List various surface finishing processes. Explain lapping.

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Answer :

List of Surface Finishing Processes:

[1] Grinding

[2] Honing

[3] Lapping

[4] Burnishing

[5] Buffing

[6] Polishing


Lapping is basically an abrasive process in which loose abrasives function as cutting points finding momentary support of the lap.

The process has the following features.

(a) Use of loose abrasives between the lap and the work

(b) The lap and workpiece are not positively driven, but are guided in contact with each other

(c) Relative motion between the lap and work surface should be constantly changing. The effective path is of cycloid in nature.

Figure shows the lapping process.


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Last Answer : Definition : When the feed rates of individual axis are not constant and they vary continuously through the move it is called interpolation. Following are the types of interpolation: 1. G00- Rapid Traverse 2. ... to clear the job for loading /Unloading N9 M02 EOB  Programme End.  

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Last Answer : Buffing process :- Buffing is used to give a much higher, lustrous, reflective finish that cannot be obtained by polishing. The buffing process consists in applying very fine ... sporting items, tools, store fixtures, commercial and residential hardware and household utensils and appliances. 

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