Whats a facebook "poke" ?

1 Answer

Answer :

the other person just gets a message saying theyve been poked by you

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Last Answer : Poke = Didn’t have anything important to say, just wanted to let you know you we’re on my mind.

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Description : In heating frozen foods in sealed pouches in a microwaves, why do you first poke holes in the pouch? (1) To prevent the steam pressure from bursting open the pouch (2) To allow the heat to get into ... into the food through the holes (4) To allow the aroma of the food to come out through the holes

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Last Answer : By the way, I tried to use the ‘help’ button on FB, but no dice. Tried to log out so I could use the ‘help’ button… nope, it won’t let me do anything!

Description : Facebook. What's the draw?

Last Answer : I prefer facebook over myspace for my social life. I post pictures and vids and chat with my friends. For me it’s simple and that’s why I like it. For commercial reasons I would do myspace. In fact I use myspace for my photography profile and to show off work. Nothing more.

Description : What does a half green circle in facebook messenger mean?

Last Answer : Have you tried clicking on it? Maybe it’s a message about the data breach. I haven’t seen that on mine.

Description : Facebook users: If you join other social network sites, do you attach the account to your FB or do you keep them separate?

Last Answer : I never do anything that I have to log in with Facebook.

Description : How can a friend protect her Facebook account?

Last Answer : Add a tougher security question. My Facebook account was hacked two years ago. they got my security question and changed the password. I forgot my security answer, and they stole my account. I made a new ... s to my names. Don't send me money without confirmation, because chances are its not me.

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Last Answer : Facebook and Adblock Plus are engaged in a bit of war. Facebook keep changing their site to defeat the adblocker and ad block plus keep changing to get round it. This has been going on for at least a couple of months Give it a couple of days and ad block plus will start working again.

Description : Do you believe Facebook have been censoring their trending topics?

Last Answer : Something shady, underhanded and manipulative going on in the realm of mass media? IMPOSSIBLE SIR! I challenge you to prove such a theory, or retract it instantly, otherwise I shall be forced to prove it upon your person!

Description : In facebook messenger app, what does the circle within a circle mean?

Last Answer : The empty circle means that it was successfully sent. The filled circle means that their device has successfully received the message. And like you said, the pic means they’ve actually read the message.

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Last Answer : S/he would be considered a friend and get what you share with friends.

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Last Answer : I’m on Pinterest a lot. I have Linkedin and Twitter too. I don’t like Facebook. To much drama.

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Last Answer : Something connected to her fave sport or hobby? Any interests that could help create a name?

Description : Do you have a good and simple way to log in facebook in China?

Last Answer : Find a proxy that works in china, I am not in china so I can’t test any of them.

Description : I don't mean to keep ragging on Facebook, but will you hear me out?

Last Answer : I haven’t noticed these scams yet. But then I don’t live in FB much. Seems hokey.

Description : What is it about the Facebook game Mafia Wars that seems to inspire such a cult following?

Last Answer : Same thing about dumb ass time wasting games like Farm Ville. People have nothing better to do and would rather sit in front of a computer and get addicted to games like those or “POT FARM” than go take a hike in the fuckin beautiful fall weather. Gross.

Description : I have a restricted Facebook profile. Is there a way I can e-mail a link to my facebook profile without having to adjust my security settings?

Last Answer : If you go to Facebook, and click on your name in the upper right hand corner, next to Find Friends and Home, it’ll send you to the link you need to send your friends.

Description : Does Unsubscribe go both ways? (Facebook)

Last Answer : Assuming that all you did is unsubscribe from their news feeds, then they were still able to see all of your posts. This sudden resurgence of comments is most likely a coincidence.

Description : If you have a Facebook: Do you like it? Should I get one? Explain your favorite things about facebook?

Last Answer : In 3 minutes I can quickly scan everyone’s messages, and feel like I am keeping in touch with them. I can quickly post a message, and not need to specify all the family or friend emails to tell them.

Description : How do you feel about Instagram now that it's been bought by Facebook?

Last Answer : I feel like I wish my sons had been the developers. Other than that, a program that is owned and operated by Facebook is one I’m much less likely to use.

Description : Why Do You use Fluther to ask questions and not Facebook or any other social network?

Last Answer : I am grateful to Fluther: 1) to be able to ask a question and get feedback before I make any comments/questions on Facebook an possibly offend someone 2) To receive honest candid answers, and ... a little less seriously a give myself a few degrees of Course Correction' in this journey called Life

Description : How do you send a Facebook message to multiple people at once?

Last Answer : answer:- Click on Messages, on the top left - Click on + New Message - Start typing name of first person, a list will come up like when you tag someone in a photo - Click on them to select ... message everyone attending an event you've created with one click, but I haven't had cause to do this.

Description : On facebook, why do some people list their friends as brothers and sisters, even list being married to them when they're not?

Last Answer : May happen after a frape (a couple of my male mates now say they are married on facebook as they do act like a married couple sometimes, after someone set it without them knowing as a joke, they just left ... family. Other than that it is a little weird and I dont do it but each to their own hey!

Description : Can I press charges against someone for communicating threats via facebook?

Last Answer : Yes, you can. It does not matter how or through what medium the threat is communicated.

Description : How to see my old posts in groups on Facebook?

Last Answer : Currently, there is no search option to look for older posts. So it’s the good old fashioned way of manual scrolling. Facebook really needs to add a search option to look for older posts in your profile, groups and pages and the ability to unfriend someone directly from your newsfeed.

Description : New Facebook layout question: Is there a way to display birthdays on the homepage?

Last Answer : I just got on Facebook a minute ago, and the layout has changed again. They made it easier to get to the most recent stories, gave the option of turning off notifications for close friends, and now ... pretty sure they just adjusted it so we would be able to see them. Perhaps you should look again?

Description : Why does anyone purposely allow facebook or google to know where they are?

Last Answer : Home insurance companies will love this :-/ Lol…........

Description : Do you think google + (plus) will hold up against it's well-established competitor, Facebook?

Last Answer : answer:If facebook keeps doing stupid shit (like this new stalker feed thing) it won’t even need google+ to die off. I personally do not like google+. I will not be using it.

Description : Do you agree with this father's decision to sue Facebook? (Details inside)

Last Answer : I believe he does not. I believe it is the parent’s responsibility to educate their children about proper safety and computer usage. The ‘threat of pedophiles’, so to speak, is rather everywhere and most molesters and abusers aren’t strangers that find pics on FB but are in the kids’ lives already.

Description : How to hide individual pictures in album 'Profile Pictures' on Facebook?

Last Answer : I don’t think that you can. Wall photos can be screened individually, but all of the others are by album.

Description : Anyone having random ads in the middle of their facebook profile?

Last Answer : They are the stuck on band aid brand commercial videos.

Description : On Facebook, how do I remove someone as my "family member"?

Last Answer : go to “edit profile” on the left side bar, go to the tab that says “friends and family” you can edit there as you wish. :)

Description : Are there any free mirror/tunnel sites to access facebook/youtube in China?

Last Answer : just search web proxy on google, there are some downloadable programs that should work well.

Description : Why do apps on facebook require access to your personal information and more?

Last Answer : Because selling on that information is the only way they can make money? (that is meant more as another question than an actual answer)