Who do you think Jason "the bachelor" will pick in the end of this year's season?

1 Answer

Answer :

Uhh, that one chick. The one with the rose.

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Description : Do you think Dollhouse will be cancelled after the end of season 2?

Last Answer : I think so. It was hyped up to be a brilliant show but it turned out to only be so so… Doubt it will make it past season 2. If, by some miracle it does then It will probably die in it’s third.

Description : With the end of season 7, do you have any predictions for Game Of Thrones?

Last Answer : There will be no season eight in 2018

Description : when does the lost season end?

Last Answer : answer:Only eight episodes have been filmed this season. Episode six aired last Thursday. You have two more episodes and then you will have to wait about a month until you get a new one. And I am going to miss the show so much while it is away.

Description : If you had to pick either Chuckie, Jason Voorhees, or Freddy as your father who would it be?

Last Answer : Jason is a mommy boy. he wouldn’t protect his kids. (they’d be a mothers day gift)

Description : Jason is lying dead. He has an iron bar across his back and some food lying in front of him. How did Jason meet his sorry end? -Riddles

Last Answer : He is a mouse caught in a mousetrap.

Description : What did you think of the finale of Wayward Pines? Do you think there will be a second season?

Last Answer : I saw episodes 1–3, and I didn’t care for it. The suspense is just way too overcooked and the plot twists and cliffhangers grew tiresome, as with most modern mystery shows in my opinion.

Description : What do you think about Dexter's last season?

Last Answer : I watched the first, oh, I dunno, how many seasons. Please spoiler me! I have been meaning to catch up on Netflix but….I am one that doesn’t mind spoilers, I will still be into the unfoldings.

Description : What do you think will happen in the final season of "Lost"?

Last Answer : I’m actually surprised to hear it’s still running. I’m sure it was years ago that I stopped watching. How did they manage to stretch it out so long?

Description : Do you think any movie theaters across the country will be showing the Lost Season Premiere (1/21) on the big screen?

Last Answer : Sounds crazy coming from my ignorant perspective. But, like an interesting idea, even though I have no interest in and little knowledge about the series.

Description : What do you think about this new bachelor show, "More to Love"?

Last Answer : I don’t like the title. It offends me as I have some “more to love”.

Description : I have the opportunity to watch Outlander from its first season to current. Is is worth investing time into?

Last Answer : I love the show. Extremely well written. And I’m not a romance guy.

Description : From all Big Boss season, which one you like most?

Last Answer : I’ve never even heard of it. What is it about?

Description : WTF is happening on the new season of American Horror Story (spoilers)?

Last Answer : I know what you mean. I’m sure as the show progresses we’ll be able to connect the dots. If you remember, the first season gave rise to the same question. But you pretty much got it at the end. Let’s hope for the same.

Description : Where can I watch Weeds Season 7?

Last Answer : If you have Comcast, you can watch it on their website. Or, wait until February 21st, when it comes out on DVD.

Description : Is there a 3rd season of The Good Wife?

Last Answer : It is supposed to start next Sunday, January 7th. It’s one of my top five favorite shows. Oops, I goofed. It’s on Tuesday’s now, so it will be January 9th. Sorry for the misinformation.

Description : I've only just discovered Dr. Who. Can I start watching it from the middle of the 3rd season, or should I look for the first season and start from the beginning?

Last Answer : Me too. GQ. I really like the show.

Description : Are there any new shows on TV this season that you recommend?

Last Answer : Well it’s not exactly new, but Monk is always a great show, as are the national geographic specials.

Description : How many new episodes per season for American TV? and per series for British?

Last Answer : I’m not for certain, Jeruba, but whenever I get seasons of shows on DVD. They usually have around 22–26 episodes per season. This is for American/Canadian shows!

Description : Can someone summarize for me the Gormogon story arc from season three of Bones?

Last Answer : It’s been awhile; what have you seen so far?

Description : Is the Fringe season over?

Last Answer : Probably just off for the Christmas season. A lot of my shows are repeats until January.

Description : Why do some shows recap the entire season in the beginning of an episode?

Last Answer : answer:New footage costs money to produce, and there isn't as much money to go around as their used to be. For different reasons, soap operas rehash old plot points constantly. This is to ... ve missed past episodes. They just keep writing retellings of the same facts and anecdotes into the script.

Description : In True Blood, can vampires come out during the day if It's cloudy? (Spoilers from Season 2 ahead!)

Last Answer : No, I think the more direct the sun, the faster they burn. Just like your hair when it’s wet. In a cloudy day needs more time for the hair to dry, then in the bright sunny weather. At least that’s what I think…

Description : Will you be watching this exciting new season?

Last Answer : Oh yeh baby!!!! Cant wait to see Michael monster all the other drivers again!

Description : Can anyone show me the list of stars that are going to be on Dancing with the Stars this coming season?

Last Answer : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dancing_with_the_Stars_(U.S._season_10)#Couples

Description : Where can I watch all of Grey's Anatomy, Season 6, online?

