Explain micro finishing process used to correct hole geometry in component.

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Honing Process (micro finishing process): To correct hole geometry in component, honing is used as a micro finishing process. Honing is an abrading process used mainly for finishing round holes by means of bonded abrasive stones called hones. Honing is primarily used to correct out of roundness, taper, tool marks and axial distortion. Abrasives used in honing are Silicon carbide, aluminium oxide, diamond or cubic boron nitride. When honing is done manually; the honing tool is rotated and workpiece is passed back and forth over the tool. Length of motion is such that the stones extend beyond the workpiece surface at the end of each stroke. For precision honing, the work is usually held in a fixture and the tool is given a slow reciprocating motion as it rotates (shown in Fig.). The stones are thus given a complex motion as rotation is combined with oscillatory axial motion. These two motions combine to give a resulting cross-hatch lay pattern. Honing stones may be held in the honing head by cementing them into metal shells, which are clamped into holder or they are cemented directly into holders. Coolants are essential to the operation of this process, to flush away small chips and to keep temperatures uniform.


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Last Answer : Forming: Forming processes are particular manufacturing processes which make use of suitable stresses (like compression, tension, shear or combined stresses) to cause plastic deformation of the materials to produce ... metal from being lifted along with the punch 3 after punching operation.   

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Last Answer : Blanking: The blanking is the operation of cutting of flat sheet to the desired shape. The piece detached from strip is known a blank. The metal punched out is the required product and the plate ... die and the clearance is left on the punch. Blanking is always performed as the first operation. 

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Last Answer : Press Operations: [1] Cutting or Shearing Operations: Blanking, Punching, Piercing, Notching, perforating, trimming, shaving, slitting, lancing. [2] Bending Operation: Angle bending [3] Forming ... clearance is provided on the die. Figure shows punch and die set for piercing. 

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Last Answer : Answer:  Materials used in press work 1) Aluminium, 2) copper, 3) brass, 4) mild steel, 5) Galvanized iron (G.I) sheets, 6) Duralumin, 7) Y-alloys, 8) naval brass, 9) cartridge brass, 10) Babbitt metal, 11) stainless steel & its alloys, 12) Different types of steels & its alloys. 

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Last Answer : Drop Forging Process: Drop forging is carried out by using drop hammers. They are board or gravity hammer, air lift hammer and power drop hammer. Anvil of drop forging hammer is attached to the frame ... 5] This energy will be delivered to the metal work-piece to produce plastic deformation. 

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Last Answer : Piercing: The piercing is the operation of production of hole in a sheet metal by the punch and the die. The materials punched out to form the hole constitute the waste. The punch point diameter in the ... hole and clearance is provided on the die. Fig. shows punch and die set for piercing.  

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Last Answer : (i) Hydrostatic slideways: In hydrostatic slideways, air or oil is pumped into small pockets or cavities into the carrieage or slides which are in contact with the slide ways. The pressure of ... nut strokes on the screw shaft, the balls repeat the same recirculation inside the return tube.