money problem?

Description : What is a better TV - Plasma or LCD?

Last Answer : LCD. I recently got one and couldn’t be happier with it. In terms of power consumption and likelihood of “burn-in” images, you’ll be better off with a LCD.

Description : LCD TV: Better to get a larger screen or a higher contrast ratio?

Last Answer : Most of what you asked is jibberish to me. We have everything you specified, but it’s an Insignia 42”. I picked it because of the gaming reviews. Umm. Hope that helped lol

Description : Buying an HDTV. What's better - Plasma or LCD?

Last Answer : Depends on bank account, no. of friends, size of room and left size of brain. I know that your brain is fine; the rest is confusing. Check out the 'zine version of March

Description : Which is better, Plazma or LCD?

Last Answer : And include info on the smaller sizes, please (32”). Thanks for saving me the trouble of asking this. I have the additional aggro of having a roof antenna and no cable available in the entire county.

Description : Are plasma tv recievers better than LCD?

Last Answer : No most people consider lcd tvs better than plasma tvs. Plasma tvs are harder to fix than lcd tvs. Lcd tvs also have a clearer picture than plasma tvs do.

Description : Is it possible to repair an LCD screen If so, is it worth it to repair it or is it better to just purchase a new one?

Last Answer : It really depends on the type of LCD screen. If it's on a large, HDTV, it is definitely cheaper to repair. Smaller TV's or computer monitors would probably be cheaper to buy a new one.

Description : Which is better Plasma or LCD?

Last Answer : Currently Plasma is only competitive at sizes above 40".In truth they get a bad rap without much basis.Their quality is slightly better,but they can't compete on price at the most common form factors in people's living rooms.

Description : Do LCD monitors offer better picture quality than CRT monitors?

Last Answer : No, CRT monitors are still the best picture, but LCDs take up less room and energy.

Description : I do a lot of print design work, which type of computer monitor is better for me, an LCD or CRT?

Last Answer : A LCD monitor runs at a lower meg hertz and might be as bright, you can always go with a high MAC LCD monitor that a lot of professional graphic designers use.

Description : Is the Samsung LCD TV better than the Samsung plasma TV?

Last Answer : If you are wondering whether a Samsung LCD TV is better than the Samsung plasma TV and want to know if a Samsung is a good TV for HDTV, then the answer is yes.

Description : Are lcd televisions better than flat screen tv's?

Last Answer : Lcd tvs are comparable to flat screen tv's. Most flat screen tv's Have LCD screens. Lcd screens are better for the eyes and are very good quality therefore an lcd tv is a good buy

Description : Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

Last Answer : Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. It is a flat panel electronic display device which uses light modulating properties of liquid crystal. ... pixel and passive pixel display do not consist of switch at each pixel.

Description : Are Panasonic LED TVs better than Samsung LED TVs?

Last Answer : According to reviews, the Samsung PND 8000 is a better television than the Panasonic VT30 LED. The price of the Samsung PND 8000 is cheaper than the Panasonic VT30.

Description : Are led tail lights better than normal tail lights?

Last Answer : The only difference between LED lights and normal lights is that LED lights are much brighter and are a brighter white than normal lights. Some find the brighter lights better, while others find the lights too bright.

Description : Which is better LED or Plasma TVs?

Last Answer : PLASMA have better pictures, but are very heavy and hard to repair because they have glass screens. LCDs are lighter, can withstand more damage, have flexible screens, and last longer.

Description : Which bulb is better regular or LED bulbs?

Last Answer : LED light bulbs definitely are more energy efficient than regularly normal light bulbs. Depending on the usage, LED lights can also last maybe twice or three times as much as regular bulbs. LED ones are better.

Description : is a 1080p plasma tv better than an LED tv?

Last Answer : The viewing difference between a 1080p plasma TV and an LED TV would be a sharper, brighter HD on the LED TV. On the other hand, will the plasma last longer than the LED, no the plasma will eventually get burn in from static images, where there is no such draw back with LED TV.