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Description : Explain Briefing the half yearly schedule maintenance of OH mains?

Last Answer : Ans. "(a) Check all the jumper connections (b) Check any connections of the strands of the conductor (c ) Check and ensure proper earth connection (d) Check proper fixation of insulators, stay wires, guard wires, etc. (e) Check proper tensioning and connection of service wires."

Description : What are the schedule maintenance to be carried out OH mains & UG Cables?

Last Answer : Ans. Following are the schedule to be maintained of HO mains and UG cables. a. OH mains – Every Half yearly b. UG.Cables – Every Yearly. During those schedules, for OH, Guarding condition of insulators, sag in OH line are to be checked for UG cables, cables are to be beggared for their IR values.

Description : How to Make a Workout Schedule

Last Answer : How to Make a Workout Schedule One of the toughest thing about sticking to a workout is finding the time to actually do it. A lot of people end up claiming that they are too busy or ... Your body strength and endurance will have definitely improved, not to mention the health benefits you've earned.

Description : How to Fit Exercise into a Busy Schedule

Last Answer : How to Fit Exercise into a Busy Schedule One of the most common reasons why some people don't exercise at all is that they just couldn't find the time to exercise. Having no time is a very ... you can keep a fit and active body even if you don't have much time for a complete gym workout.

Description : How to Schedule a Business Meeting

Last Answer : How to Schedule a Business Meeting Many people in business today agree that meetings, when held too frequently and when allowed to drag on needlessly, can actually be counterproductive. Meetings should ... tasks on schedule, and at the same time keep your employees productive and well-informed.

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