If a great plastic surgeon was going to give you free plastic surgery, and your job was going to give you paid leave for recovery, would you accept the gift of the surgery and what would you have done?

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I don’t know. There are certainly areas of my body I’d like to have lifted, reduced and just made prettier again. However, I’d be worried about things going wrong. Infections/scarring etc. I remember my sister having a tummy tuck. The wound became infected and it looked like a shark attack! It was horrible. So I’m not sure. I think if I felt very confident about the surgeon, I’d definitely consider it. I’d want to get good advice on what to have done.

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Last Answer : Ask him how many times he has done the surgery. If over several hundred w. good results, that is helpful info. Is this considered (you should forgive the expression) "garden-variety" surgery? Or something unusual?

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Last Answer : Dr. David S. Edelman at 8940 N Kendall Dr. #804E is in Miami and will do groin hernia and has had several positive reviews from his patients.

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Last Answer : The answer to that is what you do for a living. If you sit behind a desk, it’s going to be quicker. My husband had it several years ago. He was a diesel mechanic & he was off for 9 months. I’m sure each situation is unique to the person.

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Last Answer : Undergoing hip surgery can be scary for anyone. It is veryimportant for you to learn everything you can about the surgery andwhat to expect. Knowing these things can help you to be moreprepared. ... , you must undergo physicaltherapy to get your hip recover from the surgery. You may needspecial e

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Last Answer : The general recovery period for hip surgery will depend on the procedure that was preformed. It will take 6 weeks-6 months. Hip replacements may take longer to recover from.

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Last Answer : The recovery time after nose surgery is up to 6 weeks. Depending on the type of surgery preformed, you may be able to return to work after a few days or a week.

Description : What is the recovery time after hip surgery to replace a socket?

Last Answer : The recovery time after hip surgery often depends on the patients overall health and how well they follow the doctors directions after surgery. For most it will take 6 to 12 months with some recovering enough to go back to work and everyday activities in 2-3 months.

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Last Answer : You will have to stay off of your ankle so that it has a chance to heal. If you use crutches and elevate your foot then it shouldnt take long for you to heal.

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Last Answer : There are many types of eye surgeries. Each type of surgery has different recovery time. The least recovery is normally for laser surgeries. The maximum time is for those involving surgical incisions.

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Last Answer : Depending on your health and age retinal eye surgery recovery can vary greatly. Doctors normally quote anywhere from three weeks to several months for full recovery.

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Last Answer : After the surgery your hospital stay is around a week. Once you're released back home, recovery lasts around 5 weeks. As always this varies and always listen to your Doctor.

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Last Answer : Recovery time depends on many factors: the general health of the patient, the nature of the injury and the extent of the surgery. Not all patients heal at the same rate. A patient's ability to ... best things to do is discuss the matter directly with the surgeon both before and after the procedure.

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Last Answer : This is really dependent on the location and type of hernia. Recovery time can be as little as several days, but as much as two weeks.

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Last Answer : If you wear soft lenses, don't wear them for 5- 7 days before the surgery. If you wear hard lenses then its suggested to not wear them for 6 weeks before surgery and an additional 6 ... your eyes. Improvements are seen within the first week and your eye is almost completely healed after 6 months.

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Last Answer : Usually after surgery the patient will remain in the hospital for two to three days. Typical recovery time is anywhere from two to five weeks before returning to their normal routine. Plan to be off of work for about 6 weeks.

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Last Answer : The recovery time for each individual is different, some people recover very quickly and others do not. However, on average the recovery time is 4-6 weeks.

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Last Answer : The average recovery time from bariatric surgery is about 6 weeks. It is best to save up vacation and sick time if you are planning on having the surgery.

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Last Answer : Laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery reduces the recovery time for most weight loss patients compared to more invasive weight loss surgery. Patients are generally up walking within 24 hours post surgery. ... if there are no apparent complications. Solid food may be introduced after about four weeks.

Description : Tips For Carpal Tunnel Surgery Recovery?

Last Answer : Recovering from carpal tunnel surgery isnï ½t easy. After all, you had the surgery because you use your hands a lot. The first step to post-surgery success is to have someone drive you home. Once ... include to keep your hand elevated as much as possible and to move your fingers gently every day.

Description : How long is recovery after open heart surgery?

Last Answer : Generally, recovery from open heart surgery can last anywhere from 4-8 weeks. Recovery is generally longer because the breastbone has been cut and needs to heal. This website gives you additional information: http://www.heartsurgeons.com/ed5.html.

Description : What is the recovery time for heart bypass surgery?

Last Answer : The recovery time for heart bypass surgery will depend on the type of bypass done. The normal recovery time for a standard bypass is from four to six weeks. A minimally invasive bypass requires a ... /cab.cfm or http://www.webmd.com/heart-disease/guide/heart-disease-recovering-after-heart-surgery.

Description : How long is the typical recovery period for spine surgery?

Last Answer : While complete recovery after a spine fixation surgery takes a while, a patient may be released from the hospital within 5-10 days. Patients are also initially advised to avoid activities that may place ... back. If the activity you do results in further Back pain, stop it immediately and consul

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Last Answer : You would have to stay in the hospital for about 2-3 days but it depends on each individual. Your arm is in a sling for 4 to six weeks,and then you should be good.

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Last Answer : Most can return to work after about a week. You will not be able to do heavy lifting or physical activity for 4-6 weeks.

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Last Answer : The recovery time after surgery will depend on what area of the spine and how severe the surgery will be. In some cases where the disc is fused to another, it can only take a few days where other more intense procedures can require weeks. I would ask her surgeon about the time.

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Last Answer : This procedure of course some very serious risks, such as complications can lead to severe paralisys. Recovery for this procedure should take about 6 to 8 weeks.