What are the things which you can naver want to tell to your parents or freinds ?

1 Answer

Answer :

all the bad things. And don't ask what they are

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Description : If a boy thats your best freinds with, starts to like a girl. And then you find out that you have feelings form him, what should you do?

Last Answer : Tell him how you feel you could be surprised by what he says

Description : Have to work on a freinds birthday party which she really wants me to be there what should i do?

Last Answer : Would you expect her to accept losing her job if she couldn’t make it to your party? I didn’t think so. It would be lame if she expected you to do the same. Tell her the truth and make other special plans with her the next time it works out for the both of you.

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Last Answer : She has no business being offended. I have four kids, and they control the information I get about them. Since they know I never snoop, and I don't even ask questions on certain topics, they seem to be more ... secrets. Your mom has to learn to back off. I'd hide that notebook well, if I were you.

Description : What do you do if your parents tell you they don't want to attend your wedding?

Last Answer : It isn't clear to me how long it has been since you've come out. It might take them a while to come to terms with it and accept it (which they hopefully will). After that, it should ... that missing out on important milestones in your life will be something they will regret for the rest of theirs.

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Last Answer : “Mom, dad…I want to go to (college name) in (place)”. Go on to tell them the good things about the college and location.