Who was the first American chemist to receive a Nobel Prize? He was selected in 1914 for his precise determination of atomic weights. w) Edward Frankland x) Theodore Richards y) John Bardeen z) Paul Dirac

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Description : Name the person who developed a table of elements which revealed regularities in elemental properties in 1869? w) Theodore Richards x) Antoine Lavoisier y) Dmitri Mendeleev z) Svante Arrhenius


Description : Harold Clayton Urey, an American, received the 193 Nobel Prize in chemistry for his discovery of: w) Francium x) Americium y) deuterium z) protium

Last Answer : ANSWER: Y -- DEUTERIUM 

Description : My theory of electrolytic dissociation earned me t 1903 Nobel Prize in chemistry. My name is: w) Niels Bohr x) Svante Arrhenius y) Michael Faraday z) John Cavendish


Description : Which of the following scientists was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1911 for the discovery of the radioactive elements, radium and polonium? w) John Dalton x) Dmitri Mendeleev y) Emil Fischer z) Marie Curie

Last Answer : ANSWER: Z -- MARIE CURIE

Description : Shockley, Brattain and Bardeen won a Nobel prize for what small invention?


Description : Which American President received the Nobel Prize for peace in 1906? (a) Andrew Jackson (b) Harry S. Truman (c) Theodore Roosevelt

Last Answer : (c) Theodore Roosevelt

Description : The 1936 Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded to Peter J.W. Debye for his studies of: w) kinetic energy of colliding particles x) electron configuration y) dipole moments z) conformations of cyclohexane


Description : Who amongst the following facilitated the development of MRI as an important diagnostic tool and for that won a Nobel Prize? (1) Sydney Brenner (2) Paul C. Lauterbur (3) John E. Sulton (4) H. Robert Horvitz

Last Answer : Paul C. Lauterbur

Description : Albert Einstein received the Nobel prize in physics for his work on: w) gravitation x) relativity y) photoelectric effect z) Brownian motion


Description : Who is known as the Father of the Atomic Bomb? w) Albert Einstein x) J. Robert Oppenheimer y) General Leslie Groves z) Edward Teller 


Description : The Doppler Effect predicts that the spectrum of light from a visible body moving AWAY from the Earth will experience a shift in frequency when viewed from Earth. This particular shift is known as the: w) Blue shift x) Neutral shift y) Red shift z) Dirac shift

Last Answer : ANSWER: Y -- RED SHIFT

Description : Dr. Leon Lederman and two other physicists won the Nobel prize for discovering an elementary particle. That particle is the: w) positron x) meson y) muon z) neutrino

Last Answer : ANSWER: Z -- NEUTRINO

Description : The modern atomic theory was conceived by : w) Victor Grignard x) Daniel Rutherford y) Svante Arrhenius z) John Dalton

Last Answer : ANSWER: Z -- JOHN DALTON

Description : Using X-ray crystallography, this woman scientist determined the structures of large biochemical molecules, including penicillin in 1949 and vitamin B12 in 1956. In 1969 she determined the three ... X-ray techniques of the structures of important biochemical substances." Name this woman scientist.


Description : What is the title of the recent biography of Paul Dirac, the quantum physicist?

Last Answer : answer:Is it this one? Oh, and welcome to ask-public!

Description : Want to know more about scientist Paul Dirac ?

Last Answer : Paul Adrian Maurice Dirac (born 8 August 1902 - died 20 October 1974). He is a British theoretical physicist. He is the 19th Nobel laureate. He is one of the founders of quantum electrodynamics and quantum physics.

Description : Paul Dirac is a citizen of which country ?

Last Answer : Paul Dirac is a UK citizen.

Description : Edward Snowden has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. What do you think about that?

Last Answer : answer:All for it. Controversial, sure. But no odder than giving the Peace prize to Obama in 2009. The way I see it, Snowden has done more for transparency and honesty in the last 8 months ... He has shown the hypocrisy and cravenness of countries all over the world. That should be worth rewarding.

