What caused your trust issues?

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Description : How can I cure my trust issues?

Last Answer : Sometimes even the best of any person's friends would cause frustration, all the way up to a point of maybe destroying his or her world. That is a natural part of a human being's life. The ... but I have a feeling if you open yourself to explore more friendships, that may lead to a possible cure.

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Last Answer : wait. your brother has physically, emotionally, and sexually abused you? does your friend know this? if she does why would she want to be AT ALL close to him let alone spend the night with him? if she doesn’t know it, are you going to tell her?

Description : How do I get over trust issues and self blaming?

Last Answer : Figure out why you’re attracting/seeking out people who are jerks. Once you’ve gotten that first step, the rest gets easier. Why would you trust an asshole? No sane person should- a jerk will treat you poorly no matter what you do.

Description : What do you do when you have made a new friend who tellsyou that they have been hurt by people and they have trust issues and they make you feel as though you have to validate everything you say to them?

Last Answer : What about this friendship is valuable enough to give it more time?

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Last Answer : What is the answer ?