What is the funniest "This is how your mom met your dad" moment?

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Description : I’m a 15-year-old, 5 feet 7 inches male. Will I reach 6 feet if my dad is 5 feet 6 inches, and my mom is 5feet 2 inches? Can you suggest some supplements?

Last Answer : My parents were those exact heights also. I'm a female at 5'2 and my tallest brother got to 5'8. That does not mean you will remain at your current height. Perhaps see a nutritionist that ... , one of the most recognized actors of his time, and has married beautiful women, all taller than him.

Description : Phoenix AZ Cop yells "I'm gonna put a f*ing cap in your f*ing face" to mom & dad, in front of kids, who "stole" a doll. Your thoughts (see details)

Last Answer : I know what you are referring to but I haven’t heard or seen the video myself so I can’t comment.

Description : Wondering what it take between mom and dad to get blue eyed children?

Last Answer : Could be, but the chance wouldn’t be so high. Blue eye’s gene isn’t a dominant one and it would very likely be crushed by other more dominant genes, as seen from your sons. You can only hope that somehow there is no dominant gene that interfere with the blue gene your children are carrying.

Description : Do you think that a reprimand from a total stranger makes a bigger impression than a reprimand from Mom or Dad?

Last Answer : Sometimes. Occasionally kids feel like their parents are just restrictive, without design. Hearing from someone else that a particular behavior can help to enforce the fact that it is cared about by more than just their own parents.

Description : I thought that my mom or dad made the best ______ until I had it made by ______ Care to fill in the blank?

Last Answer : Nobody no chef has yet to make better spaghetti or lasagna or Chocolate Cherry cake than my mom and nobody has served me a salad and stead better than my dad did. Just ain’t possible and best part is I have their recipes!

Description : Christmas gifts for mom and dad?

Last Answer : answer:Everyone appreciates new, pretty dishtowels and potholders. They get greasy, soiled and burned. I replace mine all the time and use new ones instead of wrapping paper. But they stand alone. Ask your dad about ski goggles. Skiers use them to protect their eyes from glare, snow, grit and wind.

Description : May I wish a Happy Father's Day to all the Fluther dads, and to the single moms who play the role of mom and dad?

Last Answer : Absoulutely, Happy Father's Day to all you great Fathers out there. Thank you @jca, I always felt like I shoulf get that halloo, having been both mom and dad. (Not so great fathers, and you know who you ... of it and pitch in now. They grow up and have long memories. You won't get another chance.)

Description : It has been 5 years since my Mom died and my Dad still won't talk about her. Why?

Last Answer : Does he talk about her with you when you bring her up in a conversation, @Jude, or does he shut down?

Description : If your mom or dad died, God forbid, do you want your remaining parent to find a new SO?

Last Answer : Hahaha parents are divorced. Couldn’t care less even if they were together.

Description : Adults: if you found out one or both of your parents was not your biological parent, would you seek out your bio mom or dad?

Last Answer : answer:I think I’d be more curious than anything. If they purposely lied, my reaction would depend on thier reason/intent for lying.

Description : Do you come from a family where your Mom and Dad (and/or siblings) are opposites in terms of having an "artistic bent" versus a "business or scientific" bent?

Last Answer : My mum is of the highly sensitive and religious type. My dad is the opposite, highly insensitive and not very religious at all. They often clash together because of this. As for me and my 4 siblings, there ... religious person, unlike my mum ). Overall, yes I do come from that type of a family :)

Description : What to do about my mom and dad?

Last Answer : answer:Does your mother have mental health issues? Is she stressed out from work? Perhaps start by talking to your father, and tell him how stressful the arguments are for you. Perhaps you need family counseling. I’m sorry you’re going though this.

Description : My mom has had two strange dreams since my dad passed away. Can someone help tell me what they mean?

Last Answer : Everybody dreams every night. It’s not unusual.

Description : If you're close to you mom that means you respect women right? Is it the same for "if you respect your dad you'll respect men" also? And do you believe this?

Last Answer : I believe mama’s boys treat women . Beautifully. I believe with daddy’s little girls treat men also very well.

Description : For how long could you tolerate being a stay-at-home mom/dad if you had the option of working instead?

