How do you handle stress?

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Answer :

Exercise.Just do it :)

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Description : How would you handle this work situation?

Last Answer : I would recommend that HR to request a psych evaluation and or get therapy for your co-worker.

Description : How do you handle work when your personal life interferes?

Last Answer : I didn't want to hear about this kind of stuff from my subordinates when I was working. I think you should do your best to keep your personal problems at bay during your work tour. That's just my ... boss and when I'm not. You'll have to decide since only you know your relationship with your boss.

Description : What is a slow paced easy job for someone who can not handle stressful work?

Last Answer : government employed janitor on a night shift

Description : Have you ever felt just before starting a new job that you just won't handle it, that you'll mess up or end up walking off?

Last Answer : I am a huge sufferer of imposter syndrome, so, always.

Description : If you were on a small commmittee that met once per week, and one of the other members appeared to dislike you, how would you handle it?

Last Answer : answer:You could try confronting her directly, but that seems unlikely to work with a person as passive-aggressive as she is. At least it would let her know that you are on to her. What does the committee do? Is its effectiveness impeded by her attitude?

Description : How do you handle brown noser's?

Last Answer : join or seperate, but you need to make the choice. Is your friend worth having to be a member?

Description : How do you politely handle an extremely assertive vendor?

Last Answer : Send them an e-mail that says exactly what you put in your question. It sounds reasonable, encouraging about the possible future business between your companies, but firm about your expectation of respect and cooperation.

Description : How do I handle this sexual harassment issue?

Last Answer : Regarding the blatant sexual harassment, I would hope since you've brought it up with management, that they do something about it. Hopefully they fire him. I've actually sued a company for sexual harassment ... care of by your employer. They shouldn't want to risk a lawsuit because of that guy.

Description : How would you handle losing a promotion because of an exec's snap judgment?

Last Answer : Sorry you are having to deal with this. How frustrating! I believe you are rightly upset and I would be as well. I think you took the first correct step. You discussed it with your Director. I would then ... this in stride, and that you do have the skills so they won't pass you up next go-around.

Description : How do I handle this co worker problem?

Last Answer : answer:You snore really badly. You need your privacy. You wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom a lot. You can't fall asleep with another person in the room. ... (an arrangement that happens to fall through at the last minute). You're bringing your girlfriend/boyfriend/mistress.

Description : Does uncertainty stress you?

Last Answer : answer:I am the last part. I have, as I have said before, OCD and panic attacks. No one knows it, because I hide it but I have them. My techniques are these: Try to find at least 1 ... the real most likely worst case scenario. Sometimes others can help with that. I hope this starts you off.

Description : How to handle stress?

Last Answer : First know everyone has stress. We just deal with it. I sometimes like music, other times I like art. I can lose myself in a good painting. The other thing is know you control your reaction to someone or ... . What's bugging you if you can say? Headaches aren't a good sign. PM me if you want.

Description : How does one handle overwhelming "bad" stress?

Last Answer : answer:Try to get exercise every day. Take hot baths (in epsom or other mineral salts). Take a walk out in nature. Try to reduce or eliminate the cause of the negative stress.

Description : What are some good ways to help a middle-schooler handle stress at school?

Last Answer : answer:Middle school is a very stressful time. It is just when all of the stresses of puberty click in. You might take your daughter to school early, and walk with her from class to class and to her locker ... . If not, get out a copy of the yearbook, and look them up. Show their pictures to her.

Description : How do you handle (school) stress?

Last Answer : I handle it by knocking out everything I’m supposed to do as soon as possible so that I no longer have to worry about it. If it’s a long project.. take short breaks.. then get right back to it and finish it. The faster it’s done.. the faster you can “get your chill on”.

Description : How do I handle the hurt and stress of a cheating husband?

Last Answer : Time to go!

Description : How do you handle stress/pressure?

Last Answer : Interview questions: How do you handle stress/pressure? Answer tips/answer samples: Following are some sample answers to this interview question: I know stress is an important issue at ... many useful measures to eliminate it, and as a result, my performance has increased outstandingly.

Description : How can I make money online or have a online job?

Last Answer : I know folks, including my older aunt (70’s) who have had luck finding online work at LINK

Description : Is there anything I can do?

Last Answer : Yes. You can seek professional help from a therapist. That is what I recommend.

Description : How do I go about this situation?

Last Answer : This is hard to read but I think finding a new job may be best. It sounds unfair and toxic. Good luck.

Description : Can you state the essence of your vocation or profession in one phrase or sentence?

Last Answer : Librarianship is connecting people with the information and resources they need.

Description : For those of you who have gone from working outside of the home to working from home due to COVID, how has it been?

Last Answer : I worked from home from March 2020 to June 2021 - working a few half days in the office from June 2020 to June 2021. I loved working at home. I loved not having the stressful one hour ride each ... , rather than be at the mercy of a new supervisor in a new department. I'm now happily retired.

Description : Is there something wrong with me that I feel this way?

Last Answer : Sorry you're going through this. It seems completely reasonable and understandable that you'd want to be at work. The challenges of work can be an appealing distraction from spending time feeling helpless in ... in any real sense, and I understand the mixed feelings and a desire for things to end.

