You can remove something from humanities daily life, what do you remove?

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Last Answer : I recall a Tesla, type BS, was launched some years ago. Also, flags.

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Last Answer : Yes.

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Last Answer : answer:I feel like the other major would have to be History in order to teach History. Are there really schools that offer a Humanities major? How broad. It's like colleges that offer degrees in Liberal ... clue what I want to do with my life. I say choose a concentration that's more specific.

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Last Answer : That’s in India right? I just want to add to your topics India if that is the case. In America you could do whatever you want.

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Last Answer : I think it is definitely possible. If it is what you want, you can make it happen.

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Last Answer : Stats analysis for history is an interesting one... there are lots of old bureaucratic records that were kept starting in the 1800s onward that are now being digitized and entered into databases ... surprising. Trends that were never obvious before computing entered the picture, that type of thing.

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Last Answer : In fact, reading is such a thing that the more attention he pays, the more he will be able to remember and get better results. And he can hold as much as he can hold. You can get A + ... to have good handwriting and writing quality, then you can get good results. I hope you understand me. Thanks!

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Last Answer : Social science would be better.

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Last Answer : The liberal arts education began in the Middle Ages andcharacterized the topics studies by freemen.Philosophy and theologywere at the heart of the liberal arts education.The Middle ... students as teaching assistants,liberal arts and humanities colleges emphasize faculty and studentinteraction. Th

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Last Answer : What are Liberal Arts and Humanities?Liberal Arts and Humanities are college degree programs that emphasize a broad study across disciplines.As defined by the Encyclopedia Britannica, a college or ... colleges generally consider Liberal Arts the study of three disciplines: the humanities (history,

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Last Answer : What are Liberal Arts, Humanities, and General Studies?Liberal Arts, Humanities, and General Studies are all interdisciplinary college programs that allow students to study across multiple departments ... between Liberal Arts, Humanities, and General Studies programs are semantic.However, General

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Last Answer : Humanities courses, online or in a traditional classroom environmnt, do not prepare you for any career. Humanities are considered part of a well-rounded, balanced education, which is why they ... science (politics), and many other careers. Studying humanities broadly as preparation for the w

Description : The important pre-requisites of a researcher in sciences, social sciences and humanities are (A) laboratory skills, records, supervisor, topic (B) Supervisor, topic, critical analysis, ... supervisor, topic, flexibility in thinking (D) topic, supervisor, good temperament, pre-conceived notions

Last Answer : (B) Supervisor, topic, critical analysis, patience

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Last Answer : You can’t always. The only defense is that it never hurts to have extra knowledge.

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Last Answer : Sometimes a little spoonful of honey on toast does it for me.

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Last Answer : The health & recovery for several friends of mine. They’re always in my heart.