Last Answer : Removed by me

Description : What's your view on kids calling their parents by their first name rather then Mom or Dad?

Last Answer : My oldest boy always called me by my name, not “dad.” Other people thought it was strange. But, it never bothered me.

Description : Does your mom and dad favor one kid more then the rest?

Last Answer : Nope. My parents treated both of us the same. This didn’t stop my sister from competing against me, even when I was not competing with her. I guess she just needed to forge her own path even if doing it my way was easiest.

Description : Do the mom or dad name their child?

Last Answer : My ex-husband named our first two kids, I named the third.

Description : If your dad was cheating on your mom would u let her know?

Last Answer : If I was positive? In a heartbeat!

Description : What’s the loudest thing your mom or dad has yelled?

Last Answer : Idk, but the loudest thing your Mom yelled was my name. HO HO HO!!!

Description : Which word does not belong with the others? niart, emag, tluda, mom, dad, mistag, yub, or sega -Riddles

Last Answer : Mistag. It is the only one that backwards does not make sense. Train, game, adult, mom, dad, gatsim, buy, and ages.

Description : A man and his son are driving to the supermarket. they then get in a car crash. The dad dies but the son lives. He goes to the hospital but the doctor say 'I can't operate on you, your my son.' It is not his mom. How is this possible? -Riddles

Last Answer : It is his god father.

Description : a boy had just got out of the shower and gettin ready for his prom,shaved,and with cologne and there was going to be a after party and his mom, and dad said be home for the next sunrise and was home for the next sunrise but with a full grown beard how can this be? -Riddles

Last Answer : he lives in alaska and sunrise's are every six months.

Description : Who is King Trollex's mom and dad?

Last Answer : Even though i'm the one that asked the question, i think that King Trollex's dad and mom are Johnson Coral and Katie Coral. His mom left first, because she felt that something needed her in a faraway place. His dad went off to find her a few years later, when Trollex became king.

Description : So, I really want to foster a cat and don't have any other pets, but my mom won't let me. My dad is totally fine with it though. I've also put together informational slideshows etc. My mom is still saying no. Is there a way to convince her?

Last Answer : I would maybe sit down and have a serious talk with her and see if there’s anything you can do to change her mind or see if it would benefit her in any way.

Description : What do you do when your dad or mom gets you something that you wanted for ever?

Last Answer : Tell them "thank you" many times! Let them know how much you appreciate it. You can also do something nice for them to show them how grateful you are

Last Answer : 1998 Of the year 9 December Rokeya During the day At that time Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Mom Name Writing Announcement Give And 2000 Of the year 26 August Effective Is. And In the certificate Father Of name With Mom Name Writing On Yes - 2004 In

Description : What is your child like?

Last Answer : As a little she was Daddy, now more of a Mother. Or rather, they are now equally laid on our heads. :) 

Description : Hello, I would like to know if you can be fat after dad or mom? Or is it just how you treat your body?

Last Answer : Need Answer

Description : I don't know what to do ... my mom doesn't want to let me go to my dad and I want to see my dad at least someday .. what can I do to let me go to him?

Last Answer : Need Answer

Description : Please help. What should I do when my father insults my mother, he took my mother 13,000 CZK, he even looks at her wallet, vulgarly attacks her with vulgar words and examines her mobile phone. Today he accused ... still owes her 13,000 CZK: / and you probably won't give her back! :'( Please help!

Last Answer : Don't get involved in adult disputes - I don't want to underestimate you, but you can't understand adults ...: o But - if you "read", talk to your mom and dad (each one separately) - that such ... "adults" really can't agree. And or - call the cops immediately - if there is a physical attack ...!

Description : If Dad has red hair and blue eyes and mom has brown hair and brown eyes what will children will have what?

Last Answer : Feel Free to Answer



Description : My dad is in a wheelchair, and my mom is lefting him in and out of the van they have. Does anyone have or does anyone own a wheelchair van That would like too trade my F150 for the van for my father. It will help my mom and my dad. Thank you for your time?

