Who is your favorite superhero?

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Answer :

Iron man

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Description : Who’s your favorite superhero?

Last Answer : Either Batman or Nightcrawler from the X-Men.

Description : Favorite non-superhero comic?

Last Answer : answer:Jhonen Vasquez is one awesomely twisted fellow :) Sandman is my favourite series (the combining of mythologies is particularly fascinating to me.) Calvin and Hobbes is my favourite strip (.. ... my graduate thesis.) Persepolis was a pretty fantastic, not to mention touching, graphic novel.

Description : Favorite non-superhero comic?

Last Answer : answer:Jhonen Vasquez is one awesomely twisted fellow :) Sandman is my favourite series (the combining of mythologies is particularly fascinating to me.) Calvin and Hobbes is my favourite strip (.. ... my graduate thesis.) Persepolis was a pretty fantastic, not to mention touching, graphic novel.

Description : Who is your favorite superhero?

Last Answer : My favorite Super-heroine is Wonder Woman. Her history, the Amazon civilization and her behavior makes for me Wonder Woman as my favorite super hero.

Description : You have superpowers would you be a superhero or a supervillain and why?

Last Answer : Supervillain just cuz I wann f shit up

Description : If you got the chance to be a real superhero for a day, which one would you be and what would you do with the time?

Last Answer : Wonder Woman. Go back to Amazon Island and hang out with the girls.

Description : What superhero would you want to be?

Last Answer : answer:I have thought long and hard about this, and I have decided I want the ability to draw USD$500 worth of money in the local currency every time I place my hand in my pocket. This is my super power wish, my “if I had a magic Genie’s lamp” wish, etc.

Description : Prompted by the flop that is "Batman v Superman: Dawn of AIDS", which superhero has the lamest/laziest/most uncreative name ever?

Last Answer : You’re looking for….......Bicycle Repair Man

Description : Can you invent a superhero?

Last Answer : Name: Jack Shade Gunsche Gender: Male Age: 16 Nationality: German American Height: 5'9 Weight: 170 Hair: Dark Brown, Shaggy Eyes: Hazel Costume (if any): none, regular street clothes Abilities: Jack ... Jack could be reformed and thus was able to get Jack to begin his time at Super Hero High.

Description : What character is the the most unconventional superhero ever created?

Last Answer : I’m rather fond of The Tick (and if I can have a vote for an anti-hero, I thought Moist was brilliant “Need anything made damp… or soggy?”).

Description : If you were a superhero, what would you look like when you're old?

Last Answer : Haha…well, I’d look like the St. Pauli girl brew babe only a little rounder but still have great, knock ‘em dead cleavage, Super cleavage! lol

Description : Where can I find a list of superhero/supervillan's birthday's on the same article?

Last Answer : answer:You will not find a definitive answer as comic book continuity and their passage of time within the story is fluid and ever-changing. You will never see a birth year for a comic book character (and it ... Cap? Simple - every decade or so, they just adjust roughly how long he was in the ice.

Description : Have Hollywood superhero movies affected your comic book reading habits?

Last Answer : Not really, I seem to read comics at the same rate I did before. I don’t read as often when I’m in school or workin a lot but yea, Hollywood hasn’t influenced my reading habits. If anything, it’s given me nerd rage :P

Description : What would have happened if Wolverine, or any superhero (before they became known) applied to a military recruiting office and filled out an application properly?

Last Answer : answer:I think Wolverine would have been rejected because he's a violent alcoholic. I think don't know much about super heroes I'd say, as another answer, that for some hero's cases, this question wouldn ... with the big screen Arnie movies) But since he isn't actually a super hero he doesn't count.

Description : If you were a superhero, what would be your day job?

Last Answer : I’d like to work in a bakery during the day to earn some cash. I could eat to my hearts content and then burn off all of the excess calories while I zip around the globe saving damsels in distress.

Description : Which superhero should I dress up as?

Last Answer : Red Son Superman

Description : Who is the lamest superhero of all time?

Last Answer : Under dog. :-/

Description : If you are a Hollywood star, which superhero would you like to portray in the big screen?