Description : If all jobs were compensated with the same hourly amount, which would be most popular?

Last Answer : How much would welfare be?

Description : Jellies who are working: Are you working totally remotely, or part time in the office and part remote, or totally at the work site?

Last Answer : 100% remote. But I have worked 100% remote for the last 15 years, so for me it was no change and no hardship when others at the company made the change.

Description : Should I leave my retail job?

Last Answer : Sounds like you should, if you have someplace else to go. There are TONS of places looking for employees, so you shouldn’t have a tough time getting a new job.

Description : How's the United Kingdom holding up with their shortage of fuel and meat supply?

Last Answer : there’s nobody on here from England at the moment so you would probably be better off searching in newspapers for the answer as that’s all we would do as well.

Description : Is it normal for one's boss to be paid less than his employees?

Last Answer : It’s been my experience that manages of stores make a salary that is higher than their employees, but that they work much longer hours. So when that is factored in, they probably make less per hour (but are not paid hourly) than their employees.

Description : Should I confront this coworker, or leave it alone?

Last Answer : Leave it. Not worth the confrontation. But you have now learned something about her for the future.

Description : Why are volunteers, and interns, exempt from minimum wage laws?

Last Answer : You can look up the definition of volunteer.

Description : Should I take the settlement?

Last Answer : Did your lawyer say if he felt that you could get more money if you went to court?

Description : How late to work do you have to be, before your mad rush to get there as quickly as possible, turns into a leisurely stroll, because it does not matter anymore?

Last Answer : When I punched a time clock, the clock would register another tenth of an hour every 6 minutes. When they wanted you there and ready for work at 8 o’clock. they meant it!

Description : Should the "about" section on a LinkedIn page be written in the first or third person?

Last Answer : I agree that it should be in the first person. It is an overview of your professional accomplishments written by you. There is no illusion that it is about you as written by someone ... professional journal). Third person would read strangely to cookieman and cookieman would worry about that person.

Description : How long would you give a new job before leaving?

Last Answer : Nothing I've read here would make me plan to leave now, especially given global circumstances. In fact, I would find it exciting to develop a documentation system. Are you at a health insurance company? They are ... but it's generally a good place to work with good benefits. I'd say hang in there.

Description : How "weird" are you about people borrowing things from off your desk at work? (Just wondering if it's me or not)

Last Answer : If I’m there, ask. If I’m not there, bring the item back in as good or better condition as when it was found, and put it back where you found it. Leaving a note might help me not miss it if it’s taken for any length of time.

Description : The best share ride For going to work besides uber and lyft?

Last Answer : With a colleague.

Description : If you could afford to retire right now would you?

Last Answer : I would without doubt shut it down right now if I could afford to.

Description : What was the best job from which you were fired from?

Last Answer : Never been fired

Description : My Work/ Boss Forgot Admin's Day... AGAIN?

Last Answer : Most likely that your boss isn’t psychic. You need to tell them simply what you want.

Description : What are some free things your boss can do for you if he doesn't want to spend money on a raise for you?

Last Answer : They can give you a free lunch.

Description : Has there ever been a minimum wage lower than $0.00 a hour?

Last Answer : A person needs income to live on. Slaves had to be given free room and board. They had to either have been given food or provided with land to grow their own. Volunteers get $0.00. Could ... responsible position? Some of them may donate cash or supplies. Would that make them earn a negative income?

Description : What should I do?

Last Answer : Can you look for another job? This one doesn’t sound like it is a good place for you to work and it doesn’t sound like you can make any improvements there.

Description : Adult children, would you not move because your parents told you you couldn't?

Last Answer : Simple. Take the parents with her to the city. After all family stays together. The mother wouldn’t want the family broken up would she?

Description : Issue with My Vacation Time, what do you think...

Last Answer : First of all, you need to be firm here. You were told by your boss that you could work from home, and you did work from home. That cannot be interpreted as a vacation day, period. Did ... them back or makes you uncomfortable, demand that the conversation be had with HR present. This is wage theft.

Description : What tasks at home, work, school, or play would you like to be automated?

Last Answer : Folding laundry after it comes out of the dryer. Putting shirts on hangers. Unloading dishwasher.

Description : Is it a sin to skip work because I can't go around the time they planned me in?

Last Answer : It is not a sin but it is irresponsible.

Description : If you’re President of the USA determined to fix one of its biggest problems, who are the people you’re going to get advice from?

Last Answer : I would get on the line to all former living presidents and everyone else around that could provide me with reasonable, sound, doable solutions. Brainstorm, like what you are doing with this question. :D.

Description : Who's really more "entitled": young people or older people?

Last Answer : Young people. These days, they are spoiled ROTTEN!

Description : Should I take the job?

Last Answer : You don't have an interview or even a job yet. In the places I have worked I know it takes a minimum of 30 days to start a new job. You have to interview, usually they will interview other ... is. Will this job offer insurance? I say, take the job until another offer that you want comes through.

Description : If money wasn't an issue, would you quit your job?

Last Answer : Yes. Retire and veg.