rose bush planted last year yeilding three roses this year nothing and seems to be dormat

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Description : knock out pink rose bush has a red rose together with 4 more pink roses. Why, How????

Last Answer : They are grafted........sometimes the heavy winter does strange things to roses. I can not find any other information. I would enjoy those special roses.

Description : How do you cut the dead roses off a rose bush?

Last Answer : You need to get a pruner to cut off the dead blooms. Cut them on an angle, about 1/8 inch above where you will see a small bud near a leaf. Just removing the peddles will not do anything. ... a leaf. once you see where these buds are, you will get better at trimming your rose bushes. Good luck

Description : how do you cut the dead roses off a rose bush for the new one to bloom and how often do you need to do this?

Last Answer : Using clippers, cut above the last leaves, but below the rosehip. This way new roses will come out from the joint where the last leaves interesected. Always cut on a diagonal and with sharp tools. This way there is less area damage for fungus to get in.

Description : can rose of sharon bush be planted in a bed of English Ivy?

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Description : I clipped my mr. Lincoln rose bush months ago nothing is growin out. Do I need to cut closer to the ground

Last Answer : A lot of us lost roses bushes in the last bitter winter. I am going to do hay around mine this fall to protect them.

Description : How do u prune a rose bush. I clipped it nothing coming out.

Last Answer : Maybe it's dead. Clip the dead stems above any green shoots. We lost a lot of rose bushes over the winter here in New Jersey. Nails? Iron? It's a good idea to get a soil test prior to adding any materials to the soil. A good compost would be best substitute until you get the soil test.

Description : highest yeilding CD rates, and where?

Last Answer : best cd rates near 60014

Description : Rose of Sharon was planted last summer and bloomed well. We had a harsh winter and it looks dead for now.

Last Answer : Rose of Sharon is very late in coming out. So just wait a little while longer it may surprise you.

Description : why are the leaves and blooms of my newly planted roses wilting?

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Description : Planted Rose of sharon in my yard PH 5.3 Clay soil turned yello in three days any help

Last Answer : Clay soil is very hard to grow plants in. You might do a soil test there is see what else it needs.....we do lime here to sweeten the soil, we also use mulch, a little old horse or cow manure and I like that new soil mix with all the vitamens in it.

Description : Are roses losing their aroma because of man’s cross pollinating and tinkering to create a better rose?

Last Answer : answer:I've heard that. It wouldn't surprise me. I've also heard that some of our fruits and veggies have lost flavor having been bred to look more perfect and bruise less. Oh, and there are ... have breasts so big they can barely stand up. Maybe some people prefer roses that are not as fragrant??

Description : Lincoln tea rose: after the roses bloom and the petals fall off, what should i do with pods left on the top of the stem

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Description : butterfly bush seems dead this year why?

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Description : what makes roses turn brown around the edge of the flower before it opens and the leaves turn yellow in an older bush

Last Answer : Tree rose leaves r turning brown an falling off bloomed poorly despite being g fertilized early in the season and is planted in a 14 in clay pot with good drainage in a had been in another pot spring 2012!

Description : shouldn't my roses of sharon bush have some buds by now? same question for my butterfly bush. they look dead.

Last Answer : I don't know where you are located to give yo a precise answer. I'm in Northern California and it is 80+ degrees and has been for weeks now. My Rose of Sharon has no buds yet. My ... a green cambium layer just under the bark. That would mean it's alive. Otherwise you have my condolences.

Description : i planted fiowers on my bank munched it this spring i have nothing but stickers what can i do

Last Answer : use perm. markers.....................draw new ones...............paint thin green stems...........or just spray paint the whole thing white

Description : How do I get stains/limescale off my bathtub? Nothing seems to work.

Last Answer : Scrub free is magical on soap scum. CLR (which smells awful to me) cleans limescale well. When I moved into my new house I had lines in my toilette where the water runs and like a ring around where the ... Maids to clean. and one of the women got most of it out with a pumice stone. I was thrilled.

Description : iPhone ringtones using windows... Nothing seems to work

Last Answer : Use the program iphoneringtonemaker. It costs a few dollars but is TOTALLY worth it. Google it to find it :)

Description : what time of the year is best to transplant rose of sharon bush

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Description : I have a 61 year old rose bush I would like to move to another area when an how do I do it ?

Last Answer : wait until it is dormant in the fall............dig the new hole first and amend that soil..........fill the hole with water...................trim back the rose bush to 18 inches....... ... some new mulch around it giving it room to breath and see if it needs more water. ph for roses is 6.0-8.0

Description : my 20 year old rose bush turned black and died?

