What is Amplify ?

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Answer :

Amplify .

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Description : Does wearing a hat amplify your chances of loosing your hair?

Last Answer : In my case, I have always worn hats, including at work, and am now very shiny on top. but I blame it on the vasectomy

Description : Im trying to amplify my wireless with my mac mini downstairs,but i dont know how.

Last Answer : Well, let's assume that it isn't the mac screwing up. The only thing I can think of to recommend is buying an Airport Express and plugging it closer to your Mac Mini, the only problem is, you ... far away is the mini from the router and how many walls\ceilings does the signal have to pass through?

Description : How To Use Wire Shelving to Amplify Space in a Child’s Closet?

Last Answer : Most standard children's bedroom closets contain one shelf andone hanging bar, which is not a good use of space. In a closet suchas this, it is easy for a small space to quickly become ... width, depth, and height anddraw a diagram of the closet on paper to decide where wire shelvingis nee

Description : How much can I amplify my speakers without breaking them?

Last Answer : When it comes to amplifying your speakers without blowing them it all depends really on what kind of speakers they are . Usually you can only put them mid way without blowing them completly , as having them on high on the time will completely destroy them in no time .

Description : Why are vacuum tubes also called valves? A) Because they can amplify the weak signals and make them strong B) Because they can stop or allow the flow of current C) Both of above D) None of above

Last Answer : Answer : B

Description : Yeast artificial chromosome can be used to amplify DNA sequences of the size (A) Upto 10 kb (B) Upto 45 kb (C) Upto 100 kb (D) Upto 1,000 kb

Last Answer : Answer : D

Description : Twenty cycles of PCR can amplify DNA: (A) 220 fold (B) 202 fold (C) 20 x 2 fold (D) 20 fold

Last Answer : Answer : A

Description : Polymerase chain reaction can rapidly amplify DNA sequences of the size (A) Upto 10 kilobases (B) Upto 45 kilobases (C) Upto 100 kilobases(D) Upto 1,000 kilobases

Last Answer : Answer : A

Description : In a logic circuit, the NOT gate function _____________. A. does not alter a logical input B. serves to amplify a given signal level C. must be accomplished with a common collector transistor arrangement D. reverses an input logic condition

Last Answer : Answer: D

Description : What is the device used in fiber optic communication which consist of a receiver transmitter use to clean up and amplify digital data moving in one direction and another in the opposite direction? A. Optic compressors B. Optic retarders C. Optic isolator D. Optic regenerators

Last Answer : D. Optic regenerators

Description : What type of amplifier would be used to amplify the signal from a radio antenna?

Last Answer : An rf voltage amplifier.

Description : An OP-AMPs can amplify _______ (a) D.C (b) A.C (c) both A.C & D.C (d) none of above

Last Answer : b) A.C

Description : The common-emitter transistor circuit can amplify a small current signal because a small change in the signal current produces one of the following. Does the change in signal produce a large change in the: w) emitter-base voltage x) base current y) collector current z) collector voltage


Description : can transistor amplify dc?

Last Answer : No

Description : can transistors amplify voltage?

Last Answer : Yup