How do I stop being so nervous?

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Answer :

Don’t do the whole “imagine they were naked” thing. It dosent work (especially with your mother :))Practice doing your card tricks in front of the mirrior then slowly increace the number of people you preform in front of etc. After a while you should feel comfortable performing in public.

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Last Answer : Talking with a friend – preferably while walking Soaking in a tub Getting engrossed in a Netflix series Reading Cooking something nice for supper Watching the swallows on the lake Walking on the boardwalk by the ocean and people watching Eating ice cream

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Last Answer : answer:I think the only way would be to have your own email server set up to just forward it to the appropriate gmail account, but honestly if you have your own domain and email server, why ... available for existing Google Apps accounts. Seems like maybe it was an option before but not any more.

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