Last Answer : Sounds like a fungus, they have a good rose spray at Walmart, Lowe's or Home Depot.

Description : Will a rasberrie bush survive planted with a trumpet vine

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Description : how do I trim and ouside planted gardenia bush

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Description : I planted a rabbiteye blueberry bush early spring, It has not bloomed yet

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Description : are bush beans planted in raised rows or flat beds

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Description : what do leaves look like on a donald wyman lilac bush.we just planted several and they dont look like a lilac,thanks

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Description : my butterfly bush seems dead, Should I cut it back to the ground ?

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Description : 1/2 of our large daphne bush has dried up and died; the other half seems fairly normal but not robust. What's going on?

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Description : Can I safely remove dead canes from a flowering rose bush?

Last Answer : answer:If you wear the proper protective apparel, don't work from a ladder, have a companion in sight at all times to call for help if necessary, and don't upset the bees, then you should be ... off as soon as it is identified, to avoid insect infestation, rot and unnecessary stress to the plant.

Description : What's a good way to cage a rose bush to protect from deer predation without it being too unsightly?

Last Answer : I'm having trouble finding anything that's attractive rather than just utilitarian. If you know someone who works in wrought iron or welding, may you could adapt something like this into a more attractive version ... ? What about using a decorative trellis to create a fence - like 3 or 4 of these?

Description : A climbing rose bush that was healthy this Spring suddenly has leaves turning yellow & wilting

Last Answer : Check the soil Ph level, rose requires at least a Ph of 5, also mix 2 tsp. of baking powder (not soda) into 1 qt. warm water, and pour the mixture around the base of your rose plants, it may ... the plant to respond. If there are no change after 4 days repeat and wait again. You should do fine.

Description : I brought in my mini rose Bush and the leaves have all turned yellow and are falling off. how can I save it

Last Answer : 1). how big is the pot where the mini-rose bush is growing in, you may need to change pots, 2). is it warm where you have it? if its too cold for the plant or too hot the plant will ... will yellow and fall off, too little water and the leaves will yellow, turn brown and then fall off. -Birdy

Description : ?How do I prune my rose bush for transplanting?

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Description : how do I grow a bush from a rose bush cuttings?

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Description : Ants are eating my rose bush--what can I use that won't be dangerous to my dogs? Does baking soda work?

Last Answer : Get Diatomaceous Earth. It is not a chemical and it will not hurt pets. It cuts and dries out ants in a few days.

Description : What causes white spots on rose bush leaves?

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Description : Do you know of anywhere I'm the U.S. I can find a Rose bush to name, other than the ones that charge a lot?

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Description : the leaves on my rose bush are all curled up towards the top.

Last Answer : First of all, thank you for serving our country and sorry to hear that you are disabled. We use composted horsemanure around the plants and some lime. Ph should be 6.0-8.0. I would cut off the ... you do some old hay or straw to keep the roots from freezing. We lost 5 rose bushes this spring.

Description : Rose Bush problems

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Description : I bought a healthy looking climbing rose bush that is not producing flowers.

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Description : Can I plant a rose of sharon bush from a cutting of a mature bush?

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Description : Why won"t my climbing rose bush bloom?

Last Answer : I would test the ph.............should be 6.0-8.0

Description : how do I use a potato to root a rose bush

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Description : Leaves on Knock Out Rose bush have turned yellow. 2 days later looks dead. What do I do?

Last Answer : Best time to transplant is fall after leaves dropped off. Sounds like they went into shock. Try sugar water and trim them back a little. Put the strength back to the root.

Description : can,i tranplant,a rose bush ,now.

Last Answer : The best time to transplant to avoid shock is in the fall. You can take clippings & remove the leaves and dip them in rootone and into vitamin soil.

Description : after a harsh winter my rose of sharon bush appears dead except for some new green growth by the bottom of the bush.

Last Answer : The danger of frost has not passed in NE PA...........our black walnut tree is what we is only showing part of the leaves.............when that is fully open the danger of frost ... is seen. fertilize it. We had a lot of days under zero this year not good for the plants & trees.

Description : Is there a way to take a cutting off a rose bush and restart a new rose bush?

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Description : What can I do with my newly transplanted wilting rose bush?

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Description : .can you get a rose bush to grow roots?

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Description : my rose bush has "silver-like" spots

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