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Mainly in transformers

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Description : Which common devices works on the basis of the principle of mutual induction? -Do You Know?

Last Answer : answer:

Description : Which common devices works on the basis of the principle of mutual induction?

Last Answer : – Transformer

Description : A transformer works on the principle of – (1) Self induction (2) Mutual induction (3) Generator (4) Inverter

Last Answer : (2) Mutual induction

Description : The basic operating principle of a transformer is attributed to ______________. A. electromagnetic induction B. variance of a conductor in a magnetic field C. mutual reaction D. thermionic emission

Last Answer : Answer: A

Description : A transformer works on the basic principle of ____________. A. self impedance B. attraction and repulsion C. mutual induction D. increasing power

Last Answer : Answer: C

Description : Which common devices works on the basis of the principle of mutual induction?

Last Answer : Transformer

Description : What is meant by mutual induction?

Last Answer : The production of induced e.m.f in secondary coil due to change of current in a neighbouring primary coil is called mutual induction.

Description : What are the use of mutual induction and self-induction?  

Last Answer : Use of mutual induction a. Transformers are works on this principle. b. An inductance furnace makes use of it. c. Used in ignition coils of motor car, motor cycles, scooters etc. Use of ... 's normal working time. c. Used in welding plant rectifiers to keep arc stationary by smoothing choke. 

Description : The left hand rule correlates to (a) current, induced e.m.f. and direction of force on a conductor (b) magnetic field, electric field and direction of force on a conductor (c) self induction, ... and direction of force on a conductor (d) current, magnetic field and direction of force on a conductor

Last Answer : (d) current, magnetic field and direction of force on a conductor

Description : The principle of AC generator is: a. Mutual induction b. self induction c. electromagnetic induction d. Induction

Last Answer : b. self induction

Description : The application of mutual induction is: a. TV b. Radio c. Transformer d. Motor

Last Answer : c. Transformer

Description : The phenomenon of producing emf in the coil due to change of current in the coil itself is called: a. mutual induction b. self-induction c. self-inductance d. mutual inductance

Last Answer : d. mutual inductance

Description : A transformer works on the principle of (1) Self induction (2) Mutual induction (3) Generator (4) Inverter

Last Answer : Mutual induction

Last Answer : Mutual induction is dependent on current changes.

Description : State the effects of errors in dynamometer type wattmeter due to i) pc- inductance ii) pc- capacitance iii) mutual inductance iv) Connection.

Last Answer : Errors in wattmeter:  i) pc - inductance: Pressure coil inductance causes wattmeter to read more power than actual .  ii) pc-capacitance: The wattmeter reads less power.  iii) ... iv) Connection: In uncompensated wattmeter , the reading of wattmeter includes the powerloss in coils. 

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Description : Let the only force acting on two bodies be their mutual interactions. If both bodies start from rest, the distances travelled by each will be a a.proportional to the respective masses of the ... masses of the bodies e.inversely proportional to the square of the respective masses of the bodies

Last Answer : c. inversely proportional to the respective masses of the bodies

Description : In which year were Private Sector Mutual Funds in India permitted? -Do You Know?

Last Answer : answer:

Description : mutual funds provide stability to share prices safety to investors and resources?

Last Answer : Hedge funds are not mutual funds as hedge funds cannot be sold to the general public

Description : What is mutual sympathy ?

Last Answer : When two sounds change under the influence of each other, it is called unique symmetry.

Description : What is Mutual ?

Last Answer : Mutual means intermediate.

Description : What is Mutual GMD ?

Last Answer : Mutual GMD or GMD refers to the geometrical mean distance between a conductor and another conductor.

Description : What is Mutual Flux ?

Last Answer : Answer : The magnetic field around a vibrating wire is called the magnetic flux. The magnetic force line generated by the AC current in the first transformer goes to the second through the core. That is why the flux associated with winding in this process is called mutual flux.

Description : What is the mutual flux of transformer ?

Last Answer : Answer : Connecting AC , CERS to any one of the coils of the transformer creates a variable magnetic force line in the coil , which intersects the adjacent coil. As a result, voltage is ... , this induced voltage is the transformer voltage and this variable magnetic force line is called mutual flux.

Last Answer : that Features Or Of religion Due As well as Two Coil Of one Of current Of change As a result In the other Voltage Obsessed Is That said Religion Or Features Mutual Inductions Says.

Description : Mutual fund investment in India?

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Description : Which is a mutual reduction reaction ? A) `KMnO_(4)+O_(3)` B) `H_(2)O_(2)+O_(3)` C) `Ag_(2)O+O_(3)` D) `KI+H_(2)O+O_(3)`

Last Answer : Which is a mutual reduction reaction ? A) `KMnO_(4)+O_(3)` B) `H_(2)O_(2)+O_(3)` C) `Ag_(2)O+O_(3)` D) `KI+H_(2)O+O_(3)` A. A,B B. A,C C. A,D D. B,C

Description : Two coils have a mutual inductance 0.005H. The current changes in the first coil according to the equation `I=I_(0) sin omegat "where" I_(0)=10A and o

Last Answer : Two coils have a mutual inductance 0.005H. The current changes in the first coil according to the equation `I ... (pi//x)` volts. Find the value of x.

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