How To Use Wire Shelving to Amplify Space in a Child’s Closet?

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Answer :

Most standard children’s bedroom closets contain one shelf andone hanging bar, which is not a good use of space. In a closet suchas this, it is easy for a small space to quickly become unorganizedwith toys, shoes, and clothing. Wire shelving is strong, easy toinstall, and flexible for any closet space. It is a cost effectiveyet extremely helpful tool to amplify space in small closets. Aproject such as this will usually cost $100-$200 and require oneweekend for completion.1.%09The first step is to clear the child’s closet so that it iscompletely empty. Remove the existing organizational shelving androds. A hammer and a screwdriver may be needed for this step.2.%09Next, measure the closet in width, depth, and height anddraw a diagram of the closet on paper to decide where wire shelvingis nee

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