What show/movie is the most changed by giving a character Superman-level invulnerability?

1 Answer

Answer :

The news right now would be very different if Zelenskyy gained superpowers to send Russian troops home with his bare hands.

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Last Answer : answer:His code was basically a human moral code. He believed it immoral to kill other sentient beings for any reason and tried to avoid doing so as much as possible. He was raised by humans to do ... it really depends on what medium, era and world Superman is in on any given event in his story.

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Last Answer : Isn’t it lovely how quickly we’ve moved on from the angst of politics to the more important things in life? I would have to think that, Superman, ever the paragon of self-control, would use every precaution at his disposal to mitigate any damage to the lovely Lois.

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Last Answer : Not is he was adopted by the Kent family.

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Last Answer : Because it’s a comic book. The fact that it features an alien who was sent to this planet, where a yellow sun makes him able to fly and see through walls and shoot laser beams from his eyes doesn’t bother him, but a dimwitted reporter not seeing through a terrible disguise does?

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Last Answer : He wouldn’t be very popular if he was ‘perfect’. That’s the appeal of superheroes, they’re flawed like us.

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Last Answer : hmm tough probably good but I would make some people have really bad days. It would be awesome to fly.

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Last Answer : Depends if Batman could afford a trip to Crypton.

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Last Answer : Superman is superman for a reason. He can do anything. Kryptonite is his only weakness, and Lois Lane.

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Last Answer : I think it’s easy to indicate movement on a still page if you have a cape. And it’s theatrical.

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Last Answer : No super powers

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Last Answer : He didn't know his cape-abilities.

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Last Answer : In 1938.

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Last Answer : cosmic armor superman is a transformation that gives superman more powers such as: immortality 1&2, reality warping, regeneration,flight,adaptation,invulnerability,quantum,plot,space-time,causality,Higher-dimensional,and information manipulation.

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Last Answer : I loved these superhero movies, but they were already very trite for me. Regardless, Batman vs Superman is not a bad movie. Of course, don't expect too big a story and deep emotions. I'd rather ... it for an evening out with a little rodent. Not bad, but 1x watchable category in my opinion.       

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Last Answer : Need Answer

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Last Answer : Unless there's another one I'm not remembering, this happened in the Pilot episode.

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Last Answer : Feel Free to Answer

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Last Answer : Feel Free to Answer

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Last Answer : it might be zoom since in 1 episode of the flash when he didlightning toss he just threw it back to the flash

Description : Who would win a fight Superman vs zoom?

Last Answer : it might be zoom since in 1 episode of the flash when he didlightning toss he just threw it back to the flash

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Last Answer : It's difficult to turn on a TV or pickup a magazine without reading about a new documentary called Waiting for Superman . The trailer is available at http://www.waitingforsuperman.com/.I first heard about ... would not go through that same chaos, and she worked hard to earn the tuition to send he

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