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Description : Why am I getting bad grades even though im putting in just as much effort in as I always did and made A's?

Last Answer : I suggest you discuss this with the instructors involved. They know why you are getting these grades and can give you pointers on how to improve.

Description : Could you tell me your opinion about the following quote of one of Carroll Quigley's works?

Last Answer : Great quote, bit long.

Description : Do kids carry their textbook back home in the 19th century?

Last Answer : First of all, that evolution is stupid. I graduated class of 2019 and everyone still had backpacks. graduated college 2021 and guess what backpacks. Not one used a freaking handbag? Books are ... it. Similar to now. Some people have actual backpacks, but some people use smaller sized backpacks.

Description : What negative behavior or trait did you catch in time before It was too late?

Last Answer : Smoking cigarettes. I have been quit long enough that my life expectancy is no different than a non-smoker. Ideological thinking. There is nothing worse than this. It will destroy you and keep you ... career path from music to STEM. Nothing wrong with music but a regular paycheck is pretty nice.

Description : Is having one D bad when all your other classes are A's and B's?

Last Answer : I got a D in geometry when I was a sophomore. I was vastly more interested in Caroline sitting next to me than the coursework if I remember. Yeah my parents were unhappy but it was not the end of the ... in geometry. As long as you don't keep getting D's then you don't have much to worry about.

Description : How do you do it?

Last Answer : I remember when I was in elementary school. We had recently moved here. I entered the sixth grade, and to say that I was not welcome would be an understatement. My parents were struggling to survive week ... into words, I have not doubt your life will be much better before you are in your twenties.

Description : During your school days, did you compulsively stab your rubber with a pencil?

Last Answer : Yes, but mostly I used my compass and the double pointed one from my geometry set. In high school I did the plus one plus one plus one in my, $160 TI-85 graphics calculator. My record is 2600~ in one class.

Description : How do class clowns turn out?

Last Answer : I’m here. So am I ok?

Description : Are there any linguistic contortions in English speaking countries, when they are teaching about Immanuel Kant in school?

Last Answer : They don’t teach about Kant in school and soon they won’t even be teaching real American history in school.

Description : How has mask wearing changed kids' behavior in school?

Last Answer : My 5 year old grandson is in school. Mask wearing does not make any difference in behavior. The kids act exactly the same way they did before. They don’t even notice the masks.

Description : Why do most commercials for universities, college or schools feature only female actors?

Last Answer : What are you thinking?

Description : How do I start a friendship with someone?

Last Answer : Since you have classes together, you could ask him a question about a class topic. Keep it broad, so he has many ways to answer. Don’t ask a question that can be answered with us or no. Good luck.

Description : Can attraction towards somebody make your mind sharp?

Last Answer : Love makes you stupid. You won’t be as sharp.

Description : Are kids going back to school where you live and are the covid precautions the same as last year?

Last Answer : Last year my grandkids were remote learning. This year they will be in person, masked.

Description : Why is social interaction so important?

Last Answer : Don’t worry, those who bully you will one day be in your shoes looking for a job. I rarely get bullyied any more, in real life, by my peers. Most adults grow up and stop being bullies. Those that don’t will end up in prison. Or to end up without a job and you being the boss

Description : What is a good excuse explanation for when your parents ask why your grades are so low?

Last Answer : You bequeathed me inferior genes.

Description : Did you learn about US slavery and segregation in K-12 school?

Last Answer : I grew up in the ‘60s in Oakland. We learned about slavery early. We learned about the underground railroad, the capture of Africans and the story of the Amistadt, the Civil War, it’s causes and effects. But I never heard about Juneteenth till at least the ‘80s.

Description : Did you learn about the Holocaust in K-12 school?

Last Answer : I learned about it from books, and television programming.

Description : Should college athletes be paid?

Last Answer : Of course. They have been ripped off – slaves with no pay – for 50+ years. The Supreme Court should have gone further than it did. The concept that Ohio State makes $900 million/year on NCAA Athletics and the players get bupkis is absurd.

Description : Have you ever used a school shower after gym?

Last Answer : In intermediate school (Grades 7 and 8) and high school, there was no avoiding it. Physical Education was a required course, and showering afterward was a required.

Description : Are class clowns better at public speaking?

Last Answer : 1) - you don't need the apostrophe in clown's'. It's a plural. 2) No - class clowns are often good at zingers or quips or in-the-moment sort of quick remarks. You know, the sort ... what you're saying, and then need to wind up with a persuasive repetition of your point. Totally different skills.

Description : Why does a human body drown if it has a density of less than 1?

Last Answer : Define “drowns”.

Description : What is procedure of calculation for the volume of certain objects, one of 10 kg and another of 100 kg, with an approximation of 10%?

Last Answer : You need to know the density of what you are measuring. 1 litre of water = 1kg. 1 litre of oil is less than 1kg. 1 litre of mercury = more than 1kg. Volume measures are NOT weight measures. ... litre of rice vs 1 litre of sugar, or packed brown sugar. They are all going to be different weights.

Description : Do you over think your big decisions?

Last Answer : No. I’m fairly spontaneous about most things.

Description : What would you do if you were in mom's place?

Last Answer : As a parent, I would do what I could to encourage my child to take advantage of the opportunity. To make it real world, a child that talented would be able to secure scholarships and grants. Money isn't the ... but the aunt isn't a reason to stay. The father has stepped up, so that isn't an issue.