Last Answer : Wonder Woman, it’s those tights see…hubba hubba!

Description : If you have superpowers and decides to be a superhero, would you tell the world or hide your identity?

Last Answer : ;)

Description : Name for a Superhero?

Last Answer : Son Goku

Description : Which superhero (in your opinion) has the best/worst costume?

Last Answer : Worst: Green Lantern (it’s 100% CGI).

Description : Shouldn't Superman be helping right now? Who would be the right Superhero for this job?

Last Answer : I’ve met him. He’s actually sort of a weanie.

Description : If Batman doesn't have powers, why is he considered a superhero?

Last Answer : Because he can perform feats of strength and agility beyond those of ordinary mortals.

Description : Which superhero would throw the most kick ass party?

Last Answer : Just me and Aquaman in the hot tub is all I need ;)

Description : Which "superhero" would you most/least like to come to your rescue?

Last Answer : answer:Least: Batman, because he has no inherent powers, if he runs out of duracel for his gadgets im screwed. Most: superman, for the opposite reason.

Description : You're a superhero or villain, who do you select as your sidekick or do you prefer to work alone?

Last Answer : I’m all dark and badass, like a samurai, I work on my own. I don’t talk either. I just go meh and then proceed to slaughter everyone.

Description : If you could wear any superhero costume to anywhere completely inappropriate, which & where would you choose & why?

Last Answer : Blank Man at a KKK Rally.

Description : In your opinion which superhero would be the worst to call upon in an emergency?

Last Answer : Booster gold, of course!

Description : What is a good idea for a superhero costume?

Last Answer : you should be beth from dog the bounty hunter! that would be awesome bra!

Description : What would be a realistic response by the world after one of those near world ending events that you see in superhero movies?

Last Answer : Telling them all to leave like they did in transformers, in the real world people wouldnt be happy to be used as background canon-fodder to super heroes and villains fighting

Description : If you were a Marvel comic superhero, who would it be and why?

Last Answer : I don’t really know Marvel comic book heroes… But I would like to be one that can teleport! Are there any like that?

Description : Which superhero or villain is the most humanlike?

Last Answer : batman ironically

Description : Barry Allen was the alter ego of which DC comic superhero?

Last Answer : The Flash

Description : Which was the first Marvel superhero?

Last Answer : Answer: The Human Torch.

Description : in the superhero mod for minecraft does superman have a weapon

Last Answer : Need Answer

Description : Which superhero do you think would win between Batman or Spiderman and why?

Last Answer : I think spiderman will win if batman and spiderman will fight against each other since spiderman is much stronger than batman.

Description : Which superhero has kryptonite as his only weakness?

Last Answer : Answer: Superman

Description : What would be your superhero name?

Last Answer : You can make up any superhero name you like if you're pretending to be a superhero or writing a superhero story!Read some comic books or graphic novels to see what some other superhero names are and you will be able to come up with a good name for yourself.

Description : Where can I find a superhero costume in stores?

Last Answer : Depending on where you live, you should be able to find superhero costumes in the Halloween section of stores like Party City and Toys R Us. http://www.partycity.com/ has a section on Super Hero (both traditional and "sexy") for adults and children.

Description : What costumes make up a superhero that people can be?

Last Answer : Anyone can dress up as a superhero. Costumes are available at: http://www.costumecraze.com/Superheroes.html and http://www.officialsuperherocostumes.com.

Description : Who are the Fantastic Four superhero costumes?

Last Answer : The Fantastic Four consist of four family members who were turned in superheroes. Their names are Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grim.

Description : Who was DC Comic's first female superhero?

Last Answer : Published exclusively for DC Comics, that would be Red Tornado.Abigail Mathilda "Ma" Hunkel debuted as the Red Tornado in November 1940.

Description : Is the Justice League (2017) the worst superhero movie ever?

Last Answer : That honor goes to Venom (2019)

Description : If you could choose one superhero power, what would it be and why?

Last Answer : Have fun with the answer, just make sure you back up your answer with a genuine reason.

Description : Barry Allen was the alter ego of which DC comic superhero

Last Answer : The Flash