What event or trip from your school years stands out the most in your memory?

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Answer :

A bunch of friends went and rented a ski lodge for a weekend. I was a total nerd at the time (along with a couple of others), and I didn’t ski, so a couple of us just stayed in the house and partied while everyone else went skiing…

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Last Answer : I suppose you could take them to America's Stonehenge and have a giant class picnic. Ostensibly they would be learning about history and archeology, but probably not really. Or you could ... Historic Site, and the Derry Museum of History. There are similar activities in Kingston and Londonderry.

Description : Have you ever taken part in a school event?

Last Answer : answer:I was in track and volley ball, in HS. In college I participated in a Renaissance fair. That was fun!

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Last Answer : answer:My kids' school had a list of questions to ask a kid about their day. They were open ended and were meant to ask the child about his feelings and impressions while learning. What was the most unusual ... didn't laugh all day? did you smile, or just frown all day? were you sad and crying?

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Last Answer : I would try fabric paint.

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Last Answer : I have a twin brother and an older sister all of which were in the band. We would sit in the back of the bus singing along to “The Cure” from a crappy little boombox at full volume. Everyone hated us.

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Last Answer : Not in high school. They didn’t teach either theory to the best of my memory. College got into it a little but not as an all or nothing type of thing.

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Last Answer : Our Track & Field and Cross Country teams. Most of us had already been running competitively throughout Junior High so when we got split up into different High Schools it was a bit exciting to compete ... fervently than as once team mates. We had great times at the meets, similar to family reunions.

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Last Answer : Try nytimes.com on almost any given day. If nothing jumps out at you, try searching the archives for Israel, Palestine, Yemen, etc….

Description : For those of you who were able to reconnect with people from high school (years later), were you surprised when you found out which individuals were gay/lesbian/or bi?

Last Answer : This is exactly why i only attended one reunion. i was shocked.

Description : If school lockers in reality are actually slowly becoming less common over the years across schools, why do a lot of media still sensationalized them as a symbolic part of school life?

Last Answer : Because reality is unrealistic. Television shows are written by people who had lockers (and often for people who had lockers) and need to be sold to network executives who had lockers. Also, ... these days are universally bereft of lockers in the hallways. The transition is as yet incomplete.

Description : Ever been back to your school building as an adult after 20-30 or more years? How did you feel?

Last Answer : No, but I wish I could. I do not know if my emotions would tend to the horrific or sentimental.

Description : If your child is 10 years old and has been getting bullied in school by another 10 year old what can be done about this?

Last Answer : answer:Go to the teacher and the principal again and immediately after that start approaching the parents of the sick little monsters threatening with legal action against them. If they don't seem to care, ... APPROACH THE SCHOOL IN A FRIENDLY WAY, SHOW THEM YOU MEAN BUSINESS IF THINGS DON'T CHANGE!

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Last Answer : You call it pop!!!! Where are you from? lol I'm not sure that there would be any residual effects from a crappy diet when you were in school. Maybe I'm wrong. It does happen ... at all. Dinner was always healthy because my mom doesn't believe in pre packaged food. Everything from scratch.

Description : School wants 3 years old to wear regular underwear?

Last Answer : Trust me, they all say that and trust me more that all their kids aren’t potty-trained. I’d say your kid is doing quite well and you should just let them know he is potty trained and if pees or poops, just tell them he’s having an adjustment issue…it’s not like they’ll force you to take him back.

Description : Is law school worth $150k in student loans, 3 years' lost wages, and concomitant stress?

Last Answer : Law school does not have to cost that much. My “sister-in-law” just graduated from law school. Considering how much she’s currently earning at her entry-level position, I’d say yes.

Description : Undervoltage trips are frequently installed on switchboard circuit breakers to trip ____________. A. out generators in the event of severe arcing or sparking B. out generators when there is reversal of power ... , but continues to run D. out generators when there is low voltage in the main circuit

Last Answer : Answer: D

Description : The purpose of the reverse power relay, provided on a ship's service alternator panel, is to trip the circuit in the event of ______________. A. main circuit overload B. high power transfer C. generator overspeeding D. alternator motorization

Last Answer : Answer: D

Description : I have a horrible memory. How can I study so that I remember things?

Last Answer : Make flash cards on 3×4 or 4×6 cards. They are great for this type of study and easy to carry around.

Description : Do you have gaps in your memory?

Last Answer : There are a lot of people (teachers, old friends etc) that I have forgotten about since leaving school. It's weird when someone adds me as a friend on Facebook and I can see that we have a ... have put on Facebook about themselves and yet, nothing. That has happened to me on quite a few occassions.

Description : EST stands for ____________. A. Earliest Start Time. B. Event Start Time. C. Effective Start Time. D. Essential Start Time.

Last Answer : A. Earliest Start Time.

Description : Oh boy this is gonna be a trip, what's your most nostalgic memory from your childhood?

Last Answer : Going to the aquarium with my dad.

Description : How do I find out information about my old middle school?

Last Answer : Here are five ideas to try: Look for the location of the old school using Google Maps and see if anything close by reminds you of the name. See if a former classmate can be located on social media, ... the old school gone. I didn't like my high school much, but I did love the old junior high.

Description : Do you think it would work if everyone started keeping their kids home from school until this gun problem is figured out?

Last Answer : Not when the politicians who support guns are the same ones who are antagonistic towards public schools. The walkout is a perfectly fine idea to bring attention to the problem, but a long-term boycott would just be a tool for undermining public education.

Description : What are some unusual punishments that your school metted out ?

Last Answer : My kindergarten teacher used to shove me into the toilet after I failed to sing a song she taught. Another one attempted to cut my hand off when I misbehaved, leaving a mark that is still ... had spoken out people would have thought it was my fault for misbehaving and the teachers were right.

