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Description : Has a professional panhandler ever been knighted in any country?

Last Answer : I don’t know how anyone could say no with perfect certainty, but it does seem highly unlikely.

Description : Is it discriminatory if you notice patterns?

Last Answer : Discrimination is not the same thing as racism, and the word discrimination in general means learning to make useful classifications, and it is almost impossible to operate without doing some kind of that. ... doesn't make you racist. Assuming everyone you meet of the same race as them is racist.

Description : If the wealthy rigged the system, what have the poor done in the system?

Last Answer : The wealthy make products that the poor believe that they can’t live without . Those who become wealthy are those who aren’t swayed by advertising and save , or invest, money instead

Description : What poor person still living do you admire or respect, and why?

Last Answer : My niece. Born with a ton of health issues, and family problems but she always has a smile and is happy as a clam so long as she can find a way to help and love the people who love her. I admire her strength and good heart.

Description : What have you done for the poor lately?

Last Answer : What have you done?

Description : Would the biggest shock be those who were dirt poor but became filthy rich, or those who were insanely wealthy and ended up below the poverty line?

Last Answer : I think going from very poor to very wealthy. Maybe I’m wrong, but it just seems far less likely, realistically. On the other hand, a fortune seems relatively easy to lose.

Description : Why is Mississippi the poorest state?

Last Answer : Some of the factors you have enumerated have played a role in the economic demise of MS Read on: Mississippi has the highest poverty rate in ... it. Though finding trends in a specific area is important, no generalization can account for everyone.

Description : How did "handmedowns" affect your street cred?

Last Answer : i gotta used geo from my older brother… and made it to where a friend of mine’s dad rear ended it and i got a new car since it wasnt my fault. so… in a roundabout way… positively.

Description : Ok, I just saw an email with Africa and other extremely poor countries in the world pictures, please read...

Last Answer : answer:It worries me to think this has only come to your attention now. But there are plenty of organizations out there you can support to help starvation, poverty and the AIDS epidemic in Africa ... / There's plenty more organisations out there, look in your local yellow pages for charity listings.

Description : Would you ever go on food stamps or some other related form of government assitance if you fell on hard times?

Last Answer : I’ve had hard times. I never sought public assistance because of the huge hassle. But it was just me—no family, no kids. I might have done differently had I been responsible for the lives of others.

Description : The main disadvantages of having poor power factors are:  (A) High cost of station and distribution equipment (B) Poor voltage regulation (C) High energy loss in conductor (D) All of the above

Last Answer : The main disadvantages of having poor power factors are:  (A) High cost of station and distribution equipment (B) Poor voltage regulation (C) High energy loss in conductor (D) All of the above

Description : Poor power factor?

Last Answer : Poor power factor reduces load handling capability of electrical system, results in more power losses in the electrical system, overloads alternators, transformers and distribution lines, results in more voltage drop in the line.

Last Answer : For the same H.P. rating and full load speed, following motor has poor starting torque differentially compounded.

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