Last Answer : ABC.com is probably re-showing it but slowly, so they might add an episode every week or so (They do that sometimes online to old shows). You can always google Grey's Anatomy season 6 online There ... i just Google it but here are some i remember www.mirutv.com www.yidio.com Check youtube too :]

Description : Anyone know the names to the songs played in the background during the first episode of season 9 of American Idol?

Last Answer : I recognized Boston by Augustana, More Than a Feeling by Boston and Fireflies by Owl City.

Description : Will there be a season 7 of Entourage?

Last Answer : Because HBO doesn’t follow the typical television season schedule, they usually have a lot more time between seasons than other shows do. Their seasons typically start back up 8–12 months after season finales. Shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm have gone almost 2 years between seasons.

Description : Which season of Buffy would be the best for helping me cope with and overcome my current crisis?

Last Answer : Well, season 5 has a few things that might make it apropos of the situation, considering that season's focus on Joyce and what Buffy does for Dawn in the end. That season annoyed me upon it's first ... Spike in season 4 (which I thought was awesome, otherwise) - but Fool for Love won me over.

Description : Where can I buy a DVD with one season of Dancing with the Stars?

Last Answer : http://www.amazon.com/Dancing-Stars-Bruno-Tonioli/dp/B00005JOHB/

Description : What upcoming t.v. shows are you looking forward to this Fall 2009 season?

Last Answer : Dollhouse Season 2, Castle Season 2, more Warehouse 13 (continuing from this summer). I wish Chuck was returning in the fall, but I’ll just have to wait until the spring.

Description : Anyone know when season 3 of Dexter will be released on DVD?

Last Answer : It will probably be a while. The season just ended. Great show by the way.

Description : Who is your Favorite on American Idol's Top 13 this season?

Last Answer : Adam’s gonna win. I don’t think it’s really fair – he’s performed in musical theater.

Description : What does the new season of 'Weeds' have in store for us?

Last Answer : Now its more like… What is the NEXT season going to bring? What’s going to happen with the whole Pilar thing?!

Description : Where can I find the last episode of this season of NCIS online?

Last Answer : http://www.cbs.com/primetime/ncis/

Description : Do you know this song from season 7, episode 23 of CSI Miami?

Last Answer : What is the episode about? I have about 20 of the episodes DVR’d and I’ll look for you if you tell me how the episode starts… mine doesn’t record the show titles for some reason.

Description : When does season 5 or Jon and Kate plus 8 come on?

Last Answer : When they need more money.

Description : When is the Mad Men Season 3 opener?

Last Answer : Some time in the summer. I don’t think the actual date has been announced yet. I would guess that it will return in May/June.

Description : When did Heroes season premiere air?

Last Answer : The week before, an episode titled “Four Months Later.” You can view it online at nbc.com.

Description : Who was in the coffin in the Lost season 3 finale?

Last Answer : we don’t know yet. We just know jack said it wasn’t friend or family at the viewing. A few people come to mind but I don’t want to post a spoiler.

Description : When does the new season of "24" start?

Last Answer : I heard January 2009.

Description : What season and episode do Mulder & Scully finally "get together"?

Last Answer : That’s the X-Files… Define better next time.

Description : When does the 11th season of Top Gear start in the US?

Last Answer : try goign to http://bbc.com

Description : Is there going to be a fifth season of desperate housewives ?

Last Answer : answer:I hope so! Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anotomy, & American Idol are the only times I know my wife will let me go skate! Can you suggest another couple of shows she would like?

Description : What the heck is with "Bones" this season?

Last Answer : So why are you watching it?

Description : How many NFL games are played on an average, regular-season Sunday?

Last Answer : answer:There are 32 teams so the maximum is 16, but not all the games are on Sunday. Some are on Monday, sometimes Thursday, and later in the season on Saturday. Also, each team will a have a ... week) during the season so at least two teams are off each week for that. Welcome to the collective.

Description : Is a bachelor of Arts degree now the new high school? Also I was wondering if everyone is screwed in one way or another?

Last Answer : answer: I would like to be a comedy writer one day Is there something stopping you from starting tomorrow morning at 9am sharp? Whether continued education would help or hinder that dream, I cannot ... not. Unless you're not feeling very funny. Maybe you'll feel funnier on Thursday. Start then.

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Last Answer : How about this one

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Last Answer : Here's a brief overview of the human services degree. Most of the time, Human Services is considered a separate field from psychology, though some colleges offer psych degrees with a concentration ... letter, you illustrate how your degree and work/internship experience are a match for the position.

Description : How many Bachelor Degrees do you have? Who studied what? :)

Last Answer : BA in Marketing.

Description : You have a Bachelor of Arts degree (psych major), and are willing to do one more year of schooling to specialize, what would you take (more details inside)

Last Answer : Most Master’s degrees require 1 /2 to 2 years of schooling. With that proviso, I would consider Library Science (duh) or an MSW. Neither will make you a fortune but both are very rewarding.