Description : Is it possible to drop out of high school and re-enroll a few months later?

Last Answer : answer:Have you talked to a guidanace counselor at your school about these issues? Being droopy, having low energy and finding yourself uninterested in things that you used to enjoy are classic ... -year of high school completed successfully, I think. Gather accurate info from your guidance office.

Description : Should I freak out over a new public school?

Last Answer : You will be fine. Most of the kids there have not gone to that school either so a fresh start for everyone. Most parochial schools have more rigorous school programs so you should be prepared. Just be ready for a small culture shock and after that focus on school the rest will fall into place.

Description : Have you ever shammed out of work or school? What did you do during that time? Did you get in trouble?

Last Answer : I skipped a good part of my first semester of University. We went to a friend’s place and played poker, and a few times would go to Cheri Champange’s (strip club) with the boys. I managed to pull off good grades, though.

Description : Where can I find moms and dads from Canada to fill out my survey for school?

Last Answer : i am a canadian mom.

Description : If your kid’s friend wants to change gender should the school allow it or would you pull your kid out from that school?

Last Answer : Teaching children that they should run from unusual situations is not a good way to raise compassionate, understanding children.

Description : Can you be kicked out of school because of your age?

Last Answer : In what way? Too old? Too young? Can you give more information about the situation?

Description : How do I figure out what my GPA will be after this semester without having to calculate every class I've taken for the past 2 years?

Last Answer : You need to know how many credits you've taken so far, and how many you're taking this semester. For example, let's say you're a sophomore currently. So you've completed 2 semesters, of 16 credits each (my ... then, you'll have a total of 48 credits and 117.92 points. 117.92 / 48 = 2.456666667 GPA.

Description : During your school days, did you compulsively stab your rubber with a pencil?

Last Answer : Yes, but mostly I used my compass and the double pointed one from my geometry set. In high school I did the plus one plus one plus one in my, $160 TI-85 graphics calculator. My record is 2600~ in one class.

Description : Are there any linguistic contortions in English speaking countries, when they are teaching about Immanuel Kant in school?

Last Answer : They don’t teach about Kant in school and soon they won’t even be teaching real American history in school.

Description : How has mask wearing changed kids' behavior in school?

Last Answer : My 5 year old grandson is in school. Mask wearing does not make any difference in behavior. The kids act exactly the same way they did before. They don’t even notice the masks.

Description : Are kids going back to school where you live and are the covid precautions the same as last year?

Last Answer : Last year my grandkids were remote learning. This year they will be in person, masked.

Description : Did you learn about US slavery and segregation in K-12 school?

Last Answer : I grew up in the ‘60s in Oakland. We learned about slavery early. We learned about the underground railroad, the capture of Africans and the story of the Amistadt, the Civil War, it’s causes and effects. But I never heard about Juneteenth till at least the ‘80s.

Description : Did you learn about the Holocaust in K-12 school?

Last Answer : I learned about it from books, and television programming.

Description : Have you ever used a school shower after gym?

Last Answer : In intermediate school (Grades 7 and 8) and high school, there was no avoiding it. Physical Education was a required course, and showering afterward was a required.

Description : Any tricks on how to unblock school websites?

Last Answer : Get your own ISP, schools block all kinds of websites.

Description : Should homework in school be abolished as capitalist indoctrination?

Last Answer : Homework wouldn’t be needed if kids went to school full time all year round. But capitalist indoctrination?? You make it sound like a bad thing…

Description : How would you have reacted to school closings as a student?

Last Answer : I would have hated it. I loved school. Plus my mom would have been a horrible teacher.

Description : In online summer school are you supposed to answer all questions in the preamble to the question?

Last Answer : I have no idea what you are talking about. What is online summer school? Is it run by the government? Does the course count on your high school record?

Description : At school, why is "cheating" seen as a negative, when in the real world, it is seen as normal and even expected for you to consult reference material, and subcontract tasks to other people?

Last Answer : It is like in grade school up to grade 9 you are expected to know how to use pen and paper for math and not be dependent on a calculator. After grade 9 you are welcome to use a calculator. For cheating ... , just in case you get a real job. Afterwards you can hire a sub-contractor to do the work.

Description : What tasks at home, work, school, or play would you like not to be automated?

Last Answer : Cooking, as in, I don't think I would ever need a food replicator like they have on Star Trek. Although it would be fun to try it out. I enjoy cooking. I do use a gas stove and oven, and ... I would not want to have to build, and cook, over a campfire every time I wanted a plate of spaghetti.

Description : When I was a kid we didn't need armed guards or cops in school. We had Nuns! What is your experience with Nuns ?

Last Answer : I got an F in reading in the third term, second grade and the bitch held me back for another year! (I didn’t go to school there the following year so, nah nah na-nah-nah, Sister!)

Description : In the US do we use public school buses to take children to and from religious private schools?

Last Answer : No. Private and religious schools use their own buses. They must have the same sort of equipment, however, to transport children.

Description : Should I send my kid to school?

Last Answer : When in doubt, do not send the child to school. Call the school and explain.

Description : In school and university are you encouraged to learn the material or to improve the field?

Last Answer : A Bachelors degree is intended to teach you the fundamentals in depth. A Masters gets one to the point of being able to explore with guidance. A Doctorate is when one demonstrates the ability to take study into a new direction.

Description : Should I be nervous about graduating high school?

Last Answer : Yes, you should. Real life begins after high school. Time to (seriously!) grow up, if you haven’t already. (No offense intended.) Good luck!

Description : When you were in grade school did you raise your three middle fingers to single that you have to use the washroom?

Last Answer : No, I just went, whenever I pleased. Sometimes the teacher tried to prevent me from going, so I just went up to her and pissed on the floor right then and there, while staring at her face.