Last Answer : Handicapped Driver Services Inc may be able to help you 173 Industrial Blvd, La Vergne, TN - (615) 280-5058

Description : my dad and i are caregivers for my wheelchair bound step-mom with limited income.we are looking for a van equipped for a wheelchair around $3000 can you help?

Last Answer : there is a site called the autobuyguide.com where you can locate this kind of van

Description : Graco Toys for Mom, Dad and Baby?

Last Answer : Graco Sweetpeace Soothing Center ReviewGraco's Sweetpeace Soothing Center is a toy for mothers and fathers as much as it is for babies. This innovative baby product has a sound speaker so baby can ... the new parents learn the many changes in lifestyle that arrive with their new bundle of joy.

Description : What is my blood type if mom is O and dad is B?

Last Answer : You can never be sure what blood type you are if you not do an actual test. It could be a possibility that you do not have either blood type. You can go to a drugstore to purchase an at home kit.

Description : What is the funniest moment you've experienced?

Last Answer : When my very proper English mother-in-law stood up, farted audibly and then announced, “I’m going in to the kitchen to cut the cheese.” My Ex and I were rolling on the floor.

Description :  Let p and q be two trains 65m and 70m long are running on parallel tracks in the same direction with a speed of 34km/hr and 25 km/hr. how long will it take to clear off each other from the moment they met? A) 54sec B) 56sec C) 45sec D) None of these

Last Answer : ANSWER : A  Explanation :  Speed of the train p = 34km/hr  Speed of the train q = 25 km/hr  If the direction is given in the same direction then we subtract  So relative speed of trains = (34 - 25)km/hr  = 9 km ... 65 + 70)m  = 135m  Therefore time = (135 / (5/2))sec  = 270/5 sec  =54 sec.

Description : Two mail trains Pand Q of 300 m and 600m, run at speed of 130 km/hr and 160 km/hr respectively, in the direction opposite direction to each other. Find the time required to cross each other after the moment they met? A) 11.17 sec B) 12sec C) 9.10sec D) 21sec

Last Answer :  ANSWER:A Explanation:  Length of train P = 300 m  Length of train Q = 600 m  Speed of train p = 130 kmph  Convert km/hr into m/s,  Speed of train p =(130 *5/18)m/s  = 650/18 m/s  = 36.11 m/ ... train B)  = (300+600)m = 900 m We know, time =distance /speed  = 900/ 80.55  = 11.17seconds

Description : have you ever had a “mom come pick me up i’m scared” moment? what happened?

Last Answer : I had a "grandma come pick me up i'm scared". Was at my dads house for the night and kept having nightmares. He was sleeping with his door locked. Grandma was there in 10 minutes. It was 2am.

Description : What was the funniest instant karma you saw someone get for being racist?

Last Answer : dude right here in SC just a few weeks ago; old white dude is sexually harassing a young girl at her 21st bday party, and a black dude (a boxer) politely but firmly tells him to stop. white guy starts slinging slurs. black dude, justifiably, smacks him right back to his ancestors.

Description : What is the funniest memory of your childhood?

Last Answer : need answer

Description : What is the funniest or most entertaining fake review (for a product) you have ever read?

Last Answer : Steam Review: (goes on about all of the amazing qualities of a game) Anyway, 0/10. Garbage Game.

Description : What's the funniest question you have asked to your teacher?

Last Answer : I ask her “Can I go to the bathroom Mom ?”

Description : Offhand, what's the funniest thing you can remember your kid saying?

Last Answer : I heard my little sister say Oh sit! once. Mom was in the next room but didn't catch on. I pulled sis aside and straightened her out. (She got the word from another, older sister.) My brother ... said it once too often around Mom and she told him to quit, so he started saying it even MORE often!

Description : What was the funniest thing that happened in your high school?

Last Answer : One teacher got her tits out to demonstrate how her breast cancer was removed, she’s suspended

Description : What is the funniest movie actor you've ever seen in a movie?

Last Answer : Robin Williams gtfo

Description : What’s the funniest video game you’ve ever played that made you laugh out loud?

Last Answer : South Park: The Stick of Truth

Description : What is the funniest true story you’ve heard?

Last Answer : Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 and Hitler, Stalin, Nixon, Khomeini, Putin, and Trump being Times person of the year.