Objectives of shunt compensation

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Objectives of shunt compensation

•Shunt compensation is use to improve power factor.

•In Shunt compensation FACTS are connected in parallel with power system and works like a controllable current source.

•There are two types of shunt compensation.

•If the inductive load is connected the lagging load current flows to compensate this shunt capacitor is used.

•And if the capacitive load is connected the leading load current flows to compensate this shunt inductor is use.

•If the power system is lightly loaded then fixed or switched shunt reactor is use for maintaining voltage level.

•And if the power system is heavily loaded then fixed or switched shunt capacitor is use for maintaining voltage level.

•The objective of using shunt compensator is to increase the transmittable power, Increase transient stability, Increase system stability, reduce loss.

•VAR compensator is use for voltage regulation, Dynamic voltage control and damp power oscillation.

•Examples of shunt compensation is STATCOM and SVC.

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Last Answer : (a) Lightning arrestors are used before the switchgear

Description : What for series and shunt compensation provided in EHV transmission lines?

Last Answer : Answer: Series capacitance is provided in EHV lines to artificially reduce the series reactance of the line so as to improve stability, voltage regulation and transmission efficiency Shunt compensation ... reduce the line susceptance so as to improve the voltage regulation under light load condition

Description : Shunt compensation in an EHV line is used to (A) Improve stability. (B) Improve the voltage profile. (C) Reduce the fault level. (D) Substitute for synchronous phase modifier.

Last Answer : Shunt compensation in an EHV line is used to Improve the voltage profile.

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Last Answer : With 100 % inductive shunt compensation, the voltage profile is flat for zero loading of line.

Description : I'm Msc student in electrical engineering  and my project in control of the UPFC can you help me ?

Last Answer : UPFC means unified power flow controller. The control on UPFC is based on vector control approch proposed by Schauder & Mehta for Advanced static VAR compensators in 1991

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Description : A static VAR compensator is a (A) series connected thyristor based controller (B) shunt connected thyristor based controller (C) energy storage device (D) combined series–shunt connected controller 

Last Answer : Shunt connected thyristor based controller

Description : What is the purpose of a capacitor in an AC circuit?

Last Answer : Every AC supply is not ideal AC it contains DC component so to provide restriction to DC component in supply we have to use Capacitor

Description : How does a capacitor improve power factor?

Last Answer : Every circuit are usually more inductive than capacitive.it means that the current lags by voltage at small angle.hence we have to compensate this situation so we use Capacitor then this lag is compensate ... angle becomes low and the value of cos(phase angle) is increase and hence power also max.

Description : What is the formula for reactive power?

Last Answer : The formula for reactive power is, Reactive power = VI sin (phi) The unit of reactive power is VAR ( Volt ampere reactive). The reactive power is denoted by 'Q'. The formula for real power is, Real power = VI cos (phi) The unit of real power is watts. The real power is denoted by 'P'.

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Last Answer : VI*sin()

Description : Thyristor Switched Capacitor (TSC)

Last Answer : Thyristor Switched Capacitor (TSC)  TSC is a static compensator. TSC is use for compensating reactive power. Compensation is required for voltage regulation, increasing stability, ... compensating device like TCS phase angle between voltage and current can be maintain.

Description : Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM)

Last Answer : Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM)  STATCOM stands for Static Synchronous Compensator or Condenser. It may be a source of reactive power or sink of reactive AC power. It can ... and Controllers etc. STATCOM have symmetric lead-lag capability. STATCOM have no moving part.

Description : Improvement of transient stability using SVC

Last Answer : Improvement of transient stability using SVC The static VAR compensator (SVC) is a shunt connected FACTS device. SVC have two modes one is inductive ... ;transmittable power. Transient stability improvement can be estimated using equal area criterion.

Description : Saturated Reactor (SR)

Last Answer : Saturated Reactor (SR) Saturated reactor is use for controlling reactive power. It consists of reactor and shunt capacitor bank. It is like a magnetic ... called amplification factor. The disadvantage of saturated reactor is its slow response.

Description : Difference between STATCOM and SVC?

Last Answer : Difference between STATCOM and SVC: STATCOM  SVC Faster Slower than STATCOM Cost is high Cost is low Higher losses Less losses Better ... Smaller in size Larger in size Controllable voltage source Dynamically controlled reactance

Description : What is Synchronous condenser?

Last Answer : Synchronous condenser Big advantage of synchronous condenser is their large temporary overload capability and good harmonics performance. Synchronous condenser is ... ;voltage levels. Synchronous condenser have slow speed of response.

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Last Answer : Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC)

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Last Answer : UPFC stands for unified power flow controller.  It's used for real time control & dynamic compensation of ac transmission system.

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Last Answer : Static VAR Compensator (SVC)  SVC are use for regulating transmission voltage and for improving power quality of industrial load. SVC is made from one or more banks ... system. Static VAR Compensator is more reliable than dynamic compensation scheme like synchronous condenser.

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