Description : Any tricks on how to unblock school websites?

Last Answer : Get your own ISP, schools block all kinds of websites.

Description : Should homework in school be abolished as capitalist indoctrination?

Last Answer : Homework wouldn’t be needed if kids went to school full time all year round. But capitalist indoctrination?? You make it sound like a bad thing…

Description : Do schools hire industrial psychologists?

Last Answer : In the US, most school systems have specifically trained social workers available.

Description : Where is the Merry-Go-Round featured in the movie Free to Be You and Me located?

Last Answer : It looks like Jane’s Carousel in Brooklyn

Description : How would you have reacted to school closings as a student?

Last Answer : I would have hated it. I loved school. Plus my mom would have been a horrible teacher.

Description : Research question about the Chinese influence in EU/US schools?

Last Answer : In order to figure out your question, you need to think about what you find most interesting in the articles you have read. Furthermore, you want to ask something that isn't already known ( ... particular mindset being allowed in to begin with. This filtering process is its own kind of censorship.

Description : If you had a dollar for every time algebra and calculus helped you in life would you have n dollars?

Last Answer : Simple math plays a part in everyones daily life. Algebra and calculus would depend if your occupation requires them.

Description : What are modern kindergarten students graded on ?

Last Answer : It depends on the goals that are set. Counting, calender understanding, colors, following direction. But kindergarten really isn’t structured enough to grade much.

Description : Why don't they ask themselves any questions?

Last Answer : Because jumping to conclusions requires no effort, no discipline, no epistemology, no consideration for others-traits that appear to have been lost with the so called Great Generation. Sounds real ... the practice is becoming so common that there is little or no risk of social disapproval.

Description : In online summer school are you supposed to answer all questions in the preamble to the question?

Last Answer : I have no idea what you are talking about. What is online summer school? Is it run by the government? Does the course count on your high school record?

Description : Have you heard any one talk as though they're swallowing, or choking, on certain words?

Last Answer : Yes. I had a co-worker who had all of his teeth pulled, and after he healed up, he got false teeth. He couldn’t hardly talk, much less eat.

Description : How do I find out information about my old middle school?

Last Answer : Here are five ideas to try: Look for the location of the old school using Google Maps and see if anything close by reminds you of the name. See if a former classmate can be located on social media, ... the old school gone. I didn't like my high school much, but I did love the old junior high.

Description : Can I get your thoughts on this before I approach the person?

Last Answer : Only problem is, if I had been in the class alone, as a sub, how the hell am I going to know if all my students are accounted for? Short of taking roll, which half the time I'm not even ... kid with the green card. Advise the teacher who created the card to stay after class and work on her diction.

Description : At school, why is "cheating" seen as a negative, when in the real world, it is seen as normal and even expected for you to consult reference material, and subcontract tasks to other people?

Last Answer : It is like in grade school up to grade 9 you are expected to know how to use pen and paper for math and not be dependent on a calculator. After grade 9 you are welcome to use a calculator. For cheating ... , just in case you get a real job. Afterwards you can hire a sub-contractor to do the work.

Description : Have you ever graded students' work?

Last Answer : Not exactly, but sort of. For a couple years in the 1990s, I was a member of a grant-reading / assessment committee in my state. Libraries across the state would put in requests for LSTA money ( ... , some worse, some not worth funding, some needed more work, etc. Just like students and test score.

Description : What tasks at home, work, school, or play would you like not to be automated?

Last Answer : Cooking, as in, I don't think I would ever need a food replicator like they have on Star Trek. Although it would be fun to try it out. I enjoy cooking. I do use a gas stove and oven, and ... I would not want to have to build, and cook, over a campfire every time I wanted a plate of spaghetti.

Description : When I was a kid we didn't need armed guards or cops in school. We had Nuns! What is your experience with Nuns ?

Last Answer : I got an F in reading in the third term, second grade and the bitch held me back for another year! (I didn’t go to school there the following year so, nah nah na-nah-nah, Sister!)

Description : In the US do we use public school buses to take children to and from religious private schools?

Last Answer : No. Private and religious schools use their own buses. They must have the same sort of equipment, however, to transport children.

Description : Should I send my kid to school?

Last Answer : When in doubt, do not send the child to school. Call the school and explain.

Description : In school and university are you encouraged to learn the material or to improve the field?

Last Answer : A Bachelors degree is intended to teach you the fundamentals in depth. A Masters gets one to the point of being able to explore with guidance. A Doctorate is when one demonstrates the ability to take study into a new direction.

Description : What do you think about de-escalation safe rooms for students?

Last Answer : I completely agree. They should have padded rooms where they can beat the shit out of each other.

Description : When is having a borrowed ladder from the movie GATTACA legit or ethical?

Last Answer : Love that movie.

Description : Do I take an internship or study abroad?

Last Answer : Hi! Nice to see you back. Both sound great. I was leaning towards the DC gig, but as I read through it became much less clear. I’m eager to see what others think.

Description : Should I be nervous about graduating high school?

Last Answer : Yes, you should. Real life begins after high school. Time to (seriously!) grow up, if you haven’t already. (No offense intended.) Good luck!

Description : What grade did you start learning multiplication?

Last Answer : In Tennessee, we started learning to multiply simple numbers in third grade. Yes, allusions to the reproduction of rabbits was sometimes used. I didn’t have to memorize multiplication tables until fifth grade. By then, we had to memorize them and answer questions in drills or quizzes.