Description : Normality is defined as the number of: w) moles of solute per 1000 grams of solvent x) equivalent weights of solute per liter of solution y) kilograms of solute per liter of solution z) moles of solute per 1000 grams of solution


Description : In a precise diet and nutrition study, you need to determine the average weight and average height of a group each to a precision of 1%. The minimum sample size required is w) 10 x) 100 y) 1000 z) 10,000 

Last Answer : ANSWER: Z -- 10,000 

Description : Who invented vacuum tubes? A) John Bardeen B) William Shockley C) Lee de Forest D) All of above

Last Answer : Answer : C

Description : Who invented Vaccumtubes ? a. John Bardeen b. William Shockley c. Lee de Forest d. None of above

Last Answer : c. Lee de Forest

Description : What famous chemist after inventing dynamite went on to use his earning to found an international prize promoting world record?

Last Answer : The Swedish chemist, Alfred Nobel, invented dynamite.

Description : The author of “An American Tragedy” is __________ (A) Mark Twain. (B) Ernest Hemingway. (C) Theodore Dreiser. (D) John Steinbeck.

Last Answer : (C) Theodore Dreiser.  

Description : In what year did scientist Peter Zeman receive the Nobel Prize for his contributions to the field ?

Last Answer : Scientist Peter Zeman won the Nobel Prize in 1902 for his contribution to the field of gymnastics .

Description : Who amidst the following won the Nobel Prize in Science in two different disciplines ? (1) Russell Hulse (2) David Lee (3) Madame Curie (4) Paul Boyer

Last Answer : Madame Curie

Description : Who amidst the following won the Nobel Prize in Science in two different disciplines? (1) Russell Hulse (2) David Lee (3) Madam Curie (4) Paul Boyer

Last Answer :  Madam Curie

Description : Which of the following men was involved with the first controlled nuclear reaction? w) Linus Pauling x) Nelson Sartoris y) Edward Teller z) Enrico Fermi


Description : Who is called the Father of the Nuclear Navy? w) Edward Teller x) Robert Oppenheimer y) Hymen Rickover z) Chester Nimitz


Description : The first American Astronaut to ORBIT the Earth was: w) Alan Shepard x) John Glenn y) Gus Grissom z) Scott Carpenter

Last Answer : ANSWER: X -- JOHN GLENN

Description : The science of weights and measures is called: w) metrology x) meteorology y) mineralogy z) morphology

Last Answer : ANSWER: W -- METROLOGY

Description : Which of the following Canadian Nobel laureates got his prize in 2007? (A) Frederick Banting (B) John MacLeod (C) Gerhard Herzberg (D) Clement Boman

Last Answer : (D) Clement Boman 

Description : Who amongst the following got a Nobel Prize in recognition of his discoveries of how salts and water transported in and out of cells in the human body ? (1) Roderick MacKinnon (2) Kurt Wuethrich (3) John E. Sultan (4) H. Robert Horvitz

Last Answer : Roderick MacKinnon

Description : If P, Y and Z are the weights of cement, fine aggregates and coarse aggregates respectively and W/C is the water cement ratio, the minimum quantity of water to be added to first batch, is obtained by the equation (A) 0.1P + 0.3Y + 0. ... + 0.2Y + 0.01Z = W/C P (D) 0.5P + 0.3Y + 0.01Z = W/C P

Last Answer : Answer: Option B

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Last Answer : Anwar Sadat was the first Muslim to receive the Nobel Prize.

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Last Answer : Amartya Sen won the Nobel Prize in 1998

Last Answer : Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel Prize in Literature

Last Answer : Rabindranath was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1913 .

Last Answer : Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1921.

Description : How did György Békésy deserve his Nobel Prize?

Last Answer : In 1961, his discoveries about the physical mechanism of stimulation of the inner ear, the snail, were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Description : In which year did Amartya Kumar Sen receive the Nobel Prize in Economics ? (1) 1998 (2) I995 (3) 2000 (4) 1990

Last Answer : 1998

Description : The Russian chemist who said that the properties of elements are periodic function of their atomic mass is

Last Answer : Dmitri Mendeleev.

Description : Which of the following scientists first determined the atomic number of an atom by use of X-rays? Is it: w) Millikan x) Planck y) Thompson z) Moseley

Last Answer : ANSWER: Z -- MOSELEY

Description : Which of the following Greek philosophers proposed the first atomic theory around 400 B.C.? Was it w) Plato x) Archimedes y) Aristotle z) Democritus