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Description : What is the reward for 100 martyrs ?

Last Answer : One Sunnat of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is rewarded with one hundred martyrs.

Description : What is the reward for reciting the Qur'an ?

Last Answer : Once one recites Surah Yaseen, one gets the reward of reciting ten complete Quran Sharifs.

Description : What makes a person poor day by day ?

Last Answer : answer _ People become poor.

Description : Do people get destroyed quickly when they do something

Last Answer : People are destroyed when they are in a bad mood.

Description : What happens if you earn money by learning the Holy Quran ?

Last Answer : On the Day of Resurrection there will be no flesh in the mouth.

Description : What makes Satan happy and displeased with Allah ?

Last Answer : If you urinate standing up.

Description : What is the best way to burn in hell ?

Last Answer : If you abuse the poor and the orphans.

Description : What is the best way to get rid of hell ?

Last Answer : Praying on time and eating halal food.

Description : Doing any work, charity , prayers , good deeds are not accepted ?

Last Answer : If you do not pray and walk in a wrong way.

Description : What is the reward for one thousand nights of worship ?

Last Answer : If one worships on the night of Shabe Qadr in the month of Ramadan , one gets the reward of one thousand nights of worship.

Description : What do you do for a living ?

Last Answer : If the place of urination is not washed with water in the place of shame , there is severe torment in the grave.

Description : What to do to wake up in the morning innocent ?

Last Answer : After reciting Surah Yaseen after Asr prayer, he fell asleep.

Description : What if 60,000 angels pray day and night ?

Last Answer : 60,000 angels will continue to pray till morning for the person who will recite Surah Dukhan on Friday evening (ie Thursday night). And for those who recite this Surah on Friday morning, 60,000 angels ... angels. And the angels will continue to send down upon him mercy from morning till evening.

Description : What do you do for a living ?

Last Answer : Ayatul Kursi came out of the house in the morning while reading. Allah Ta'ala provides sustenance.

Description : What do you do for a living ?

Last Answer : If you wake up in the morning and smoke before eating anything.

Description : What do you do for a living ?

Last Answer : Speaking aloud.

Description : What do you do for a living ?

Last Answer : The boy tied the root of the dwarf hat around the girl's neck.

Description : Shame on you for doing something ?

Last Answer : If you lie down with your legs raised.

Description : What do you do for a living ?

Last Answer : If the victim hangs a broken bone pot.

Description : The heart is always weak when you do something ?

Last Answer : Talking to someone by ear.

Description : What do you do for a living ?

Last Answer : If you are lazy and unemployed.

Description : Peace of mind at home ?

Last Answer : If you have spiders in the house.

Description : What makes a woman lose her husband so quickly ?

Last Answer : When you look at the woman wearing clothes and looking at her waist.

Description : How to make a business out of money ?

Last Answer : If you do business by selling land , house , cow , goat , jewelry.

Description : title . _

Last Answer : Always bring a towel.

Description : What do you do for a living ?

Last Answer : Scratch the head with a broken comb.

Description : What day is it ?

Last Answer : Always bring a towel.

Description : What do you do for a living ?

Last Answer : When eating, the index finger is raised and the food is eaten.

Description : What do you do for a living ?

Last Answer : Bhota da or kaste or bhota yantra paati by kari karile sansaare sab saare deva laigiye thake.

Description : What is it like to wash dishes and drink water after eating ?

Last Answer : It is sunnat to wash dishes and drink water after eating

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Last Answer : I rubbed my hands on the plate after eating.

Description : title : _

Last Answer : Ashanti comes home and blocks the house.

Description : What happens when you cut your nails with your teeth ?

Last Answer : It is not good to cut nails with teeth. It can cause illness. And cutting nails with teeth can never improve.

Description : What is the best way to get rid of sin ?

Last Answer : If Kalima Shahdat reads too much.

Description : Amalnama will come in the right hand if you do any work ?

Last Answer : If you keep your parents happy.

Description : What work will you do with the adulterers in the hereafter ?

Last Answer : The woman who will walk barefoot.

Description : If you do any work, you will have to burn in the fire of hell for 28 million years ?

Last Answer : If you perform the prayer once without any excuse.

Description : Who wants to swallow the earth if he does any work ?

Last Answer : When committing zina, the earth wants to devour people.

Description : What is the Devil's Confession ?

Last Answer : If you stand up and drink, Satan will accept you as a friend.

Description : One thousand virtues per step ?

Last Answer : Eid al-Adha prayer time to come home.

Description : Why I Don't Believe in Polytheism ?

Last Answer : Surah An-Nahl ( النّحل )) , Verse: 19And Allah knows what you do not know and what you do not know.Pronunciation: Walla-hu ya'lamuma-tushirruna wama-tu'linun. Meaning: Allah knows what ... believed. Many say they are polytheistic monotheists. In fact, worshiping many gods is the name of polytheism.

Description : What is secularism ?

Last Answer : The term secularism has a wide meaning. However, secularism usually refers to the separate expression of state and religion. In this case, it means to run the state from outside the religion or ... Mostafa Kemal Ataturk. The Leicester Secular Society , founded in 1851, is the oldest secular society.

Description : What is atheism ?

Last Answer : Atheism (other names: atheism , atheism) is the name of a philosophy that does not acknowledge the existence of God or Creator and explains nature in a completely physical and natural way. The rejection ... atheists have only one thing in common , and that is to disbelieve in the existence of God.

Description : What is Negative and Positive Atheism ?

Last Answer : Negative atheism (English: Negative atheism) which is called weak atheism (English: weak atheism) or soft atheism (English: soft atheism ) ; That is the kind of atheism where a person does not believe in ... atheism" in 1968, and later in 1990, in the writings of George H. Smith and Michael Martin.

Description : What is Talmud ?

Last Answer : A complete set of Babylonian tamud. Talmud (English: Talmud, Hebrew: 6), talmūd means to teach , study , discuss from LMD ) is a holy book of the Jews , not like the Torah. This is known ... Era) , written between the 2nd and 5th centuries, gives an analysis of the original text of the mission.

Description : What is the Hebrew Bible ?

Last Answer : Hebrew Bible Manuscripts (Eleventh Century) The Hebrew Bible refers to the general portion of the religious books of the Jews and Christians. Scholars use this term as neutral when referring to the Old ... word Tanakh consists of the initials of three parts of the book: Torah , Nabiim , Ketubim.

Description : What is Philosophical Satanism ?

Last Answer : LaVeyan Satanism is a religious doctrine that is also known as Atheistic Satanism or a class of modern Satanism. This doctrine was founded in 1969 by Anton LaVey , and its basic tenets are found in ... The Satanic Witch, Lavi writes in detail on the subject of magic and ritualistic behavior.

Description : What is magic or sorcery ?

Last Answer : Magic is a conceptual method by which man establishes a supernatural , semi-physical or supernatural explanation of any natural phenomenon , object , creature or physical activity of nature. Influenced ... perform and the beliefs that they take to explain different things can also be called magic.

Description : What is Satanism ?

Last Answer : The symbol of Satanism and the symbol of the black magicians . The New Testament provides a more detailed account of Jesus' temptation. In the Abrahamic religion, Satan is compared to a devilish ... on the other hand, consider themselves atheists and consider the devil as a symbol of human evil.

Description : What is Satanism ?

Last Answer : The most common symbol of Satanism is the sabotic goat or buffomate of the Eliphaz Levy. In theistic satanism (theistic satanism , also known as orthodox satanism or spiritual satanism) ... bad word for other theistic satanic groups. Christians complain that reverse Christians practice Black Month.